Exploring the Top-Notch Healthcare Services at Lincoln Medical Center in Bronx, NY


Short answer: Lincoln Medical Center is a hospital located at 234 E 149th St, Bronx, NY 10451.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Navigating Lincoln Medical Center 234 E 149th St Bronx NY 10451

If you’re a patient or visitor at Lincoln Medical Center in the Bronx, NY, navigating its complex infrastructure can be more than daunting. With over 350 beds and hundreds of doctors and staff members across several buildings, it’s natural to feel lost or overwhelmed.

However, fear not! This step-by-step guide will help you conquer your way through each level of the hospital without breaking a sweat.

Firstly, before heading to the medical center ensure that you have scheduled an appointment and know which building and department your doctor is located. For instance if they are located in the Outpatient Department , Room AA06 on Level A -1 as this saves time for everyone during check-in process

Once inside LMC from 149th street entrance please take note: avoid main lobby waiting area packed with people looking like crammed subway cars use elevators C & D instead . Pressing button for C/D would take one directly to any floor ranging between Ground level(G), Level 2/Level3(L2/L3) dependent upon the Doctor’s appointment details,

Now entering an elevator car press “L” button- where OPD (Out Patient Clinic) registration takes place after getting registered; usually there’s nowhere else left but follow footsteps till door number E01 when marked South Site Family Health Center comes up with mouth water aroma meals being cooked thus eligible for anyone seeking food alongside clean toilets made available

Patient corridors offer ample signage indicating signs belonging either East/West wings apart from lengthy maze-like pathways stretching throughout multi-storeyed environment crossing signposts including those descriptive layers viz ‘Security’, ‘Radiology’ ,’Laboratory’ etc,.

For Emergency services enter through Lobby G followed by admission under Head CT scanner room marking besides Medication Areas & Intensive Care units allowing prompt clarity even midst chaos aftermath COVID phenomena

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Additionally Infants Parental CARE(NICU /PICU) wards come fully equipped while further down doors amounting “ASAP” labelled Pediatrics divisions provide specialist care in pediatric immunology, infectious disease as well general emergencies

Last but not the least outdoor patio remains perfect place relaxation fresh-air recharge. With various events being hosted throughout year including health fairs mental wellness programmes such take note admiring carefully crafted arts present vicinity.

There you have it; a step-by-step guide to navigating Lincoln Medical Center with ease and efficiency. By following these directions, you can make your way around this vast complex without getting lost or frustrated. Best of luck!

Frequently Asked Questions About Lincoln Medical Center 234 E 149th St Bronx NY 10451

Lincoln Medical Center is a premier healthcare facility that has been serving the Bronx community since 1839. As one of the largest acute care hospitals in the City, Lincoln is committed to providing high-quality medical services to all patients.

With numerous departments, teams and facilities under one roof, many questions arise when it comes to seeking medical attention at this renowned institution. It’s no wonder why individuals become so curious about its reputation and offerings.

To remedy potential discomfort or confusion for those who live within close proximity of this establishment and want further information regarding their operations; we have compiled some frequently asked questions below:

Q: What kind of services does Lincoln Medical Center offer?
A: Lincoln Medical Center offers various medical services including cardiology, dental services, urology, surgery center emergency medicine obstetrics/gynecology (OB/GYN), neuroscience neurosurgery pulmonary medicine radiology cancer digma health behavioral health addiction social work primary care infectious disease gastroenterology nutrition orthopedic pathology pharmacy physical therapy occupational therapy plastic surgery podiatry vascular laboratory diagnostic imaging geriatrics wound care interventional radiology psychiatry endocrinology rheumatology pain management hematology/ oncology ophthalmology dermatopathogy nephrology audiology allergy & immunnolog,

Q: Does Lincoln Medical Center accept insurance?
A: Yes! We understand how important it could be for our patients to use their insurance policies during consultations with our registered physicians. Preferably you should phone your insurer ahead of time but you can still visit them directly without worries.

