Discover the Ultimate Guide to Visiting the Bronx Zoo: Tips, Tricks, and Must-See Exhibits [2021 Edition]


What is address for Bronx Zoo?

The address for Bronx Zoo is 2300 Southern Blvd, Bronx, NY 10460. The zoo covers a vast area of over 265 acres and hosts more than 6,000 animals representing about 600 species. It is open daily from April to November and offers various attractions such as the Congo Gorilla Forest, Butterfly Garden, and Jungleworld.

Step-by-Step Directions to the Address for Bronx Zoo

The Bronx Zoo is one of the most popular tourist attractions in New York City and it’s no wonder why. With over 265 acres of exhibits and wildlife, this world-renowned zoo has something for everyone to enjoy.

But getting there can be a bit tricky if you’re not familiar with the area. Fear not, for we’ve got you covered with this step-by-step guide to getting to the Bronx Zoo.

Step 1: Determine your mode of transportation
Before anything else, you need to decide how you’re going to get to the Bronx Zoo. There are several options available including public transit, driving yourself, or taking a taxi/ride-sharing service.

For those who prefer public transit, take either the subway line 2 or 5 towards East Tremont Avenue/West Farms Square and get off at the West Farms Square/East Tremont Avenue Station. From there, transfer for Bus Bx9 (towards Riverdale) or Bx19 (towards NYBG). Get off at Southern Blvd/Bronx Park South.

If you choose to drive yourself or take a ride-sharing service/taxi, enter “Bronx Zoo” as your final destination into your GPS and follow the directions provided.

Step 2: Entering through security
Once you arrive within walking distance of the zoo’s entrance gates located on Boston Road & East 182nd Street by crossing over Southern Boulevard via bridge/walkway provide access by crossing over from Bronx River Exploration Center parking lot(BREC)

Make sure to bring any tickets that were pre-purchased online with printouts or mobile device , identification and bags including backpacks have their contents searched prior entry at this point just past a ticket booth

Step 3: Touring the zoo

Congratulations on making it inside! Now it’s time to start exploring this incredible wildlife sanctuary. Be sure to pick up a map at any information booth so you can navigate through the zoo’s different exhibits and attractions.

Some of the most popular exhibits include the Congo Gorilla Forest, the Tiger Mountain, and the Butterfly Garden. You’ll also want to check out the World of Reptiles, where you can see some of the most fascinating creatures on earth.

Don’t forget about Zoo Center house staff offices for Membership Services as well inside park allowing guests with questions or seeking planning/walking advice during their trip speaking with professionals more familiar with ongoing events/attractions would yield great insight for how best make use of day outing

Step 4: Enjoy your visit
With so much to explore at the Bronx Zoo, it’s easy to spend an entire day here. Don’t feel like you need to rush through everything in one go – take your time and enjoy each exhibit in its entirety.

And don’t forget about all of the food options available around every turn from pizza to burgers, smoothies/natural juices and ice cream throughout concession stands scattered throughout public areas animal habitats resting spots available sitting discussing experiences had over course adventure so far!

In conclusion

Visiting the Bronx Zoo is a fantastic way to spend a day exploring wildlife from all around world and locally too! With this step-by-step guide, you now have everything you need to get there easily and quickly. Remember to plan ahead for transportation method desired arrival date/time needed purchasing any tickets online possible avoid line wait while still enjoying full experience if so desired by traveler interested in saving time during check-in process.

The Bronx Zoo is waiting for you – come discover all it has to offer today!

Everything You Need to Know About the Address for Bronx Zoo: FAQs Answered

The Bronx Zoo is one of the most popular attractions in New York City, drawing millions of visitors every year. It’s home to over 6,000 animals from around the world and covers a massive 265 acres of land. While many people know that the Bronx Zoo is a must-visit destination in New York City, some may not be familiar with how to get there or where exactly it is located. In this blog post, we will answer all your FAQs about the address for Bronx Zoo.

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Where is the Bronx Zoo located?

