Wild Wednesdays: Enjoy Free Admission to the Bronx Zoo!


Short answer bronx zoo free day wednesday:

The Bronx Zoo offers free admission on Wednesdays, but donations are suggested to help support the wildlife conservation efforts of Wildlife Conservation Society.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Maximizing your Bronx Zoo Free Day Wednesday Experience

The Bronx Zoo is one of the most popular destinations in New York City, and for good reason. With over 6,000 animals and a variety of exhibits and activities, there’s plenty to do and see at this world-renowned zoo. And if you’re looking to save a few bucks on your visit, you might want to consider checking it out on Free Day Wednesday.

But how can you make the most of your Bronx Zoo Free Day Wednesday experience? Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Plan ahead
First things first – check the calendar to make sure that it’s actually a Free Day Wednesday when you plan to go. Note that during peak seasons/holidays/free summer months free days may be extremely crowded as more people try taking advantage of them- so avoid going then.
Also keep in mind that while admission is free on these days, some attractions or special exhibitions may still require an additional fee.

Step 2: Arrive early
Free Days tend to attract larger crowds than usual, so it’s best if You arrive early before the lines build up/fill-up/pack-in/the crowds start getting heavy.
If possible aim for arriving around 9 am (when they first open). This will give you ample time headstart before afternoon rush hour starts.

STEP 3:Get Familiar with Your Map
Make sure You collect/map from visitor services booth just after entrance – don’t underestimate its value..
When You get map/head straight (or maybe slightly zigzag) towards main hub-the World’s Wild Life exhibit which has all sorts of different wildlife from birds(including penguins)/land mammals/reptiles/amphibians sharing the habitat blissfully.Then weave through Tropical Rainforest(you’ll lose count on different species exhibited here).
Unfortunately not everything will be working/available due limited resources but still enjoy what is provided)

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STEP 4-Prioritize What Interests You Most
You may not have time to see everything, so It’s important that You prioritize/decide what interests you most. This way,you won’t miss out on your favorite animals or activities.
Do some research beforehand (using zoo website, friend who has visited before? )and find out which attractions are the big must sees and make sure that those interest would satisfy people visiting with you.

STEP 5-Download Bronx Zoo App
The app- definitely worth downloading it as it will provide plenty of valuable info like map/exhibit times/workshops schedule/special events updates etc.This way you wont miss anything interesting going around in the park

Step 6: Bring snacks and water–But Don’t Litter 

While there are plenty of food vendors throughout the zoo but they can be costly/not catered for individual dietry needs/Buddha bowels . Plus bringing your own lunch means you don’t have to stand in meal lines when others are eyeballing lemurs/chimps lingering close by.
Also drinks/snacks available within/or outside zoo will save pangs of hunger/thirst along the way.Not only do these eats cost less than thrice what vending machines charged everywhere back home but also saves wildlife from nibbling off human leftovers-so please be responsible for cleaning up after yourselves

Step 7-Dress Comfortably 
Wear comfortable shoes/clothes especially walking through hilly/bumpy terrain . Also remember carry an umbrella/waterproof poncho(heavy rains frequent during summer months) just incase postcard’s skyline view suddenly changes into grey skies above.

Step 8-Take Plenty Of Pictures-
This all about memories captured,wont happen often so take advantage/fill your phone memory chip!!

In conclusion,Maximizing Your Free Day Wednesday Experience at Earth’s Largest Metropolitan Zoo takes a little bit of foresight/little bit spontaneity/having lots productive fun chaos absorbed together amidst different walking pace of multiple age groups,language barriers but achieving one thing in common- enjoying wildlife! Follow these steps and you’ll be sure to have an unforgettable day at the Bronx Zoo.

Bronx Zoo Free Day Wednesday FAQ: Everything You Need to Know Before You Go

As a New Yorker, it’s hard to resist the allure of free events. And when it comes to one of the best zoos in the world, that attraction is even stronger. The Bronx Zoo offers visitors free admission on Wednesdays for most of the year.

But before you run out and start planning your visit, there are some things you need to know. Here is everything you need to know about visiting the Bronx Zoo on Free Day Wednesday:

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What time does the zoo open?
The Bronx Zoo opens at 10 am every day including free days.

When does Free Day Wednesday happen?
Most Wednesdays during September through June (excluding holiday weeks), admission is by pay-what-you-wish donation policy with a suggested donation of $18 for adults and $13 for children under 12 or seniors over 65 years old. In July and August however, there aren’t any Free Days – sorry guys!

