Discover the Exciting Reopening of Bronx Zoo: A Guide to Tickets, Safety Measures, and Must-See Exhibits [2021 Update]


What is Bronx Zoo Opening?

Bronx Zoo opening is the annual reopening of the popular zoological park in New York City.

  • The zoo is home to over 8,000 animals from around the world and features a variety of exhibits, including African Wild Dogs, Madagascar!, and Tiger Mountain.
  • Visitors can also enjoy various attractions such as the Bug Carousel and Congo Gorilla Forest.
  • The zoo typically opens in April each year with new safety protocols in place due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Step-by-Step Guide: How the Bronx Zoo Plans to Safely Reopen

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect every aspect of our lives, one thing we’ve missed out on the most is undoubtedly visiting our favourite zoos and wildlife parks. Many of us animal lovers around the world have been eagerly waiting for their return since March 2020.

The Bronx Zoo in New York City has now released a comprehensive step-by-step guide for safely reopening and welcoming back visitors that they’re eager to share with others. This zoo isn’t just one of New York’s largest attractions; it’s also home to over four thousand animals, making it one of America’s largest metropolitan zoos.

The plan clearly outlines how The Bronx Zoo will ensure visitors’ safety while still offering an exciting opportunity to see all its inhabitants up close and personal – or as much as social distancing allows! Here, we’ll walk you through some critical components in this well-thought-out reopening guide.

Step One: Limiting Capacity

To allow guests to visit while adhering to guidelines set forth by health officials, The Bronx Zoo plans on beginning with limited capacity reserves for your visit time slot which should be reserved online beforehand. This move protects you from crowds and increases your chances of adhering to social distance regulations.

Step Two: Temperature Checks

No guest is allowed into the park without having their temperature taken upon arrival at designated ‘thermal scanning stations’. The goal here is to keep everyone safe via early detection, ensuring high temperatures stay outside of the park limits before anyone begins interacting with people who are live within them!

Step Three: Mandatory Facial Coverings

While it’s no secret that wearing masks can prove challenging when observing exotic animals in their natural habitats at times, The Bronx Zoo mandates all guests wear facemasks beautifully incorporating designs perfect for any age range. Besides protecting individuals from germs potentially circulating through populations whilst laughing in front of primates watching them themselves sport hilarious moments passing by, wearing masks helps mitigate potential outbreaks too.

Step Four: Hand Sanitizers and Washing Stations

Frequent washing of hands is one manner in which health can be upheld from any detrimental infectious illnesses. So, The Bronx Zoo plans to install several hand sanitizing stations throughout the park for added ease and convenience. You’ll also find numerous restroom facilities fully equipped with soap dispensers, no-touch flushing toilets and sinks, disposable towels, and hand sanitizer available at each door.

Step Five: Adding Protective Barriers to Animal Enclosures

While more minor animals like sheep never need to have anything installed as they are naturally separated from visitors, larger species such as tigers or lions likely necessitate protective barriers for individuals’ personal safety. Therefore it’s delightful news that guests will still enjoy uninterrupted views with their surroundings thanks to installing virtually invisible see-through acrylic-glass separators.

The Bronx Zoo reopening guide should provide peace of mind for anyone who resisted going out in public during the pandemic thanks to their comprehensive safety protocols’ detail. With thorough planning in place starting at entrance screening all the way through enhanced hygiene levels within every inch of the enclosure – keeping yourself safe while enjoying an animal adventure closer than you could have ever imagined sounds like an outstanding opportunity! However please make sure before visiting any zoo or tourist destinations around the world check local restrictions regarding travel whilst ensuring you follow them by participating in safe personal practices along your trip too whether that might involve face coverings – whilst keeping hands clean – social distancing if possible- so we can get back on our feet again by being mindful towards one another…

Bronx Zoo Opening FAQ: Your Top Questions Answered

The Bronx Zoo is one of the oldest and largest metropolitan zoos in the United States, attracting millions of visitors every year. With its excellent exhibits and plethora of activities, it’s no surprise that crowds are eager to visit again after a year-long hiatus.

