Unlock the Best Deals: How to Score Discounted Bronx Zoo Tickets [A Personal Story and Insider Tips]


What is the Bronx Zoo Tickets

The Bronx Zoo Tickets are admission passes to visit one of the largest metropolitan zoos in the world. The tickets grant access to over 265-acres of wildlife habitats and exhibits featuring more than 6,000 animals from around the globe.

With the Bronx Zoo Tickets, visitors can enjoy attractions like Congo Gorilla Forest, Butterfly Garden, Himalayan Highlands Habitat, Madagascar’s exhibit and many more. Plus, there are various events scheduled throughout the year that guests can attend.

The Bronx Zoo Tickets: Everything You Need to Know

The Bronx Zoo is one of the largest metropolitan zoos in the world and attracts millions of visitors each year. It is home to over 6,000 animals from around the globe, spread across more than 265 acres. With so much to see and do at the Bronx Zoo, buying your tickets ahead of time can help you make the most of your visit.

Here’s everything you need to know about buying Bronx Zoo tickets:

1. Types of Tickets

The Bronx Zoo offers a variety of tickets depending on your needs and preferences. General Admission tickets are for adults aged 13 years and above, while children’s tickets are for kids between the ages of 3-12 years old. If you’re looking for something special or unique, there are also other ticket types available such as Total Experience Passes that provide additional perks and experiences.

2. Prices

Ticket prices vary based on age, membership status and additional benefits included such as parking or food vouchers. You can save money by purchasing online before arriving at the zoo but keep in mind prices may increase during peak seasons like holidays or weekends.

3. Timing

The zoo opens daily at 10:00 AM, but its closing hours change seasonally throughout the year – usually between 4PM -5PM in winter months (November – March) and up to 7:30 PM during brighter months like May-August).

4. Parking

If you plan on driving to your day out at the Bronx zoo it’s important to remember that paid parking is available within a five-minute walk from most entrances.

5. Events

From amazing exhibits featuring rare animals to programs especially catered towards different age groups, events occur regularly through all seasons at The Bronz Zoo! Be sure to check their calendar regularly.

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or an experienced zoo-goer, getting your hands on some Bronx Zoo Tickets can be an exciting experience! With so much on offer and so many options to choose from, it’s easy to come up with an entire day’s worth of activities to satisfy all your desires, in the heart of New York city. Be sure to plan ahead and make your purchasing choices in advance for a hassle-free experience on the day.

Top 5 Facts About The Bronx Zoo Tickets

1) Discounts Galore: The Bronx Zoo offers a range of discounts on tickets, including online sales, group rates, military personnel discounts, and student discounts. Be sure to check out all the options before purchasing your ticket to get the best deal!

2) Free Admission Days: Believe it or not, there are several days throughout the year where you can go to the Bronx Zoo for free! These days are usually reserved for holidays or special events like World Wildlife Conservation Day. Make sure you check the Bronx Zoo’s website for a list of upcoming free admission days.

3) VIP Experiences: Are you looking for a truly unique experience at the zoo? Check out VIP experiences like guided tours and animal encounters! These exclusive experiences offer behind-the-scenes access and expert knowledge from trained zoologists. While they come at an additional cost, they’re worth splurging on if you’re looking for a unique visit.

4) Season Passes: Frequent visitors should consider investing in a season pass, which grants unlimited access to the zoo throughout the year. This allows you to come back as often as you’d like and makes it easier to see everything without rushing through exhibits.

5) Family Memberships: Families with children can save money with family memberships. Not only do they offer unlimited visits to the zoo, but they also include free parking and discounts on food and gift shop purchases. Plus, supporting the zoo through membership helps them continue their important conservation efforts!

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In conclusion, with discounted tickets available in several ways such as online booking and season passes with additional benefits that include family memberships,the Bronx Zoo offers essential engagement opportunities for people from all walks of life enabling them witness firsthand some rare animal species while contributing more effectively towards nature conversation efforts globally.

FAQs About Buying The Bronx Zoo Tickets

The Bronx Zoo is one of the most popular and fascinating destinations in New York City. Home to over 6,000 animals from around the world, it is a must-visit for anyone seeking adventure, education, and entertainment in one place. However, navigating ticketing options can be challenging for some visitors. In this blog post, we’ll answer the most frequently asked questions about buying tickets to the Bronx Zoo to help make your trip planning easier.

1. Where can I buy Bronx Zoo tickets?
The easiest way to purchase tickets is through the official website at bronxzoo.com. You can also buy them at the zoo entrance booth on arrival or from third-party vendors such as Expedia or Viator.

2. Are there any discounts available for Bronx Zoo tickets?
Yes! The Bronx Zoo offers discounted admission prices for military personnel and their families as well as senior citizens (65 years and above). Members of other zoos participating in the AZA reciprocal program may also receive discounted admission prices. Check with the zoo staff beforehand to ensure eligibility.

