Exploring the Best of Channel 12 Bronx: A Comprehensive Guide


Short answer channel 12 bronx: Channel 12 Bronx, also known as News 12 the Bronx, is a regional cable news television channel that covers the Bronx borough of New York City. It broadcasts on Optimum Cablevision and Verizon Fios in the area.

Frequently Asked Questions About Channel 12 Bronx: Get all the Answers!

Are you a new viewer of Channel 12 Bronx and have some questions about the station? Well, lucky for you we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to make your viewing experience more enjoyable.

Q: What is Channel 12 Bronx?
A: Channel 12 Bronx is a news station that covers various topics in the borough of the Bronx. From breaking news alerts, weather updates, sports highlights, and community events – this station provides viewers with up-to-date information on all things related to the area.

Q: How can I watch Channel 12 Bronx?
A: You can watch Channel 12 Bronx by tuning into channel 612 (standard definition) or channel 1612 (high definition) on Cablevision Optimum TV service. Additionally, select programs are also available online through their website or Facebook page.

Q: Who are the anchors/reporters at Channel 12 Bronx?
A: Some of the notable anchors and reporters at Channel 12 Bronz include Kurt Semderis (news director), Anthony Carlo (anchor), Elizabeth Hashagen (traffic reporter), Samantha Crawford (weather anchor), and many others who bring diverse perspectives to reporting important issues impacting residents in the region.

Q: Does Channel 12 cover national news as well?

A: While national news coverage isn’t their primary focus, they do offer segments covering national headlines that might impact people living within their broadcast range. The editorial team selects stories relevant in shaping local perspectives as well.

Q: Can people submit story ideas to be covered by Channel 12 News?
A : Submitting a story idea only takes seconds since they feature an email address “viewerphoto@news twelve.net” where interested individuals contact for content submissions such as video footage or photos captured around town. Their community beat depends significantly on stories shared from locals like you!

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Q : Is there an app available for mobile devices to access local broadcasts?

A : Absolutely! There’s no shortage of ways to stay connected with your local community newscasts. Channel 12’s free mobile app, “News 12” is downloadable from Google Play and the App Store that allows you to catch up on previous programs or even stream them live.

Q: Does Channel 12 Bronx cover sports?
A: Yes, they do! From New York Yankees and Mets games reports to “High School Sports Rush” which highlights some of the biggest moments in interscholastic athletic competitions along with updates on professional sports teams located within their viewership area.

In conclusion, with this FAQs guide, we hope that your viewing experience at Channel 12 Bronx becomes more enjoyable – be it for staying informed about weather conditions for outdoor activities or finding out what’s happening locally through insightful reporting provided by experienced journalists.

Exploring the Top 5 Facts about Channel 12 Bronx: What You Need to Know

Channel 12 Bronx is the premier source of local news and information for the residents of Bronx, New York. It offers a diverse range of programs featuring breaking news stories, weather updates, traffic alerts, sports updates and more. If you’re new to the area or just curious to learn more about this trusted news channel then keep reading on! Here are the top five facts that you need to know about Channel 12 Bronx.

1) Local Focus

One thing that sets Channel 12 apart from other major news channels is its localized focus on current events in the boroughs of the Bronx. This means that they place emphasis on covering issues directly affecting communities within their broadcast radius; such attention results in unparalleled accuracy, reliability, and relevance to viewers.

2) Innovative News Delivery

The team behind Channel 12 has embraced technological advancements by adopting an innovative approach to delivering information through digital media platforms like social media pages as well as mobile phone applications; making it easy for individuals always on-the-go wanting quick access to real-time latest happenings around them.

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3) Professional Journalists & Staff

News companies understand the importance of recruiting highly professional staff members who can provide quality content without compromising credibility nor integrity; qualities nurtured by every reporter at Channel22. With years spent honing skills in journalism schools nationwide plus rigorous practical training provided locally ensure standards matching traditional institutions renowned worldwide—providing assurance friends/relatives could rely on their services efficiently while living or working in different areas throughout The City That Never Sleeps!

4) Coverage Competence

When it comes down-to-it there’s no substitute for comprehensive coverage when dealing with today’s fast-paced world filled with intricate nuances which warrant proper detail documentation – something this hardworking team achieves consistently day after day keeping people abreast instantly upon release! Ensuring all significant aspects get highlighted via various ways accessible: internet streams via radio frequencies across television networks (via cable providers).

5) Award-Winning Network

Finally, Channel 12 has won multiple awards within the media industry with recognition nationwide for its quality coverage. It’s a reflection of their professionalism & to utmost commitment in providing top-level coverage on numerous events where they discern trends bearing upon individuals’ homes/businesses as well as the greater landscape involved across boroughs all throughout NYC.

In conclusion, Channel 12 Bronx maintains clear distinction both in continuity programming and delivery of news/information services reaching an extensive viewing audience; consisting mostly urbanites comprising various age groups spanning ethnicities—and keeping them entertained and informed! Keep up-to-date by tuning into this trusted brand that continues bringing vital local stories right into your home or office with unwavering dedication!

Going Behind the Scenes of Channel 12 Bronx: Insider Tips and Tricks

As a Bronx native, I often watch the local news to stay up-to-date on events happening in my community. However, it’s not until recently that I started to appreciate what goes into producing these broadcasts. That’s why today we’ll be going behind the scenes of Channel 12 Bronx and providing you with insider tips and tricks.

Firstly, let me tell you that producing a news segment is no easy feat. It involves numerous departments such as reporters, producers, videographers, editors among others working together seamlessly to create an informative program. Every step counts; from deciding which story should lead the bulletin to getting footage filmed on time for airing during prime-time hours.

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One of the insider secrets at Channel 12 Bronx is their use of social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram as sources for breaking news alerts or trending stories – this ensures their followers are always kept up-to-date on new information before it even airs on TV! Another tip we got was how they scout out unique angles for their stories by reaching out to various community leaders and social activists who might have insights beyond those found through traditional channels.

Another essential aspect is capturing visuals – whether that be recording studio presentations or showcasing off-site reports effectively while using proper camera equipment is critical in setting apart excellent broadcasts from mediocre ones.

A key element audiences value most is credible content – viewers need assurance they’re learning accurate facts from trustworthy sources thus establishing trust between station personnel can’t ever be overemphasized.

Above all else though lies creativity- it’s one thing covering ordinary events but being able to turn mundane subjects into newsworthy pieces requires imagination when reporting any story- simple items such updates about snow-plowing operations during winter slides could sound bland without sparknotes attached revealing how imminent weather patterns affecting city infrastructure operations but when tactfully blended together making each piece balanced enough becomes realised hence having experts with experience coverage right across different fields helps bind every narrative channel wide web seamless storytelling.

In conclusion, behind Channel 12 Bronx’s broadcast are teams of creative, hardworking individuals striving to bring the community quality news that is both informative and trustworthy. From culling through social media feeds for breaking stories before anyone else gets a chance at them, reaching out to local organisations or experts on certain subjects to sourcing interesting angles or capturing high-quality visuals, it becomes clear producing news segments takes grit and commitment- but ultimately ends up providing valued rewards for all involved parties.

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