Stay Up-to-Date with Channel 12 News Bronx: Your Source for Local News and Events


Short answer channel 12 news bronx: Channel 12 News Bronx is a local television station serving the Bronx borough in New York City. It covers news, weather, and sports events happening in the area and broadcasts through various cable networks.

How Channel 12 News Bronx Keeps You Informed with the Latest News

Channel 12 News Bronx is the place to be for anyone looking to stay informed with all the latest news and happenings in one of New York City’s most bustling boroughs. With its cutting-edge approach, this news network has made it their mission to keep you updated with the most reliable information.

There are plenty of reasons why Channel 12 News Bronx should be your go-to source for local news coverage. First off, this channel employs a team of seasoned journalists who have made a career out of reporting on events that matter most to people living in the Bronx community. These reporters don’t shy away from getting up close and personal when it comes to covering tragic or controversial stories; they provide an honest account of everything happening in our neighbourhoods.

Secondly, Channel 12 News Bronx covers more than just breaking news; they keep viewers tuned into what’s going on around us every day. From new businesses opening up along Fordham Road or vital infrastructure projects affecting our daily routines – we can expect thorough coverage on anything pertinent impacting life in The Boogie Down.

Moreover, with modern-day technology allowing instantaneous updates via social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, access to urgent information is at our fingertips by merely searching for @News12BX!

Finally, beyond comprehensive TV programming delivered live over the airwaves & streaming online -– there’s nothing better than tuning ro the “Cablevision Source Cable Network” (a division of Altice One) offering key highlights through exclusive interviews complemented by investigative reports, regional sports highlights and hot restaurant reviews discovered right here within BX minutes!.

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In short- whether you’re interested in learning about early school closures due to inclement weather conditions expected across Throggs Neck Bridge amidst growing traffic concerns caused by nearby construction sites nearby — chances are high: Channel 12 News will give ample attention towards presenting these topics against dazzling visuals accompanied by expert analysis found nowhere else but locally grown BNK talent.

At Channel 12 News Bronx, our commitment to delivering the best news and information concerning The Bronx is unwavering. Stay up-to-date with all of our latest coverage by tuning in daily – we promise you won’t be disappointed!

Your Ultimate FAQ Guide to Channel 12 News Bronx

As the go-to source for news and information in Bronx, Channel 12 News always strives to keep you informed about what’s happening in your neighborhood. Whether it’s breaking news stories, events around town or sports updates, this respected news channel delivers it all right to your screen. Here is a comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that will help you stay in tune with everything that goes on at Channel 12 News.

Q: What type of news coverage can I expect from Channel 12 News?
A: You can count on timely and accurate reporting on both local and national breaking news stories as well as engaging feature stories highlighting people, places and issues within the community. From politics to entertainment and culture to health, Channel 12 ensures that its viewers are updated across various sectors.

Q: How often does Channel 12 update their website?
A: The channel updates its website throughout the day – seven days a week – delivering critical up-to-the-minute reports straight from their correspondents out in the field covering newsworthy events.

Q: How do I get notified when there is breaking news?
A: To be promptly informed about developing situations such as fires, crime scenes or natural disasters via email alerts or texts- users must sign up for ‘Breaking News’ content by visiting our website.

Q: Is there an archive where prior aired videos can be found?
A: Yes! There’s a comprehensive collection available for online streaming through our YouTube page . In addition we continually cover popular cultural phenomena like hot headlining political campaigns and most trending social media content featured daily during regular programming hours as well.

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Q: Can I contribute towards sharing my opinions or feedback with regard sot certain issues?
A member of Catral& Co- Corporate Communications team responsible engages opportune times including Podcast segments opportunity packed with individuals offering editorial /booked interviews while providing informative commentary &forwarding enquiries raised form keen callers or walk-ins to newsrooms alongside feedback provided through direct emails, chats and call-in shows on regular timeslots during programming.

Q: Who presents the headlines?
A: Channel 12 News has a team of seasoned newscasters you can trust. From their pretty faced anchors leading most prime time broadcasts and informative correspondents reporting live from the scenes of breaking events, they deliver all stories with unmatched expertise & credibility.

Q: Is it possible to view Channel 12 News via live streaming?
A: Yes indeed- You don’t have to be physically present in Bronx to see what’s going on. The official website for the channel ( offers a Live Stream service giving viewers access into scheduled programmes happening at that moment bearing live updates from featured reports.

Whether you’re looking for respect-worthy reportage or interested in researching past aired material there are no barriers or exclusions –This guide provides answers helping facilitate transparency in our state-of-the-art coverage offerings as we continue our pursuit engaging audiences by bringing them up-to-date stories that matter both locally and nationwide at large.

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know about Channel 12 News Bronx

Channel 12 News Bronx is one of the most reliable and reputable sources of news in the New York City region. It has been serving locals with up-to-date information about important happenings for several years now, which makes it a valuable asset to its viewers.

Despite being around for a long time, there are still some facts that people may not be aware of when it comes to Channel 12 News Bronx. To shed more light on this matter, here are our top five essential facts you need to know about Channel 12 News Bronx:

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1) They Offer Comprehensive Coverage

If you’re looking for comprehensive coverage of events happening in your neighborhood or beyond, then Channel 12 News Bronx should be your go-to station. The team covers everything from politics and crime stories to sports events and entertainment features.

2) They Provide High-Quality Video Content

One of the standout factors that sets Channel 12 News Bronx apart from other media outlets is their ability to provide high-quality video content that’s both engaging and informative. Whether they’re covering breaking news or putting together an art feature story, you can always expect excellent visuals that keep viewers engaged.

3) Their Team Consists of Experienced Journalists

Another impressive fact about Channel 12 News Bronx is their team; they have experienced journalists who possess an unwavering commitment to delivering accurate news coverage every time. From on-air reporters to digital producers behind-the-scenes, everyone plays a vital role in crafting compelling stories across multiple platforms.

4) There Will Be No Sensationalism Here!

The team at Channel 12 News Bronx takes pride in reporting accurately without any sensationalism whatsoever. Many media outlets today seek sensational headlines because they attract more viewership; however, at Channel 12NewsBronx , they prioritize responsible journalism over traffic numbers.

5) They Cover Local Issues That Matter Most

Lastly, it’s worthy of note that despite being part of a larger media company – Altice USA – Channel 12 News Bronx has remained committed to covering local issues that matter most to the residents of the area. From answering viewers’ questions through their “Ask The Borough President” segment to highlighting community-driven events, they have demonstrated a clear interest in sustaining relationships with its viewers and becoming an essential part of their everyday lives.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a reliable source of news coverage with excellent content creators, experienced journalists, responsible reporting without any sensationalism as well as comprehensive coverage on issues that affect your daily life — look no further than Channel 12 News Bronx.

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