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Short answer news12 bronx: News 12 Bronx is a regional cable television channel and digital media outlet serving the Bronx borough of New York City. It provides local news, weather updates, sports coverage, and community events for its viewers and readers.

Frequently Asked Questions About News12 Bronx

As one of the most prominent sources of local news coverage in the Bronx, News12 Bronx is a household name to many residents in the borough. However, there are still some who may not be entirely familiar with this popular outlet and its various offerings. To assist those individuals, we’ve compiled a list of some frequently asked questions about News12 Bronx that should help anyone gain a better understanding of what it has to offer.

1) What is News12 Bronx?

News12 Bronx is a 24/7 cable news channel and website that serves as an authoritative source for local news in the borough. It’s part of News 12 Networks, which also includes sister channels for other areas across New York State and Connecticut. The service covers breaking news stories, events, weather updates, traffic reports and highlights from around the community.

2) How can I watch it?

There are different ways to tune into News12 Bronze services based on your preference or location:

– Cable tv: If you have access to Optimum (Altice USA), Spectrum (Charter Communications Inc.), or Comcast XFINITY TV (Comcast Corporation), you can find List through their respective television providers.

– Desktop / Mobile streaming : You’ll need an active account with your cable provider then visit

3) Is it free?

To access live streams online at any time or view featured stories they publish on their site isn’t completely free since visitors would need an authenticated subscription from specific TV providers subscribed by region before being able to stream videos For up-to-date info about subscribing – consultation from your preferred cable tv provider will guide accordingly.

4) What kind of content does News 12 produce?

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News 12 produces content covering almost all aspects happening within our communities , including politics/ government activities , sports , health education talks ,
Business headlines affecting day-to-day living amongst others . Every story aims at providing factual information serving benefits to residents’ lives.

5) How do I submit a story or tip to News 12?

Every news station prioritizes community involvement, having an interest in stories from all corners – residents that have something noteworthy can contact the channels via phone Email and t Text / WhatsApp at (718)-861-NEWS.

6) Are there any opportunities for aspiring journalists with News 12?

News 12 offers internships to anyone interested in committing themselves professionally into journalism industry , note that application processes vary between regions but applications plus requirements are posted on their official website under “Job Opportunities”.

In summary, News12 Bronx provides its viewership constant and quality coverage of everything happening inside and outside our local communities. From breaking leads/news headlines such as recent crime incidents, traffic jam/roadblocks updates etc., down towards events like festivals registrations info,
educational programs ; sports event highlights keeping BX residents up-to-date always. Why not take advantage of this platform today by subscribing?

Top 5 Facts to Know About News12 Bronx

News12 Bronx is a local news channel that has been serving the community for over two decades now. This popular and trusted source of information covers everything from breaking news to entertainment, sports, weather, traffic updates, and much more.

If you’re one of News12’s many viewers in New York City or beyond, read on as we delve into the top five facts you need to know about this prominent broadcaster!

1. Unique Coverage

One thing that separates News12 Bronx from other media outlets is their dedication to hyper-local coverage. They pride themselves on providing detailed reporting on specific neighborhoods within the borough rather than just generalizing the whole area.

They also offer up-to-the-minute reports related to the coronavirus pandemic in particular areas of the county such as vaccine availability, testing sites among others through its Coronavirus Care section online page.

2. Award Winning Journalism

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When it comes to journalism excellence, few broadcasters can match News12’s reputation. With a talented team comprising experienced reporters, photographers, editors & producers committed to bringing untold stories straight out of communities across Bronx County thus keeping residents updated with informatve diverse reportage making them consistent winners of numerous awards including several Emmys

3. 24/7 Updates

In our fast-paced world where events unfold rapidly online every day , staying current with all happenings demands serious effort .However thanks again to News12’s unrelenting determination in ensuring Bronx resident get nothing but the very latest Happenings using various mediums like website streaming TV broadcasts even social media platforms..Now there’s no excuse not keep abreast with things happening around us daily be it while relaxing at home or duty-work stations nestled deep inside buildings towering above busy streets minutes before meetings.

4. Engaging Stories & programs

As mentioned earlier ,no story seems too small for News12 hence they go great lengths sourcing engaging content throughout their studio-provided beats covering topics ranging from education issues tackled by schools boardrooms to unique culinary spots around the district or inspiring content on human triumphs over various challenges .With special programs such as “In Focus”, a weekly show that takes an in-depth look into particular subject matter especially relating to ongoing current events .

5. Community involvement

Finally, one of the most remarkable facts about News12 Bronx is their strong commitment to giving back to its community through various initiatives.Many times ,their media state significance extends beyond serving as merely chroniclers but also facilitators/proponents for cause advocacy.

For instance, each year they run food drives and organize charity fundraising events, silently advocating for change thus positively reinforcing residents’ trust & confidence on this institution,it’s only right taking note of it.

There you have it: all fantastic primer insights every watcher/borrower should know if at any point you’ve found yourself tuning into News12 Bronx broadcasts or visiting its website page often( could mark start learning these amazing fact). Local stories are vastly informative and rewarding experiences regardless whether still reside within our hoods limits municipals confines.If not- Welcome aboard!

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News12 Bronx is a news outlet that serves the residents of one of New York City’s boroughs, The Bronx. This comprehensive guide will help you navigate and make the most out of this media platform to stay informed about all things Bronx – from local politics to breaking news stories.

Firstly, let us talk about News12’s website which is user-friendly with its clean layout and well-organized categories such as Top Stories, Politics, Traffic & Weather, and Entertainment that simplify your search for specific content.

Moreover, their coverage is not limited to just traditional news articles; they offer videos on various topics including interviews with local officials or politicians and can also be found in their YouTube channel as an alternative way for people who are constantly on-the-go.

In terms of social media presence, News12 has active accounts across all popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These accounts keep followers up-to-date by sharing live updates in real-time while engaging audiences through comments sections making it easier for locals to discuss issues relevant to them.

Another standout feature of News 12 is their mobile app available on iOS or Android devices allowing users easily access trending news stories even when traveling anywhere within New York City’s borders. With customizable push notifications enabling subscribers never miss important story updates again.

Finally – what makes News 12 unique? Well if you ask me its initiatives dedicated solely towards covering topics closely associated with Bronx around community empowerment from highlighting achievements made by individuals established businesses serving communities throughout the region there really isn’t any other media service quite like it serving THE BRONX only!

In conclusion: When it comes staying updated on everything happening locally in The Bronx area look no further than News 12 – use their website/app visit Social Media (such as Facebook), follow consistently get more involved try posting about issue(s) side-by-side authoritatively share explore matters affecting your community today!

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