Q: Do I need an appointment before visiting Lincoln’s Emergency Department?
A: You may not necessarily require appointments prior walking into the emergency department because urgent needs do arise from injuries or illnesses that couldn’t wait any longer. Even when an appointment is necessary perhaps through referrals made by other doctors we strongly recommend a preauthorized schedule however there would always be room for possible emergencies.

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Q: Is parking easily accessible on hospital grounds?
A: With numerous parking lots available for patients, visitors and employees, finding a spot should not be an issue as the management also offers shuttle services to designated areas around the premise.

Q: How can we contact Lincoln Medical Center with further inquiries about their services?
A: For more information regarding our medical offerings or if you have general questions about any of our departments please email info@linmed.org or call (718) 579-5000. Our support staff is available 24/7 all year round to address your concerns and welcome feedback from opportunities businesses too at lincolnrocurement@nychhc.org

In conclusion, Lincoln Medical Center prides itself on providing quality healthcare while ensuring each patient’s comfort throughout consultations. We understand that situations such as managing one’s health could be difficult thus we are always willing to accommodate, listen& learn when necessary; assembling top notch doctors carefully selected upon professional requirements together with rigorous training then utilizing state-of-the-art techniques towards healthy living measures tailored to individuals’ unique physiological self.

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About Lincoln Medical Center 234 E 149th St Bronx NY 10451

If you’re looking for a top-notch medical center that can provide excellent healthcare services, then look no further than the Lincoln Medical Center located at 234 E 149th St Bronx NY 10451.

Lincoln Medical Center is one of the largest and most prestigious hospitals in New York City. It has been serving patients since its establishment in 1839. Over the years, it has expanded into a comprehensive health care system with advanced technologies, educational programs, research facilities, and more.

Whether you are seeking primary care services or specialized treatments for any ailment, here are the top five facts that make this hospital stand out from others:

1. Excellent Reputation

Lincoln Medical Center enjoys an outstanding reputation as one of the best private hospitals globally; thanks to its numerous accolades received over the years. The facility’s board-certified doctors help to set them apart from other competing institutions by providing excellent patient outcomes and experiences built on compassion and professionalism.

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2. Advanced Treatment Options

The hospital prides itself on using state-of-the-art technology designed to provide precise diagnoses while minimizing invasive procedures during treatment options such as cancer surgery only if necessary etc. They also have advanced systems like their Intensive Care Units (ICUs), where they utilize cutting-edge equipment that monitors your vital stats around-the-clock to ensure optimal comfort & safety during your stay at our facilities.

3. Comprehensive Services Across Multiple Departments

At Lincoln Medical Centre Bronx NY 10451 ,they offer multi-disciplinary medicine across multiple departments ranging from cardiology to neurology offering exceptional wellness gamut suitable for adults and children alike regardless of all manner underlying conditions presenting before admission.They employ highly trained staff who specialize in virtual meetings via telehealth tools integrated within LMCs digital solutions hub ensuring seamless communication between team doctor/nurse PATIENT/Provider families taking part in potential decision making process regarding each phase milestones along recovery journey per protocol jurisdiction framed access requests being correctly assigned so as to allow expedited assistance through right avenues.

4. Community Engagement

Lincoln Medical Center is committed to community engagement and outreach programs aimed at providing education, support services and preventive measures for the people living in Bronx NY 10451. The hospital tirelessly strives to deliver health equity services regardless race; gender or socio-economic background.Be assured LMC will put-up via philanthropy/research aid unlike any other medical institution out there today!

5. Innovation & Research

Finally, Lincoln Medical Centre prides itself on being a pioneer in innovative research that has led them into having achieved remarkable breakthroughs over decades,focused towards studying emerging areas of medicine such as personalized therapy based drugs infused/oxygen delivered/immune system building supported by stem cell therapies.Lastly partnering with government bodies&corporate affiliates turned bigger sector movers eradicating major diseases e.g COVID-19 /LUPUS Disease Infused Blood Plasma Therapies were integral part , As soon as they hit this understanding became proactive acting simply before competitors leverage their thinking capability bringing forward solutions even before bad news arrives!


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