Exploring the Rich History and Culture of Frank’s Bronx


Short answer: Franks Bronx is a family-owned bagel shop and deli located in the Riverdale neighborhood of the Bronx. They are known for their fresh, hand-rolled bagels and traditional Jewish deli fare such as pastrami sandwiches and matzo ball soup.

Franks Bronx Step by Step: A Guide to Exploring the Neighborhood

Welcome to Franks Bronx Step by Step: A Guide to Exploring the Neighborhood. In this detailed, witty and clever blog post, we will unearth all there is to know about exploring the beautiful Bronx. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, we’ve got everything covered here in our guide that will make your trip one-of-a-kind.

The Bronx has always been known for its vibrant culture and history that inspires people from around the world. From incredible food scenes that offer delicious cuisines unique to New York City, nature preserves and parks which are simply breathtaking landscapes of greenery spread throughout miles on end just waiting for adventure seekers like yourself!

Before diving deep into exploring this borough, it’s crucial to understand what it entails since many people believe The Bronx is not safe to visit due to its past portrayal in media but don’t worry! With proper guidance through Franks’ recommendations, advice on how-to manoeuvre throughout specific neighbourhoods for pure enjoyment could be achieved with ease without any trouble whatsoever.

Now let’s dive right in:

1) Start off your day at Arthur Avenue Market:

Arthur Avenue market holds some of the best Mediterranean cuisine goodies foodies should taste! Once inside contentment sets as each vendor hands over fresh produce grown directly from their backyard garden making it stand out from regular grocery stores when they give way ordinary shopping experiences these days

2) Grab bagels at The Bagel House:

When’s breakfast time? Ready bright & early because The Bagel Shop serves up traditional NY style bagels loaded onto buttered bread rolls transformed instantly into sandwiches packed full of cream cheese whisked smooth alongside smoked salmon platters being viewed as simple yet mesmerising displays available throughout its tables lining their humble establishment walls; perfect morning treat indeed worth trying!

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3) Visit Van Cortlandt Park

If you’re looking for outdoor activities such as hiking trails and bike routes go no further than Van Cortlandt park immense wilderness at your disposal, the great outdoors is waiting for you. With so many options on hand to explore with proper preparation beforehand go in and enjoy nature’s beauty with safety precautions taken into consideration

4) Catch a game at Yankee Stadium

The Bronx Bombers are one of New York City’s proudest representatives & visiting Yankee stadium is an experience every Baseball fan must have once in their lifetime! The stadium accommodates fans from all around the world so no problem finding fellow enthusiasts making it memorable throughout its entirety – definitely worth considering when planning out schedules ahead if able

5) See street art by Tats Cru:

Tats crew graffiti team has been leaving lasting images all over Bronx neighbourhoods since 1977 creating bespoke murals designed exclusively upon social issues local residents brought up putting them straight onto walls becoming vividly stunning pieces standing proud each day as new ones get added!

There we have it folks! These were some highlights borrowed from Franks’s Guide to Exploring The Neighborhood blog post which should help establish clarity on what exactly our borough entails whilst experiencing the best parts of it too. Don’t forget there’s always something new happening within these streets holding secrets only unwrapped by the daring seeking adventure where ordinary mundane experiences will be left behind faster than flashing lights!

Franks Bronx FAQ: Everything You Need to Know Before Visiting

Welcome to the ultimate guide for visitors who are planning a trip to the Bronx! A lot of people believe that the Bronx is a dangerous and unwelcoming place, but let us tell you, it’s not like that at all. The truth is this borough has been undergoing an amazing transformation in recent years with new development projects sprouting up, historic sites being carefully restored and preserved, innovative culinary destinations opening up every day, and vibrant communities coming together.

To help prepare you for your visit we have compiled some frequently asked questions about our beloved borough:

1) Is the Bronx as dangerous as they say?

Absolutely not. Like any other city or neighborhood in New York City (NYC), there are certain areas that might be considered more “troubled” than others after dark – but overall there’s nothing scary about this part of town. In fact, many parts of the Bronx offer wonderful parks where you can jog by yourself during sunrise!

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2) What kind of public transportation options do I have?