Are there any restrictions on which exhibits you can see?
Nope! All general admissions exhibitions will be open just like any other day so don’t worry! But keep in mind rides such as Butterfly Garden,


and Bug Carousel do have an additional fees applied depending on what ride/s chosen.

Is parking still expensive?
Unfortunately yes—parking costs around per car unless there’s available street parking near by if lucky enough—if possible try reaching through public transportations such as Bus Bx9 running from Lexington Avenue along East Bronxdale Avenue/White Plains Road making stops directly front entrance; Subway lines: #2 Train Pelham Bay Park station then board Bx12 bus eastbound toward City Island weeknights after 5pm till close both options has direct accessible drop-off point/parking lot area inside their entrance.

Are outside foods allowed?
Sorry but no—they only allow baby formula/baby food & bottled water otherwise purchase refreshments/drinks/snacks available throughout exhibit areas/dining areas. If ever experiencing a gluten-free/special dietary requirements, they do offer some options available.

Are strollers allowed?
Yes! Your precious may navigate around the various exhibits outside but in the WCS Group’s indoor exhibits such as Congo Gorilla Forest and JungleWorld, only umbrella-type strollers are permitted due to their narrow walkways rooms..

Can you purchase tickets ahead of time?
If willing to pay regular rates yes or if got cardholders for any credit/debit purchases can book via BronxZoo.com to skip on lines at ticket window upon arriving-in addition there is $4 transaction fee applied per advance -purchase online.

What can be found aside from animal exhibitions?
Aside from animals and their habitats, guests cam participate other activities including: camel rides(although it comes with additonal fees), bee garden & Dairy Farm exhibit has an ice-cream stand serving several flavors of premium

ice cream priced during warmer weather season starting April through October-( don’t forget that cash-only spot though!) plus periodically offering extended hours which participants get entertained primarily by nighttime critters/orchestra playing fitted songs aligned with night-time environments!

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Now that you’re equipped and have your free day plan-to visit this famous zoo all figured out… let us build unforgettable memories that will reimagine your lifestyle goals fueled by nature appreciation. Whether visiting alone, escape date night or going on family fun adventure—take note everything accordingly helpful FAQ list before setting foot inside The Bronx Zoo.

Top 5 Facts About Bronx Zoo’s Free Day Wednesdays – Don’t Miss Out!

Are you familiar with the Bronx Zoo’s free day Wednesdays? If not, it’s time to mark your calendars and plan a visit! Here are the top 5 facts about this exciting offer that you don’t want to miss out on:

1. Free Admission for All Visitors
Yes, you read that right – admission is absolutely free for everyone on Wednesdays at the Bronx Zoo. This means that anyone can enjoy all of the amazing exhibits and attractions without worrying about ticket prices or costs.

2. Parking Fees Apply
While admission is free, visitors should be aware that parking fees still apply. The zoo charges $17 per car which may seem like a lot but compared to other zoos around the United States they’re actually quite affordable.

3. A Chance to Meet Your Favorite Animals up Close!
As if free admission isn’t enough luck, visiting during this special promotion allows visitors with even more opportunities to meet their favorite animals up close and personal! Some popular encounters include feeding giraffes at Giraffe Encounter (additional fee required), observing sea lions underwater in Sea Lion Cove and watching western lowland gorillas play in Congo Gorilla Forest – just watch out when Kwan returns Thelma’s hair tie!

4. Plan Ahead for Crowds
With so many people taking advantage of this fantastic deal expect some crowds lining up behind you while enjoying your visit as most people tend toward getting there early in order have a chance to enter as soon as possible.

5. Make Sure To Check Hours Before You Visit
Operating hours can vary depending on when you decide to attend The Bronzoo y including different gates being open between certain times throughout peak season months; make sure check their website before heading there otherwise arriving outside those hours might mean missing out on any of interesting displays due technical issues or renovations..

So what are you waiting for? Beat the crowds by planning ahead and checking arrival times well in advance, don’t forget to bring proper ID or New York state driver’s license for instance and book your visit today. Experience the wonder of the Bronx Zoo without breaking the bank on Wednesday’s- but also be sure to arrive prepared early enough as waiting in line can reduce time spent at seeing these beautiful animals up close!

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