3. What is included in my Bronx Zoo admission ticket?
Admission includes access to all exhibits including JungleWorld, World of Reptiles, Congo Gorilla Forest, Butterfly Garden and Children’s Zoo plus daily programs offered on-site like exhibitions by Wild Encounters where guests meet live animals.

4. Do I need to print out my ticket or can I use digital tickets instead?
It is suggested that you print out your ticket before arriving as this ensures quick entry into the park if there are long lines during peak season or weekends; however printing isn’t a requirement as zoo employees also have an alternative option which provides scanning digital codes off mobile devices allowing visitors to enter without paper work.

5. Is there an option for express entry or VIP tours?
The Daily Total access which gives priority park entrance at 10 a.m., express feedings/exhibitions additional special admissions along with 15% discount at cafe and gift shop. There are also options to take a guided Safari Tour or Zoo Help Tour which give visitors access behind- the-scenes interactions with animals, out of public view encounters as well as information from an experienced animal expert.

6. Can I modify or cancel my ticket once it has been purchased?
Yes, modifications and cancellations can be made up to 24 hours before the planned entry date on your ticket; otherwise, cancellation is not available after that point.

Overall, purchasing tickets to the Bronx Zoo is simple and straightforward. Whether online through bronxzoo.com or purchased at the entrance booth upon arrival, guests have access to some of the most exciting and engaging exhibits in New York City showcasing a range of exotic and native animals. Make plans to soak up knowledge while enjoying unforgettable experiences with family and friends while captivated by natural wonders surrounding you at every turn.

Planning a Visit to The Bronx Zoo: Ticket Options and Prices

Are you planning a visit to New York City and considering a trip to the renowned Bronx Zoo? Well, you have made a great choice! The Bronx Zoo is one of the largest metropolitan zoos in the world and boasts an incredibly diverse collection of animals from all around the globe.

Before you plan your visit, it’s important to know all about the ticket options and prices available at The Bronx Zoo. Here’s everything you need to know:

General Admission:
The general admission ticket for adults aged 13 years and older is priced at $39.95 while kids aged between 3-12 years can enter for $29.95. Infants who are under three years old get free access.

Total Experience Ticket:
If you want to make the most out of your visit to The Bronx Zoo, then purchasing the Total Experience Ticket is your best bet! This option not only gives visitors general admission but also allows entry into special exhibits that require extra tickets. These exhibits include Congo Gorilla Forest, Butterfly Garden, Wild Asia Monorail, Children’s Zoo, 4-D Theater and Jungleworld – ensuring that visitors get an up-close-and-personal experience with these amazing animals.

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Admission Plus:
For visitors traveling in large groups or families with young children who might need special attention throughout their visit, there’s also an Admission Plus option available at The Bronx Zoo. Priced at .95 per person (13+), this option offers guests priority parking as well as unlimited access to many attractions within zoo premises such as Dinosaur Safari Ride (seasonal) Bug Carousel and Camel Rides which are not included in general admission packages.

If you’re a local resident or frequent visitor to The Bronx area then becoming a member of this zoo is definitely worth considering – It can save you money in the long haul! A basic membership fee starting from 9 annually comes with added bonuses like complimentary general admission tickets, discounts on parking and guests tickets for special exhibitions. Members also get access to zoo exclusive activities like behind the scenes tours and members-only events.

So, there you have it – all of the ticket options and prices available at The Bronx Zoo. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a frequent member – this world-renowned destination offers something for everyone! Be sure to plan your visit in advance and decide which package suits your needs best. Enjoy witnessing nature at its finest!

Insider Tips for Getting the Best Deals on The Bronx Zoo Tickets

The Bronx Zoo is one of the largest metropolitan zoos in the world covering over 265 acres and featuring over 8,000 animals. Visitors come from all over to experience the vast variety of wildlife that this zoo has to offer. But let’s face it, with ticket prices ranging from -39 per person, it can be an expensive day out.

That being said, there are a few insider tips and tricks you can utilize to ensure that you get the best deals on Bronx Zoo tickets:

1. Discounts for Memberships

If you plan on visiting the Bronx Zoo more than once a year or want access to other wildlife attractions in North America, it’s worth considering purchasing an annual membership. Not only will this provide unlimited access to the zoo but also discounts on food, retail stores, parking as well as admission for your guests.

2. Buy Tickets Online

Save time and money by purchasing your tickets online at least a day before your visit to receive an automatic discount of $2 off each adult ticket and $1 off each child ticket.

3. Group Rates

Group trips can be cheaper if you have a group size of 15 or more people. If you’re interested in organizing a field trip for students or even just a group outing with friends and family members, check out these discounted rates.

4. Free Admission Days

The Bronx Zoo offers free general admission (does not include special exhibits) on Wednesdays which definitely comes in handy when planning school visits or large groups looking to save some money on admission.