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However, with reopening comes numerous questions about safety protocols, admission tickets, and more. We’ve got your back with answers to some frequently asked questions so you can enjoy your trip without worry!

Can I just show up at the zoo?

Nope! You must reserve timed-entry tickets ahead of time by visiting their website or using their app. This includes members who usually get free admission; everyone needs an advance ticket as capacity is limited.

What are the available times for entry?

Right now there are four entry windows per day: 10 am – 12 pm, 12 pm – 2 pm, 2 pm – 4 pm, and 4 pm – close. If you miss your entry window you may be denied entrance depending on availability.

Is there a price difference for weekdays versus weekends?

Yes! Weekday tickets are $29.95 for adults (ages 13+) while weekend/holiday admission is $39.95. Children ages three to twelve always pay $24.95.

Will all animal exhibits be open?

Most will be available although some indoor ones like World of Reptiles and Madagascar won’t initially be accessible due to social distancing limitations. Some exhibits such as Wild Asia Monorail may also face seasonal closures due to Covid-19 precautions.

Is dining available at the zoo?

Limited food locations will offer pre-packaged snacks and drinks that can be taken on-the-go while seated dining areas will remain closed until further notice.

Do I have to wear a mask?

Yes! Masks that fully cover your nose and mouth should be worn throughout your entire visit unless eating or drinking when stationary at a designated eating location away from others. Anyone who doesn’t comply will be asked to leave.

Are there any rules for social distancing?

Absolutely! You must stay at least six feet away from other guests not in your group at all times. The zoo has signs throughout the park with reminders and staff monitoring to ensure compliance.

Do I need a Covid-19 test or proof of vaccination?

Thankfully not! Those requirements were eased by New York state on May 19th, 2021. However, unvaccinated individuals should still consider following CDC guidelines to protect themselves and others.

These are some basic tips to know when planning your trip but check the website for more detailed information as guidelines may change over time. Stay safe and enjoy a wonderful day with some amazing animals!

A COVID-Safe Experience: What You Need to Know About the Bronx Zoo Opening

As the world is slowly taking steps towards normalcy, many of us are eager to escape our homes and indulge in some outdoor activities. And what’s better than a trip to the zoo? The Bronx Zoo, one of the largest metropolitan zoos in the world, has now officially opened for visitors after being shut down for months due to COVID-19.

But wait! Before packing your bags and rushing to the zoo, you need to know everything about the new safety protocols and guidelines that have been introduced by the management.

So, here’s everything you need to know in order to have a COVID-safe experience at the Bronx Zoo:

1. Buy Tickets Online

To ensure social distancing, all tickets must be purchased online. A specific entry time must also be chosen when making this purchase. The contactless ticket scanning process ensures minimal interaction between visitors and staff members.

2. Wear a Mask

Wearing a mask is mandatory throughout your visit at the zoo. Whether you’re walking down a path or admiring animal exhibits up close from within an enclosure – put on your mask!

3. Maintain Social Distancing

Even though some attractions may get crowded during peak hours, attempts have been made to keep them at capacity levels according to government regulations and guidelines. Visitors are required to maintain 6-feet distance from each other as well as from animals.

4. Wash Hands Frequently

Hand washing stations have now been placed throughout the park for visitors’ convenience – make sure you use them frequently! In addition, hand sanitizing dispensers have also been installed around high-contact areas such as restrooms.

5. Follow One-Way Paths

The Bronx Zoo has strategically established one-way pathways for visitors which help with crowd control while maintaining social distancing practices; however this means straying from a specific route is not allowed , so make sure you follow it religiously!

6. Food Services are Available but Snacks should be Pre-purchased

Food services are open, but visitors must practice social distancing while dining. Food can also be pre-ordered online before arrival at the zoo.

7. Bring an Umbrella or Brolly?

Brellies? Yes indeed! The grounds and attractions are outside and so in New York weather is notoriously unpredictable – bring a brolly to help shield you from potential showers and ensure you enjoy your visit rain or shine.

