Unlock a Wild Year of Adventure with the Bronx Zoo Season Pass


**Short answer bronx zoo season pass:** A Bronx Zoo Season Pass grants visitors unlimited admission to the zoo for an entire year, plus discounts on food and merchandise. The pass can be purchased online or at the zoo’s ticket booths.

Step-by-Step Guide: Purchasing Your Bronx Zoo Season Pass

Are you ready for a wild adventure? Then it’s time to purchase your Bronx Zoo season pass! This guide will take you step-by-step through the process and help ensure this is one of your best investments yet.

Step 1: Choose Your Pass Type
The first decision you’ll have to make is what type of season pass works best for you. There are several options available, each with different perks and benefits such as free parking, unlimited visits, discounted guest tickets, discounts on food and merchandise or even access to exclusive events. The most popular option by far is the Unlimited Access Pass which grants year-round admission to all five WCS parks in NYC – including the Bronx Zoo – making sure you never miss an opportunity get up-close-and-personal with amazing animals from around the world.

Step 2: Purchase Your Pass Online or In-Person
You can purchase your passes online via bronxzoo.com/seasontickets or save some time by heading directly to the park’s entrance during operating hours (9am – 5pm). During peak periods (such as Easter weekend), purchasing online may be necessary due to extended waiting times at entrance booths.

Step 3: Fill Out Personal Information & Payment Method
Whether purchasing online or in-person, prepare details such as credit card info and personal data ahead of time so that check-out process goes smoothly. As part of registration along with standard demographic questions like name and address verification required upon initial visit.

Step 4: Check For Discounts
If there happen any ongoing promotions applicable on season passes do scan before finalizing payment method e.g saving off families per person if registered together etc

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Step 5: Print Receipt Or Collect Membership Card
One done email confirmation must’ve been sent containing instructions for printing temporary membership cards while they produce official ones within two weeks.
Now obtain them either at register office inside Entrance Plaza area open daily till closing hour except Mondays.

Step 6: Rock Your Pass!
Get ready to be immersed in all sorts of wildlife encounters and hop back as many times you want with your prideful season pass! During your visit, don’t forget to check out the scheduling for daily talks and feeds from zookeepers that provide informative presentations about animal species.

Overall, purchasing a Bronx Zoo Season Pass provides unbeatable value since it offers unlimited access year-round. By following these steps detailed in above guide, buying one has never been easier! So get your safari gear on and go explore this epic destination today – what will you discover? The possibilities are endless.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Bronx Zoo Season Pass

If you’re a frequent visitor to the Bronx Zoo, then investing in a season pass is definitely worth considering. This will give you unlimited access to the zoo throughout the year and also come with some additional perks such as discounts on parking, dining options, and gift shops.

However, before committing to purchase a season pass there are some frequently asked questions that many visitors have – so let’s get these answered!

1. How much does it cost?

The price of a Bronx Zoo season pass varies depending on your age group and whether or not you’re purchasing for an individual or family membership. Typically, prices range from $140-$250 per person.

2. What are the benefits?

Besides unlimited access to the zoo throughout the season there are plenty of other benefits including discounted parking rates (normally ), 10% off at select restaurants and stores within the zoo grounds plus free admission into other affiliate zoos across America!

3. How long is my Season Pass valid?

It depends on when you purchase your Season Pass! All Zoos follows this schedule:
• Any passes purchased from October 15th through January 5th will be good for all of next calendar year.
• For any passed purchased after March 1st they will be valid beginning right away until December 31st

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4. Can I bring guests with me?

Yes, if you have a family membership others can join in running around seeing all those animals anytime during normal hours.

5. What happens if I lose my pass?

Contact guest services immediately who can issue out new ones

6.Can we use our membership at The New York Aquarium ? *Due To Impacts Of COVID-19 restrictions currently apply*

Most certainly! Since it’s now owned by Wildlife Conservation Society organization like The Bronx Zoo it falls under their same umbrella passes purchases validates both institutions’ sites.

7.How Do You Purchase A Membership Online?

Visit https://www.bronxzoo.com/membership#start for detailed instructions.

Now that your questions have been answered, go ahead and make the commitment to invest in a Bronx Zoo Season Pass. You’ll enjoy unlimited access throughout the year, as well some exclusive deals and discounts on experiences within the zoo. So get ready to learn more about our fascinating world of animals!

Top 5 Must-Know Facts About the Bronx Zoo Season Pass

Attention all animal enthusiasts! Have you heard of the Bronx Zoo Season Pass? It’s a fantastic opportunity to explore one-of-a-kind exhibits and gain exclusive access to fun events held at the zoo throughout the year. Here are five must-know facts about this pass that will make your decision to buy an instant yes.

1. Unlimited Visits: The top-perk of purchasing a Bronx Zoo Season Pass is getting unlimited visits, which allows for more time with favorite animals without worrying about admissions costs. All outdoor exhibits remain open during every month, enabling guests opportunities to witness changes in animals’ behavior or new crop-blooming in their habitats. In addition, individuals can take advantage of added perks like discounted tickets for family members who accompany them on each trip.

2. Special Event Access: During specific times of the year annually, special events occur at the zoo but requires season passes for entry sections. Examples include BooNYC Halloween festival exhibiting trick-or-treating through park settings decked out by spooky decorations or attend nighttime concerts from musicians invited by Wildlife Conservation Society partners such as Lincoln Center For Performing Arts.

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3. Dining Discounts: One particular incentive is discounts offered on dining inside gift shops or restaurants within park grounds when visitors show their Bronx Zoo Season Passes upon checkout needs – ultimately saving money while hanging around naturally beautiful surroundings enjoying food with friends & family . Plus free parking included!

4. Anamal Accents Shop Sales: A cost-saving perk includes shopping sales only available exclusively shop purchases possible displaying forest creature designs celebrated no further than outskirts close Manhattan home locations themselves! Guests attending may use discounts received inside park grounds together while exploring different eye-catching species displays often featuring whimsical animations executed spectacularly making these accessories nature walks souvenirs perfect memorable even if it wasn’t planned beforehand!.

5 Special Encounters And keeper Insights : Another significant benefit passed onto season pass holders involves various extras typically enjoyed mainly limitedly selection people usually found behind the scenes. Guests are scheduled throughout season passes for rare opportunities to engage in up-close encounters with their favorite animals, feeding giraffes and chimpanzees or tigers therefore increasing deeper pools interested individuals have about behind-the-scenes care sessions conducted earlier than regular park hour operations translating better appreciation lines drawn conservational efforts made through just exhibiting these fascinating creatures!


As the world’s largest urban zoo since its establishment in 1899, The Bronx Zoo Season Pass is an excellent investment for individuals who seek to witness amazing aerial displays of natural wildlife – a chance not experienced solely on television but through personal association experiences directly with furry friends at proximity! Don’t miss out on all-access privileges this fantastic offer brings primarily discounts more credits too during visit time spent interacting alongside some stunningly gorgeous biodiversity representatives found here only minutes away from Manhattan city center itself!!

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