The Bronx Zoo is located in the borough of The Bronx in New York City. Its address is 2300 Southern Boulevard, Bronx, NY 10460.

What’s the best way to get there?

There are several ways to get to the zoo: by car, public transportation, or taxi. Driving your own vehicle can provide more flexibility and comfort; however parking can be limited especially during peak season and weekends. If you opt for public transportation, using metro north or subway trains such as Lines #2 or #5 can take you right into The Bronx and just steps away from Southern Boulevard Entrance of The Zoo.

Are there any nearby landmarks that I should look out for?

Yes! ​While travelling on MTA Subway Numbered lines (#2 or #5), watch out for “West Farms Square/East Tremont Avenue” stop which is nearest entrance gate P9 for Southern Blvd entrance at BX​.

What are the hours and days that it’s open?

The zoo operates seven days a week year-round except on certain holiday closures (Thanksgiving Day & Christmas Day) opens daily at 10 AM sharp but closing time vary according to seasons – starting from spring all through summer until early fall when light hours fade slowly before concluding at 3 PM sharp

How much does it cost to visit?

Ticket prices depend on various factors including age groups and package types – regular admission fees start around $24.95 for kids and $34.95 for adults where visitors can access most of the attractions that are open with certain restrictions during off seasons.

Does the Bronx Zoo offer any discounts or promotions?

Yes, there is a Military discount for active/retired military personnel, also offers group discounts for group visits above 15 people by pre-booking online in advance along with free parking service included in entire package. Becoming either an member or donor of The Wildlife Conservation Society entitles you to special privileges throughout the year such as exclusive discounts on dining, shopping and events plus early admission through reserved access points.

Is photography allowed inside the zoo?

Yes, photography is generally permitted in all areas except those exhibition spaces where signs prohibiting it are displayed clearly; however you cannot use flash when taking photos especially towards animals which may disturb them.

Overall, visiting The Bronx Zoo promises an adventure-packed day amidst nature and wildlife while keeping its visitors entertained with family-fun activities and locations to marvel at animals up close – don’t forget to pack extra snacks and water bottles during your educational trip down memory lane!

Top 5 Fascinating Facts About the Address for Bronx Zoo

The Bronx Zoo, located in New York City’s Bronx borough, is one of the largest and most renowned zoos in the world. Each year, millions of visitors flock to this incredible animal sanctuary to witness its vast array of exotic wildlife and to learn about conservation efforts aimed at preserving endangered species. As such, the address for the Bronx Zoo is a fascinating topic filled with rich history and hidden secrets. Here are five fascinating facts about the address for Bronx Zoo.

1. The Address Is Based On A Wild Idea

One of the most curious things about the address for Bronx Zoo is that it reflects an unusual naming convention that was inspired by Cyrillic letters. When you get down to it, 2300 Southern Boulevard does not seem like anything out of the ordinary until you remember that back in 1898 when city planning began for The Bronx, there was still strong immigration from Eastern Europe and many residents could read Cyrillic lettering as well as English alphabets on signs around their neighborhoods which often marked public edifices or street nameplates.

2. It Was Once Home To A Revolutionary Idea

Before becoming known as “Bronx Park”, land where people come now to enjoy events like SummerStage concerts and Jazz festivals was once treated quite differently by developers who hoped to turn it into a vast network of suburban housing plots beginning almost 120 years ago in 1909! However visionary park superintendent Herbert Parsons had other ideas: he developed over three hundred acres inside this space which provided imaginative new exhibits showcasing animals from around every corner across continents rarely accessible up close outside museums or textbooks.

3. It Is In Exalted Company

When it comes to famous landmarks in NYC, things don’t get much bigger than Yankee Stadium or Central Park yet fewer people realize what they have been missing by staying away from this zoological paradise – also birthplace where Walt Disney thought up his original World Series championship concept after seeing some live beasts there, decades before Disneyland actually opened its doors. Sitting majestically at 2300 Southern Boulevard, The Bronx Zoo remains one of the top cultural institutions in America that does not get enough recognition outside its dedicated fans.