The metro North train system offers convenient service throughout Westchester County and into Manhattan if needed making commuting from Brooklyn also simple enough to arrange.. There are several subway lines (such as 4 line going uptown/downtown) which range across different neighborhoods/mappings such Pelham Bay Park station leading toward NE direction including Co-Op City if express route required rather then multiple delays due local stops covering almost whole boroughs endpoint; however bus routes connect most locations within advanced scheduling making mobility easier when​ exploring various attractions scattered around independently reducing unnecessary conflicts cities systematic congestion.

3) Where can I find authentic Italian food in the Bronx?

For anyone looking for sensational eats originating from Little Italy families visiting Arthur Avenue should explore wide variety/easy access shops / delis/ bakeries sitting along main street( best known indigeneous community pizza spots: Roberto’s Pizza & Artuso Pastry Shop). For those searching a little bit more upscale experience then try Pasquale’s Rigoletto in Pelham Bay which serves up exquisite traditional entrees made from highest quality ingredients possible with outdoor seating arrangements.

4) Is there anything else worth doing/seeing if I’m not that interested in eating?

The Bronx Zoo and the New York Botanical Garden should both be marked on to-do lists (may consider getting combo admission tickets for each). Both attractions are must-sees according to TripAdvisor being top-rated distractions across sections of Americas northeast they provide unique experience with wild animals and diversified range of plant/botanical species.

5) Can you recommend some great bars or nightclubs?

The Glazz nightclub located near Yankee Stadium offers an intimate atmosphere as well as local DJ Talent hosting vibrant dance party nights backed by flavored beverages. Other location might include Throggs Neck Ale House in Southeastern Bronx neighborhood featuring craft beers, burgers, wings at affordable prices.

We hope this guide can offer benefits during your trip through the majestic community we call home! In whichever way you explore The Bronx prioritize family-friendly destinations including cultural experiences, renowned culinary scenes while keep safety moderation maintained respected area’s environment.

Top 5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Franks Bronx in NYC

New York City’s colorful history is full of amazing stories, and one part of the city that has seen its fair share of ups and downs is The Bronx. This borough – known as the birthplace of hip-hop – has a rich cultural history that spans back over 400 years. But despite being such an iconic part of New York City, there are still some little-known facts about Franks Bronx in NYC that you may not be aware of.

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1) It Used to be Known as “Rananchqua”

Before becoming The Bronx, this area was home to several Native American tribes, including the Siwanoy people who called it Rananchqua. Later on, during European colonization, it served primarily as farmland for Dutch settlers before developing into a bustling urban region with the arrival of Irish immigrants.

2) It Was Once Home to America’s Most Notorious Prison

The world-famous Sing Sing Correctional Facility isn’t located in The Bronx but rather close by downstate in Ossining; yet few were aware regarding another infamous prison formerly resting inside The Boogie Down – Spuyten Duyvil’s infamous “Tombs.” This maximum-security facility had been dubbed ‘Hell Gate Island’ because it sat on an isolated island between two dangerous currents off Major Welch Park Drive accessible only via boat or bridge from nearby mainland shores along Fort Schuyler right up until when Rikers opened up across water further south west.

3) One Corner Has Some World Records

Standing at East Tremont Avenue and Third Avenue is Lindy’s Tavern which gained fame for setting Guinness world record: creating heaviest pastrami sandwich upon earth which weighed-in at over 20 pounds! Yes believe your eyes folks – twenty whopping lbs., (that could have fed whole family). Together with meats being sliced fresh each day using no nitrates or preservatives plus home-baked rye breads rolled-out continuously.

4) It Has a Largest Art Collection Outside of Manhattan

When visiting Wave Hill gardens, located in Riverdale region of The Bronx; it’s hard to name things you love most. With sprawling 28-acre treasure garden complete with assorted courtyards and nooks plus outdoor sculptures seamlessly adding into the lush landscaping, that too isn’t close to what’s inside variety wise however holding true literal goldmine for art lovers. This enchanting nature spot boasts some beautiful paintings in Glenview house along with other famous works displayed throughout historic estate.

5) Home to Unique And Delicious Eats

As great city foodie.. No page turning through incredible cuisines would be accomplished without including flavors from one-of-a-kind boroughs offering unique treats not seen elsewhere. Just talking about well-renowned pizza slices found all over here, you’ll find hidden gem shawarma outlets around Fordham Road neighborhood as well as Pelham Parkway spots such as Empanology which offers out-of-this-world savory or smooth sweet hand-held snacks!

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