Also many times throughout the year the zoo has designated “free days” during which visitors can gain entrance without any fee so keep an eye out for these updates through social media channels!

5. Timing Is Crucial

Set aside enough time during your visit so that you’re able explore all relevant exhibits without rushing through them; however timing can play an important factor especially if you’re looking at saving costs. Visiting the Bronx Zoo on Mondays and Tuesdays will guarantee smaller crowds, giving you a chance to plan out your day in peace while saving some extra cash- something we could all appreciate!

6. Go In The Off-Season

Visiting the Bronx Zoo during their off season -around November–March (when kids are all in school) not only means there will be fewer crowds, but ticket prices tend to decrease as well.

In conclusion, do keep these insider tips in mind while planning your visit to the zoo. Simple strategies such as buying your tickets online a few days before or visiting on discounted days can help you save significantly- and that’s nothing less than clever strategy combined with well calculated fun!

Avoiding Common Mistakes When Purchasing The Bronx Zoo Tickets

Going to the Bronx Zoo is an exciting and fun-filled day for all ages. With over 265 acres of wildlife habitats and exhibits, it’s one of the largest metropolitan zoos in the world. However, buying tickets can be a stressful experience if you don’t know what you’re doing.

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To avoid common mistakes when purchasing your Bronx Zoo tickets, read on!

1. Purchasing at the Gate

One of the most significant mistakes visitors make is trying to buy their tickets at the gate on arrival. This can lead to long queues, especially during busy seasons or weekends. Not only do you run the risk of wasting precious time that could have been spent exploring exhibits, but you may also lose out on discounts available when purchasing online.

2. Buying Tickets from Third-Party Vendors

Scalpers or third-party ticket sellers outside Yankee Stadium are not authorized to sell Bronx Zoo tickets and ought to be avoided at all costs as these are often fake or invalid tickets – posing a danger for you as they would render access into Bronx Zoo void and null.

Similarly, some secondary-ticketing sites may also mislead consumers into paying more than face value for their entry because demand has exceeded supply. Instead, purchase your genuine tickets directly from the Bronx Zoo website or trusted partners.

3. Ignoring Membership Options/Facebook Deals

If visiting New York yearly and having plans involving seeing family or going out with friends then membership options like those offered by The Wildlife Conservation Society offer an affordable annual membership option which provides access throughout New York Zoos & Aquariums including central park zoo amongst others so why not invest in such money-saving options?

Additionally watch out Facebook deals & promos by The Wildlife Conservation Society so that you could save a considerable amount off your admission price – always worth keeping an eye-out on specials!

4. Overlooking Group Rates (Featured Packages).

A big disadvantage if visiting in groups but unaware of packed deals! Getting group tickets guarantees quality time with family, friends, or colleagues while also taking advantage of discounts that every member should be entitled to.

There happen to be petting zoos around certain exhibits; seeing the collection with a pet of your choice, train-rides through Congo gorilla forest and many other featured packages so lookout for such deals by groups in Bronx Zoo

5. Not Checking the Zoo’s Schedule of Events/Exhibits Before Going

The zoo is full packed with events/exhibitions that tell insightful stories and educate us more about wildlife conservation on a day-to-day basis which could stem from learning sessions with our pets to certain exhibits showcasing rare animals from different continents like pangolins etc.

Make sure you have an idea of what event/exhibition happens to occur on any day by checking out Bronx Zoos website so as not run into missing out on extra-experiences/events due to ignorance.

In summary

Buy your ticket online in advance, avoid buying from third parties, minimize costs by exploring membership programs or specials promoted via social media channels on Wildlife Conservation Society Facebook pages!

Group tickets including package deals onboard are something everyone should take advantage of because it saves money and offers fun-filled days!

Check schedules before visiting – it could unlock additional experiences plus give insight on conservation efforts worth knowing & acknowledging. Knowing these common mistakes when purchasing The Bronx Zoo tickets will facilitate proper planning for memorable visits hopefully made easier through wise decision making!

Table with useful data:

Ticket Type Price Age
Adult Admission $29.95 13 – 64 years
Child Admission $22.95 3 – 12 years
School Group Admission $18 per person School-age children (K-12)
Senior Admission $27.95 65 years and above
Toddlers Free 2 years and under

Information from an Expert

As an expert on the Bronx Zoo, I highly recommend purchasing tickets online in advance. Not only will this save you time waiting in line, but you can also often save money by taking advantage of online promotions. Additionally, if you plan on visiting during peak times such as weekends or holidays, consider upgrading to a premium ticket that includes access to special exhibits and experiences. Don’t miss out on the chance to see one of the best zoos in the country!

Historical fact:

In 1906, the Bronx Zoo in New York City began charging admission fees to visitors, making it one of the first zoos in the world to do so. The cost for a ticket was only 25 cents at the time.

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