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In Summary:
All of us have been craving a bit of outdoor exploration- however these COVID safe measures will not only maintain the health and safety for the staff, but most importantly it protects visitors too. Follow these guidelines and be respectful towards others as well as animals having a great zoological experience at The Bronx Zoo is just a mask, six feet distance & clean hands away!

Discover the Top 5 Facts on the Upcoming Bronx Zoo Opening

The Bronx Zoo has long been a beloved staple of New York City’s cultural landscape, and for good reason. With over 265 acres of land, it is one of the largest metropolitan zoos in the world and hosts an incredible variety of exotic and endangered animals from around the globe. And now, after what feels like an eternity of being closed due to Covid-19 restrictions, the zoo is finally gearing up for its grand reopening.

Here are five exciting facts about the upcoming Bronx Zoo opening that you won’t want to miss:

1. It’s happening on July 24th!

That’s right, folks! Mark your calendars for Saturday, July 24th: that’s when the Bronx Zoo will officially open its doors once again. This has been highly anticipated news among animal lovers across NYC who have been eagerly awaiting this day for months.

2. Safety measures are in place

The well-being of guests, staff and animals alike remains top priority at the Bronx Zoo so they have taken all necessary safety precautions to combat Covid-19. You can expect no-contact temperature checks upon entry (please make sure it’s not too hot outside), social distancing protocols enforced throughout the park plus other health guidelines.

3. There are new exhibits to explore

Perhaps one of the most thrilling parts about visiting a zoo is getting up close and personal with creatures you’ve never seen before. Well this time around there are a redesigned grizzly bear exhibit , three rare tigers from Asia and even some adorable red pandas that just arrived from Canada to be discovered anew .

4.Restricted access tickets opened early but still available

Due to limited capacity adherence from CDC guidance on social distancing regulations (as stated above) ,all zoo visitors must purchase tickets in advance their visits but hurry as they’re going fast ! The ticketed sessions run every half hour starting at 10 AM until last admission at PMEST.

5.Special events this summer

Lastly if you are looking for a fun time or celebrating something special, there is quite some variety in event offerings this season at the Bronx Zoo. These include private tours, evening art and music experiences with for adults now available, and kids can enjoy a Ninja turtle show amongst other incredible things.

So come July 24th, be sure to plan your day wisely – with so much excitement added plus new exhibitions and COVID safe measures put in place just to ensure everyone have an amazing experience seeing their favorite animals again or receiving new ones while keep learning about them!

Behind the Scenes: Preparations for the Bronx Zoo’s Grand Reopening

The Bronx Zoo, founded in 1899, is one of the oldest and most famous zoos in the United States. Over the years, it has become a symbol of modern conservation efforts, providing a home for animals from all over the world. Unfortunately, like many other public spaces and institutions around the globe, due to COVID-19 restrictions and precautionary measures the Bronx Zoo had to be shut down for several months this year.

But finally some good news – the zoo is now reopening! With its grand reopening set for July 20th, visitors can expect a new visitor experience that focuses on both safety and education.

Behind every successful event there are countless hours of teamwork. The Bronx Zoo has been working tirelessly during these trying times to implement changes that will keep their guests safe while still offering up-close encounters with some amazing animals.

The first thing you’ll notice when visiting post-reopening is that from now onwards tickets need to be booked before your visit via their website. This avoids crowding at ticket booths while ensuring social distancing guidelines are met.

Another precautionary measure implemented by the Bronx Zoo is wearing masks at all times within the premise along with frequently sanitizing yourself as well as before entering exhibits such as Madagascar journey or World of Reptiles.

Additionally, signing boards have been placed throughout designating socially distant spaces while also limiting interactions between different groups of visitors. In areas where lines typically form like Congo Gorilla Forest or Wild Asia Monorail have numerous markers forming personalized lanes 6 feet apart ensuring less physical contact between people.

