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Short answer essen health care bronx ny 10458:

Essen Health Care in the Bronx, NY 10458 provides comprehensive medical services including primary care for adults and children, dental care, behavioral health, lab services and more. Their patient-centered approach focuses on prevention, management and treatment of chronic conditions with culturally sensitive care.

Essen Health Care Bronx NY 10458: A Step-by-Step Guide to Patient Services

Essen Health Care is a healthcare provider that offers exceptional medical services to patients in the Bronx, New York. The facility provides extensive care and treatment options ranging from preventative medicine to chronic illness management. With Essen Health Care, you are assured of competent and compassionate patient service delivery.

In this article, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to access reliable health care at Essen Health Care in the Bronx NY 10458.

Step One: Schedule an Appointment

To receive healthcare services from Essen Healthcare Providers in the Bronx, NY, schedule an appointment by calling their office or going online through their website “”. Their professional reception staff confirms your insurance details and assigns you a doctor based on your medical requirements (Primary doctors Internal Medicine department for general ailments).

You’ll be provided with essential information about when to arrive before your scheduled time if there’s any need for additional documents or medication refill requests/ assistance.

Step Two: Complete Intake Forms Once You Arrive

Once you arrive at Essen Healthcare Center located at 3052 Third Avenue Main Floor – Spacious Clinic as seen in photos; wait-time-free zone space featured over multiple Review sites such Google Reviews, Facebook reviews etc.,
you will complete intake forms available concerning ‘Your Medical History’. This information assesses past allergies/sensitivities and current medications prescribed by other physicians which assists our team of expert providers deliver optimal personalised care applicable justly best suited taking into account all relevant details accounting individual differences often ignored by “one size fits all” quick diagnosis approaches.

Step Three: Consultation with Doctor
After completing registration formalities precisely detailed within confined areas managed professionally maintaining confidentiality under strict HIPAA Regulations ,
the assigned primary physician begins getting acquainted with you through questions tailored specifically considering prior intake paperwork filling transparency which ensures greater accuracy during diagnostic stages & efficient prescription writing improving results.

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Step Four: Lab Diagnostics
If diagnostics such Blood tests,X-rays Or other lab analyses assessments are necessary, there’s an on-site diagnostic laboratory, “Modern-MD” to conduct and generate results quickly rather than external referrals pending diagnosis of numerous physician locations.

Moreover,detailed instructions are provided specifically concerning personal safety measures through sterile needle usage maintaining sterilizing supplies while ensuring patients receive comfortable service delivery in the modern MD area. This guarantees a quick turnaround time for all lab results compared with sending such samples externally.

Step Five: Pharmacy Referral

If further additional treatment /prescriptions required by your Essen practitioner, they would be available under one roof at Modern pharmacy located just across from the clinic units facilitating timely access without having to go out seeking various medicines or enduring delays often entailed in cross-town logistics.

Overall Essen Health Care is synonymous with providing quality care catering individualized services tailored based on confidential discussions listening patiently dedicating themselves towards each patient specifying a professional attitude blended subtly witty and clever adding features beyond typical transactional medical check-ups seen elsewhere fuelled only incentives & not dedication.The unparalleled experience comes back keeping you engaged well informed throughout your health journey initiated herein capable hands 24/7/365!.

FAQs About Essen Health Care Bronx NY 10458 Answered

Are you looking for reliable and affordable healthcare in the Bronx, NY area? Look no further than Essen Health Care! We understand that navigating the world of healthcare can be overwhelming, so we’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions to help put your mind at ease before visiting our clinic.

1) What types of services does Essen Health Care offer?
We provide a wide range of medical services including primary care, pediatrics, women’s health, behavioral health, infectious disease management, cardiology, gastroenterology, dermatology and more.

2) Who are the doctors at Essen Health Care?
Our experienced team consists of board-certified physicians who have been hand-picked for their expertise and dedication to patient care. Each doctor is committed to providing compassionate and personalized treatment plans tailored to meet your individual needs.

3) Do I need insurance to receive treatment from Essen Health Care?
No ,everyone is welcome here with or without an insurance coverage. We accept most major insurance providers as well as self-pay options.

