Exploring the Role and Impact of Bronx Community Board 7: A Comprehensive Guide


Short answer: Bronx Community Board 7 is one of the twelve community boards in the Bronx, New York City. It serves the neighborhoods of Bedford Park, Fordham, Kingsbridge Heights, Norwood and University Heights. The board consists of fifty members appointed by the Borough President and City Council members representing the area. They provide a forum for local residents to bring up issues affecting their communities, make recommendations on land use and zoning matters and monitor city service delivery.

Navigating the Bronx Community Board 7 Process Step by Step

Are you a resident of the Bronx looking to get actively involved in your community? One great avenue to do so is through participation in a local community board. Among the many active boards in New York City, Bronx Community Board 7 serves its constituents with an array of services, including operating as both a liaison between residents and city government agencies as well as overseeing various neighborhood programs.

As with any process involving bureaucracy, navigating the CB7 application and appointment process can seem daunting at first glance. However, this article aims to offer step-by-step guidance on how interested individuals can successfully participate on their local board:

Step #1: Be Eligible
– You must be at least eighteen years old.
– You need to live or work within the boundaries of your district served; for CB7 that includes neighborhoods such as Mount Hope, Fordham South/Grand Concourse Village and Tremont.

Step #2: Gather Required Documents
When submitting an application:
– A color copy of your driver’s license (or other official identification)
– Proof verifying residency (e.g., utility bill)

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If representing an organization:
-A resolution from said organization certifying support for applicant
-An appointment letter ‘officially’ stating their representative status

Step #3: Fill out Application
The next step entails filling out forms satisfactorily. Paper applications are available from CB7’s office or online versions obtainable directly via Facebook.com/BronxCommunityBoardSeven/.

Important notes specifically for BronxBP Appointments/Elections Info Sessions include bringing along two police officer IDs/descriptions if running for Chair/Vice-Chair positions & highly recommended obtaining references .

Step #4: Submit Appropriate Forms/Documents within Deadline Date(s)
After completing all necessary materials accurately according to timelines laid out acquire appointments/election information sessions documentation.. At that time appropriate officials will decide approval/denial statuses thereby dictating board membership.

Step #5: Attend Monthly Meetings
Once an individual is appointed to a seat at CB7, they begin their active involvement through contributing ideas/feedback surrounding community affairs as well as providing recommendations for proposed neighborhood service events. Attending monthly gatherings ensures that you’re up-to-date on the collective priorities of the community-at-large and will be provided updates via email regarding meetings upcoming agendas (documented publicly).

In conclusion, getting involved in your local Bronx community can seem intimidating – but with some guidance and effort, anyone can successfully navigate Community Board 7’s application and appointment process. As you integrate yourself into this vital group by being actively engaged in both neigborhood concerns/or shared projects working collectively; including personal gain such as forming valuable relationships from others passionate about serving their home communities .

Frequently Asked Questions about Bronx Community Board 7

After serving as a voice for the Bronx community since 1977, Community Board 7 continues to be an essential part of what makes our district unique. As a liaison between residents and city government, Community Board 7 plays a vital role in ensuring that local concerns are heard and addressed.

If you’re new to the area or just curious about how it all works, here are some frequently asked questions about Bronx Community Board 7:

1. What exactly does Community Board 7 do?

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Community board members serve as liaisons between residents and city officials on various issues concerning their district, such as land use, zoning regulations, public safety, transportation planning, cultural affairs and more.

2. Who serves on the board?

The board is made up of up to fifty volunteers appointed by the Borough President with half being nominated by City Council Members within the given borough and date back over forty years old.

3. How often does the board meet?

The board meets monthly at its office located at 229A East Tremont Avenue every third Tuesday starting from January until June unless otherwise scheduled,

4. Can I attend these meetings?

Absolutely! All meetings are open to the public.

5. Can I participate in discussions during those meetings?

Yes! Anyone can sign up ahead of time via email or phone call overnight prior before each meeting should they want discuss specific agenda items which will run through Chairperson’s approval before officially expressing their talking points further once granted permission if deemed notable to audience concerns

6. Do decisions made during the meetings have any impact?

While recommendations generated by CB7 do not deny proposals (although objections raised may persuade partnerships significantly), feedback from these fora carry considerable weight when considered in tandem with other factors affecting decision-making processes implemented by subsequent policy-makers afterwards

In conclusion,CB7 represents one important piece among many efforts geared towards making living conditions fairer across NYC; with long-established reputation for excellence observed throughout its years of operation in our community, empowerment and committed participation is encouraged from every resident who seeks to become involved.

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About Bronx Community Board 7

The Bronx Community Board 7 (CB7) is an important governing body that plays a significant role in shaping and improving the community it serves. It is composed of over 50 members, including various local stakeholders such as elected officials, business owners, residents, and public institution representatives. CB7 meets regularly to address issues affecting the quality of life of people living within its boundaries.

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Here are five facts you need to know about this crucial organization:

1. The Boundaries

CB7 covers several neighborhoods situated in the northwest part of the Bronx borough in New York City. These include Bedford Park, Fordham North, Jerome Park Reservoir and related areas like Norwood and Mosholu Parkway.

2. The Role

Bronx CB7 has a broad range of responsibilities encircling social services development & advocacy for youth programs and employment opportunities to land-use planning & zoning regulations along with economic development comprising retail offerings/challenges for small businesses or commercial district revitalization initiatives etc.; thus making sure stability between residential communities’ needs/wants while progressing towards economic growth while maintaining eco-friendly measures.


Community Board seven was established in July 1976 after President Gerald Ford’s Executive Order which required every locality having access/ties affiliated with federal funds join up into one consolidated unit – according to section Segar Shabazz County Planning Act 16(281). Since then it has been actively participating in providing essential services covering six standing committees; including Land Use/ Zoning Education/ Libraries Housing Environmental Business Development Benefits Issues Transportation Public Safety Youth Services And Parks & Recreational Facilities among other things!

4.Meeting schedules

Meetings where members gather mostly takes place on evety first Tuesday evening from September through June at Kingsbridge Heights Community Center located at ‘3101 Kingsbridge Terrace’. Applicants interested can request additions/reflections during allotted timeframes by contacting correspondents via mail/email before allocated dates else introduce themselves directly!

5.How to join the community board Seven

Membership of Bronx Community Board 7 is open to residents interested in playing an active role in their neighborhood. One must meet with basic eligibilities which will require submission of a detailed application providing/reflecting information such as: employment, residential history, involvement or interest in any relevant issues.(if any), followed by attending at least two meetings before appearing out for selection procedure/filling up vacant seats (which usually happens every 2 years). Becoming an advocate and committedly contributing towards your local constituents can lead you on being selected as member-on-board!

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