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One could imagine how difficult planning this must’ve been but courtesy goes out to zoo management teams who swiftly adapted to changing circumstances & protocols in making sure guest & staff safety specifications were not compromised upon whilst making operational level changes throughout including even food outlets adopting mobile order placements & payment methods minimizing any potential Covid contamination risks through cash interaction.

It’s safe to say that wildlife enthusiasts should start gearing up for an incredible visit!

As excited as you & I may be to return back to our favorite zoos, aquariums, restaurants & all those pleasurable escapades that were shut down for several months – it’s critical that we all play a role in practicing safety precautions so we can savor these experiences without compromising anyone’s wellness.

Join Us for a Wild Adventure: Tips for Enjoying the Bronz Zoo’s Highly Anticipated Opening

The feel of excitement is in the air, nature lovers! The moment we have all been eagerly waiting for has arrived – the reopening of one of New York City’s most treasured and cherished institutions, the Bronx Zoo, after its temporary closure due to the pandemic. It goes without saying that everyone who loves wildlife cannot wait to experience a wild adventure once again. And so, without further ado, let’s dive into some tips that will help you make the most out of this highly-anticipated event.

1. Come Early

The early bird really does catch the worm – or in this case – a spot suitable for viewing exotic animals! Make sure your alarm clock goes off early on your day of choice for visiting the zoo so that you can avoid long lines and beat any crowds.

2. Dress Appropriately

Although hanging out at the zoo with animals may sound like fun and games, it requires a considerable amount of walking which can be tiring if your impressionable toddlers are still transitioning from slow-walking babies; not to mention if you are paired with uncomfortable clothing. Always wear comfortable shoes as well as breathable clothing during summer outings (and make sure to check out upcoming weather forecasts). Believe it or not, checking these things beforehand will determine whether yours becomes an enjoyable trip or not!

3. Bring Enough Snacks

No need to worry about getting hungry while at the Bronx Zoo thanks to its many eateries and restaurants around but truthfully speaking dining options may run out eventually especially when seasons are peak; thereby having you looking elsewhere for a decent restaurant outside its vicinity. A great way round this is by packing enough snacks which will prevent dehydration and keep energy levels up.

4. Utilize Map Services

Navigating through vast animal parks such as these is no easy feat! Luckily though, technology is present nowadays with accurate GPS services available that can guide visitors smoothly around winding paths through exhibits through intersections and admission gates right until the exit gates to minimize confusion. The Bronx Zoo also offers free downloadable maps on its website which will prove helpful before and during your visit.

5. Take Note of Animal Schedules

Did you know that animals have their schedules for nap time, feeding times as well as play sessions? By keeping track of these routines, you’ll stand a better chance of catching a glimpse of some majestic creatures just as they wake up or while they are in action with others rather than finding rustling foliage and closed exhibits!

At last – Happy time! Visiting the Bronx Zoo is set to offer exciting emotional rollercoasters for animal enthusiasts! Do take advantage of these tips mentioned above to make sure everyone enjoys themselves thoroughly…including those furry critters!

Table with useful data:

Date Opening Time Closing Time
Monday – Friday (March 29 – June 25) 10:00am 5:00pm
Saturday – Sunday (March 27 – September 6) 10:00am 5:30pm
Monday – Friday (June 28 – September 3) 10:00am 5:30pm
Saturday – Sunday (September 7 – November 7) 10:00am 5:00pm

Information from an Expert:

As an expert in the field of zoology, I am pleased to announce that the Bronx Zoo will be opening its doors once again to visitors starting this summer. With new safety protocols and limited capacity, you can now enjoy the beauty and wonder of over 4,000 animals representing 650 separate species. The zoo’s grounds span over 265 acres, offering ample space for social distancing while observing all the fascinating animal life. From tigers to sea lions, from giraffes to gorillas, there is something for everyone at the Bronx Zoo. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable experience!

Historical fact:

The Bronx Zoo opened to the public on November 8, 1899, becoming the largest metropolitan zoo in the United States and showcasing over 800 animals from around the world.

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