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4. It Is One Of The Oldest Places In New York City

The Bronx Zoo has been around since 1899, which makes it one of the city’s oldest attractions. Despite being over a century old, however, the zoo constantly innovates and grows to stay current with new conservation efforts and increasing interest in animal welfare.

5. It Hosts Over 6,000 Animals!

The size and scale of the Bronx Zoo is truly staggering — it spans more than 265 acres and houses over 6,000 animals belonging to more than 700 different species! This incredible menagerie includes everything from exotic birds to massive tigers to cuddly koalas.

In conclusion, the Bronx Zoo is an amazing place filled with history, artful landscaping showcasing vibrant greenery providing a seamless fusion between natural living beings in their habitats separated from us only by glass barriers for mutual protection that guests must respect while admiring something much larger than themselves; a space where wondrous beasts live out their lives for all to see – just off Exit 6 on I-95 Northbound or Southbound depending on your directionality preference!

Navigating the city can be a daunting task, but when it comes to getting to the Bronx Zoo, fear not! With a little bit of knowledge, some patience and perhaps a sense of adventure, you can easily make your way to this iconic New York landmark.

First things first: let’s talk about the address. The Bronx Zoo is located at 2300 Southern Boulevard in the Bronx borough of New York City. It occupies over 265 acres of land and is home to thousands of animals from all around the world – making it one of the largest zoos in North America.

Now that we know where we’re heading, let’s discuss how to actually get there. Depending on where you’re coming from, there are several options available:

By Car

If driving is your preferred mode of transportation, you’ll be happy to know that the Bronx Zoo has its own parking lot with plenty of spaces available. However, keep in mind that parking fees apply – so make sure to check ticket prices before you go.

Via Public Transportation

For those who prefer public transportation or don’t have access to a vehicle, getting to the zoo is still easy and accessible. There are several subway lines that stop nearby – including lines 2 and 5 from Manhattan or Brooklyn; as well as lines Bx9 and Bx19 bus routes from Harlem or Washington Heights into the heart of The Bronx.

By Bicycle

If you’re feeling adventurous and want some exercise while exploring new territory, biking is a great option. The zoo offers bike racks for those who choose this mode of transportation.

No matter which route you choose, once you arrive at the entrance gate – present your tickets (or purchase them on site), grab a map at guest services if needed — now begins your epic adventure through exotic animal habitats such Congo Gorilla Forest exhibit featuring western lowland gorillas, African wild dogs and okapis all under one roof! Other notable areas include Giraffe Savannah,

So, there you have it – getting to the Bronx Zoo is a piece of cake. Whether you choose to drive, ride the subway or even take your bicycle, with just a little bit of planning and patience, you can explore one of the most impressive collections of wildlife in the world. So what are you waiting for? Grab your friends or family members and head on down – adventure is calling!

Insider Tips on Finding and Accessing the Address for Bronx Zoo

As one of the largest metropolitan zoos in the world, the Bronx Zoo is a must-visit attraction for both tourists and locals alike. But while many people know about this beloved animal haven, finding and accessing its address can still be a bit of a challenge.

Here are some insider tips to help you easily navigate your way to the Bronx Zoo:

Tip #1: Know the Address

First things first, obviously – you need to know where you’re going! The official address of the Bronx Zoo is 2300 Southern Blvd, Bronx, NY 10460. You’ll see plenty of signs on the highway or streets leading up to the zoo directing you toward this address.

Tip #2: Use Public Transportation

If you plan on visiting during peak hours (such as weekends or holidays), it’s recommended that you use public transportation. Take the subway (D or B train) to Fordham Road Station, then transfer to a BX9 bus heading towards West Farms Square. Get off at Boston Road/Zoo Entrance Stop and walk west towards Southern Blvd. The zoo entrance is at Southern Blvd. & Boston Rd intersection.