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4) Are walk-ins accepted at Essen Health Care ?
Yes we know emergencies happen anytime during business hours.We allow patients on emergency cases or walk-in appointments

5 ) Is Telemedicine available at Essen Health Care ?
Yes , thanks to today’s technology Telemedicine has become commonplace these days.You can consult with us online through video calling while eradicating long wait times – making it much easier and convenient for our patients

6) Can I make an appointment outside regular office hours?
Yes should it’s necessary .
You can easily schedule an appointment either by phone or online form submission.Note: Extended Hours & Weekend availability varies depending on provider but our telemedicine option provides 24/7 access whenever you needed advice from one of our non-emergency medicine providers.

7) How often should I see my primary care physician?
Seeing your primary care doctor regularly ensures preventative screenings are up-to-date — like vaccinations ,blood pressure , cholesterol or cancer screenings among others.We recommend at least an annual check-up and are happy to schedule additional appointments when necessary.

8) What should I bring with me for my appointment?
Please bring your insurance card, list of current medications, medical history records as well as any past diagnostic reports that helps our team create a more accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.This may include x-rays, lab results etc.

9) Does Essen Health Care offer telephonic prescription refills?
Yes , we understand you have a busy life so through Telemedicine consultations / Patient Portal messaging options expedites the process and saves valuable time by easing the process.Work directly with one of our clinicians while staying in comfort of your own home enabling us to keep your necessary medications filled and up-to-date.

10) How does Essen Health Care stay updated on new treatments/technologies?
We pride ourselves on continuing education; regularly attending regional/national conferences and meeting fellow healthcare professionals which keeps us informed about latest advancements impacting patient outcomes.Also be sure check out our regular blog posts detailing important health tips/articles written by qualified physicians keeping patients educated constantly!

So if you’re looking for quality care from trusted specialists in Bronx NY – Buch INEssen is here to provide exceptional care throughout every stage of life. Contact us today to learn more!

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About Essen Health Care Bronx NY 10458

When it comes to health care, everyone wants the best possible services from qualified and experienced professionals. In recent years, Essen Health Care has become a go-to healthcare provider for residents of Bronx NY 10458 and beyond.

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If you’re not familiar with Essen Health Care or have only just started hearing about them, here are our top five facts that you need to know:

1. Essen Health Care offers comprehensive medical services

Essen Health Care is a full-service health care facility that provides an extensive range of medical services to people of all ages – from infants to seniors. Their team consists of highly trained physicians, nurses, and support staff who provide exceptional patient-centered care in various specialties such as cardiology, dermatology, gastroenterology, pediatrics, pulmonology among others.

2. They use cutting-edge technology

As one of the leading health care providers in Bronx NY 10458 area and general NYC region at large , Essen Health Care utilizes advanced technologies like electronic medical records (EMR) system ensuring accurate diagnosis and treatment plans for their patients while also keeping track histories securely stored online easy retrieval. The use state-of-the-art equipment guarantees expedited test results necessary for prompt management decisions along with minimizing human errors during these processes.

3. Experienced Physicians

One remarkable trait associated with Essex Healthcare is their pool of experienced doctors ranging from multiple fields essential when dealing with complex cases requiring in-depth study before making diagnoses well-thought-out care plans execution especially for severe illnesses instances where calling more than one specialist’s expertise becomes necessary .

4. Numerous locations across New York City

Convenience is an important factor when receiving healthcare services besides high level competence often sort after by people narrowing down on healthcare service providers thus being able easily obtain excellent healthcare without hassle immensely matters . That’s exactly what you’re guaranteed if choose Essense overall accessibilitry made better through branding operation outposts widely spread offering same quality facilities yet location adjusted care to satisfy every patients’ needs.

5. Essen Health Care provides personalized patient-centered care

Esse Health Care injects dedicating doctors, nurses, and other staff members who put a whole-hearted effort in providing top-quality medical attention administered with compassion kindness ensuring one is fully at ease throughout their stay . Altogether making sure each case gets assessed individually assessing the situation guiding towards comprehensive treatment plan execution matching exclusive demands based on disease make-up , history as well as physical lifestyle of the client

In conclusion, there you have it – our top five facts about Essen Healthcare Bronx NY 10458 which we confidently express are but merely some highlights amongst an extensive list showcasing professionalism proficiency convenience affordability quality services alongside giving out individualized healthcare unlike any other . These traits altogether explain why Essense health has become reputable across NYC remarkable for delivering optimum solutions even during emergency situations.

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