Discovering the Hidden Gem: Exploring the Island in the Bronx


Short answer island in the bronx: Hunter Island is a small, uninhabited island located in the Bronx near Pelham Bay Park. It was once used as a landfill site before becoming a protected parkland area in 1999. It is only accessible by boat or kayak and offers scenic views of Long Island Sound.

Step by Step Guide to Visiting the Little-Known Island in the Bronx

When most people think of New York City, they picture towering skyscrapers, bustling streets and yellow cabs. However, hidden away in the Bronx is a little-known gem that is worth exploring – City Island.

This tiny island packs a punch with its charming small town feel and scenic waterfront views. Here’s how to explore this hidden treasure like a pro:

Step 1: Take the Subway

The easiest way to get to City Island is via public transportation. Hop on the 6 train to Pelham Bay Park Station and from there you can catch either the Bx29 or Q50 bus which will take you directly onto the island.

Step 2: Explore Local History

Once you arrive on City Island, be sure to start your explorations at The City Island Nautical Museum. This museum houses artifacts that tell stories about local maritime history; everything from whaling expeditions to America’s Cup-winning sailboats.

Step 3: Visit A Seaside Marketplace

Next up head towards one of our favorite spots – Middletown Road! It’s home to an array of eclectic stores selling unique souvenirs and original artworks created by local artists- perfect for finding some quirky gifts!

Grab lunch at one of nearby mini boutiques styled restaurants such as Artie’s Steak & Seafood restaurant or Sammy’s Fish Box where you’ll sample delicious seafood dishes while soaking in spectacular seafront scenery.

Step 4: Take In Natural Beauty

After enjoying brunch out in open air cafes amble along Kleinsway Walkway snagging great photo ops capturing expansive sky-scapes splashed with sunset hues over Manhattan Skyline. Wanting more? Head down near Peanut sculpture area for birdwatching where herons are known residents especially during spring migration season.

All in all, encountering this idyllic place almost feels like a different world! Not only does it offer picturesque beauty boasting panoramic vistas but coupled with warm ambiance, historic significance and delicious food choices the memory will linger on for weeks following your visit.

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So there you have it – a step by step guide to exploring City Island. This hidden gem is definitely worth a spot in any traveler’s itinerary!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Island in the Bronx: Everything You Need to Know

Welcome to the Island in the Bronx – a hidden gem tucked away in New York City’s northernmost borough. Though it may not be as well-known as other city attractions, this unique enclave has been gaining popularity in recent years for its off-the-beaten-path charm, picturesque scenery and rich history.

As more people discover this one-of-a-kind destination, we’ve noticed that there are some common questions and curiosities that tend to come up. So, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide with everything you need to know about the Island in The Bronx!

Q: What is the Island in The Bronx?
A: The Island is officially called City Island and spans just 1.5 miles long by half a mile wide. It’s located within the Pelham Bay Park area near Orchard Beach, on Long Island Sound.

Q: Is it actually an island?
A: Yes! City Island is not connected to mainland New York and can only be accessed by crossing over a small bridge from nearby Pelham Parkway or taking a longer route via Shore Road.

Q: What makes City Island special?
A: For starters, it has retained much of its historic charm despite being part of bustling NYC since 1896. Here you’ll find quaint Victorian homes alongside new construction buildings, artisanal shops mixed among antique stores and seafood restaurants dating back decades (some over 100 years old).

The entire island exudes laid-back vibes which make it hard to believe that Manhattan lies just several miles southward – truly transporting any visitors who take their time exploring all that it offers.

One thing that attracts many visitors always seems to be how “authentic” City Islanders are; natives care deeply for their community’s history dates back centuries after all!

And if all these attributes aren’t enough for those seeking entertainment options beyond leisurely walks along shorefront Sydney Harbor summertime classic cars events draw crowds from around Lower Westchester county — But even in the slower winter months, City Island always delivers a calming and serene getaway.