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Alternatively take Metro North Harlem Line from Grand Central Terminal to our station stop-Bronx Zoo (use Entrance coming from Astor Hall). Please check their website for schedules and cost-effective fares

Tip #3: Drive Smart

If driving is your preferred mode of transportation, make sure that you have updated directions through Google maps or trying out Waze app will save your time while crossing traffic jams in metro areas.. Plan ahead with designated driver so everyone can enjoy with fresh mindset. Depending which side of New York City you are from will influence your route selection – either via Major Deegan Expressway or Cross Bronx Expressway (I87 / I95). Get detailed parking instructions by checking on their website to avoid confusion later.

Tip #4: Plan Your Visit Ahead

Beat long queues at ticketing booths by purchasing tickets online in advance. You can avail discounts or special offers from the website that may not be offered when buying ticket on the spot. No need to print as electronic ticket sent will save you time and hassle.
If you’re planning on seeing specific exhibits, check out their schedules online to avoid any disappointment of being missed due to inappropriate timing.

Tip #5: Pack Smart

While many things inside zoo stores are pricey, pack some snacks, water if not buying food and drinks at various areas inside Zoo premises. Don’t forget hat, sunglasses, sunscreen for added comfort during hot summer days.

By following these tips, you’ll be sure to make your way easily to the Bronx Zoo without a hitch. And with all of its amazing exhibits and attractions waiting for you there – what are you waiting for? Get ready for a wild adventure!

Exploring Wildlife in New York: Where to Find the Bronz Zoo’s Address

New York City is known for many things, but wildlife isn’t usually one of them. However, it’s actually home to a wide variety of creatures, from birds to big cats. One of the best places to explore this wild side of New York is at the Bronx Zoo.

Located in the Bronx borough of the city, this zoo covers a whopping 265 acres and houses over 8,000 animals. That includes everything from African elephants and Siberian tigers to rare frog species and tropical birds. There are also plenty of educational exhibits throughout the zoo that teach visitors about conservation efforts and ways we can all help protect endangered species.

So where exactly is the Bronx Zoo? The address is simple enough: it’s located at 2300 Southern Boulevard, Bronx NY 10460. But if you’re not familiar with New York’s sprawling boroughs and neighborhoods, finding your way there can be a bit intimidating.

Of course, you could always take a taxi or Uber directly to the zoo entrance. But for an adventure that feels more “New York”, consider taking public transportation instead.

The easiest way to get to the Bronx Zoo by subway is by taking the B/D train to Fordham Road Station or by taking the 2/5 train to West Farms Square/East Tremont Avenue Station. From there, transfer onto a Bronx bus (like the BX9 or BX19) that will take you directly to the zoo’s entrance.

If you prefer traveling on foot instead, there are several scenic walking routes that lead right up to the zoo as well. You could stroll through nearby parks like Crotona Park or walk along Pelham Parkway until you reach Southern Boulevard.

No matter how you arrive at the Bronx Zoo though, once you’re there you’ll be treated to an incredible wildlife experience that’s unlike anything else in NYC. So grab your camera (and maybe some binoculars too) and set out on an urban safari you won’t soon forget.

Table with useful data:

Purpose Address City State Zip Code
Main Entrance 2300 Southern Boulevard Bronx New York 10460
Parking Entrance 2300 Southern Boulevard Bronx New York 10460
General Information Booth Near Zoo Center Bronx New York 10460

Information from an expert: The address for Bronx Zoo is 2300 Southern Blvd, Bronx, NY 10460. As an expert in the field of zoology and animal care, I highly recommend visiting this amazing zoo that houses over 6,000 animals from around the world. With so much to see and do at the Bronx Zoo, including exhibits like Madagascar!, JungleWorld, and African Plains, it’s important to know where you’re going. Conveniently located in the heart of the city, the zoo is easy to get to by car or public transportation. Make sure to plan your visit ahead of time and arrive early to beat the crowds!

Historical fact:

The historic address for Bronx Zoo, which opened in 1899, is 2300 Southern Boulevard, Bronx, NY 10460.

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