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Q: What are some things to do on City Island?
A: For one thing, you have to indulge in its’ incredible seafood offerings. There are tons of delicious restaurants dishing up fresh eats such fried clams, shrimp cocktail or lobster rolls made from locally-sourced catches.

Beyond culinary delights visitors can check out landmarks like the Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum – the residence is part of New York’s cultural legacy and offers tours as well as impressive views of the water’s edge. Another must-see spot is The Nautical Museum; it houses maritime art/ artifacts showcasing early ship-building history –perfect for adults or younger ones interested in topics related surrounding high-seas adventures!

For an active day out catch those magnificent ocean-breeze’s over at Pelham Bay Park which has verdant forests perfect hiking along scenic trails..or get ready for kayaking lessons amid peaceful shorescapes with nary another person around–it makes sense why locals seemingly love their island so deeply once we seen all these great features firsthand – each heralding unique ways to appreciate being remote whilst living within feet-away major NY attractions (just mind you don’t miss last train!)

Q: Can I stay overnight on City Island?
A: Unfortunately, there aren’t any hotels on this charming little oasis yet but lots of Bed & Breakfast-style homes offer vacation rentals that might just be your ticket to discovering hidden corners- like Studio apartment listings keeping rising!. It never hurts too soon making reservations until you know a bit more about what amenities and services will meet your traveling preferences.

Just keep in mind that if utter seclusion is what you’re after perhaps taking advantage neighboring resort beach clubs precisely snuggled alongside here atop nearby Orchard Beach might fit time off plans better!

Top 5 Fascinating Facts About the Island in the Bronx That Will Surprise You!

The Bronx is home to many iconic landmarks that attract tourists from all over the world. Famous places like Yankee Stadium, Bronx Zoo, and Botanical Garden make it a must-see destination for anyone visiting New York City. However, one of the lesser-known attractions in The Bronx is Hart Island – an island with a unique history and fascinating stories.

Here are the top 5 interesting facts about Hart Island that you probably didn’t know:

1) It’s also called ‘Island of Ghosts’ – Since 1869, this small island has been used as a public cemetery for unclaimed corpses or those without proper identification. Over one million people have been buried here, including infants, homeless individuals, AIDS victims and prisoners since then. As per reports in recent years burials could take place up to seven at once in undistinguished mass graves trenches as deep as three adults laid side by side in wooden boxes!

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2) Used As Prison Camp – During World War II time (1942–1945), this desolate spot was converted into prison camp housing German soldiers who were captured on the battlefields of Europe within twos months after surrendering; thousands were transferred every year until it closed down just after war ended.

3) Fortified Defense System And Missile Base Was Installed At One Stage – In early stages Cold War period US Army invested large sum ceding a huge part of West point range dated back during pre-world war era to build fortified missile base aiming Soviet Union defense if situation worsens!, but later when Cuban Missile Crisis got diffused early 1960s Harbor Defense system became obsolete! Today no physical structure exist

4) Restricted Public Access – Despite its intriguing past and location just off Orchard Beach shorelines very few people ever visit! This burial ground-misfit-prison combo plot is difficult to reach due harbor defence installations which may lead mistakenly trespassing into restricted areas adjacent coast guards obligations while patrolling harbor!.

5) Artist’s Haven- Despite its sordid and ghostly past, the island became an artist hub after gaining fame when a NYC Councilwoman arranged visit tour in 2016. Drawings, poems and stories were shared by artists on social media page for awareness around community projects dedicated to preserving memories from long gone but not forgotten history associated with Hart Island.

In conclusion, these are only some of the fascinating facts about Hart Island that make it worth exploring despite controversies surrounding burial proceedings. The island has witnessed so many changes throughout history yet stories seem primeval; brought up again recently as growing preservation attention added additional controversy! At present NYC Department Of Correction sent out contractors ahead of pre-announced RFP (Request For Proposal – Aug 2021) seeking modernization proposals to streamline burials process rehabilitating infrastructure etc while rememberance space provision thought are being researched by officials!.

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