Unlocking Savings: How to Get the Best AAA Discount at the Bronx Zoo


Short answer bronx zoo aaa discount: AAA members can get a discount on admission to the Bronx Zoo by showing their membership card at the gate or purchasing tickets online in advance with a special promo code. The discount varies depending on the time of year and day of the week.

Top 5 Facts About the Bronx Zoo AAA Discount You Need to Know

The Bronx Zoo, located in New York City, is the largest metropolitan zoo in the United States. With over 265 acres of land covered by 4,000 animals representing 600 different species from around the world, it’s no wonder that this iconic attraction draws millions of visitors each year.

While already being a great value for its price point alone, one way to save even more money when visiting the Bronx Zoo is through an AAA discount. But before you start booking your tickets with excitement, here are some crucial facts you need to know about using an AAA discount at the Bronx Zoo:

1) The Discount Varies Based on Location: While most attractions offer some sort of AAA discount regardless of where you live or purchase your membership from; unfortunately, this isn’t entirely true for the Bronx Zoo. In fact, depending on which state and branch office location you “belong” to determines how much of a discount (if any) can be applied towards purchasing zoo admission tickets.

2) Not Available For Online Purchases: Unfortunately another big downside is that while many people today prefer online purchases– especially during times such as this pandemic-AAA members will not benefit from their discounts if they opt for buying them online rather than showing up at gate-to-purchase.

3) Only Applies To Regular Admission Tickets: While there may be other types of tickets available such as special exhibits like holiday shows or events- off deal only applies exclusively to regular admissions into zoo itself alone.

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4) Limited Time Offer + Usage Restrictions May Apply: It can vary month to month whether The Bronx Zoo honors its partnership deal with American Automobile Association so make sure before setting out what those particular dates are exactly along with understanding that depending upon specific locations-membership eligibility also applies.

5) Additional Discounts May Be Available : If traveling in groups larger than ten people don’t forget out about considering Merit program-a discounted rate offered by Park directly-and/or idNYC cards which already include complimentary museum and cultural institution admission discounts.

Overall, while the savings through AAA discounts on visiting the Bronx Zoo may be limited in their scope and availability, it remains a useful resource for those looking to maximize their budgeted expenses. Just make sure you get your timing right with membership status eligibilities taken into consideration!

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Get Bronx Zoo AAA Discount

The Bronx Zoo is an iconic institution that has been entertaining and educating visitors for over a century. If you’re planning to visit the zoo, congratulations – you’re in for a treat! There’s nothing quite like spending time among the incredible animals at one of the most renowned zoos in the world.

If you want to save some money on your Bronx Zoo experience, there’s also good news: as an AAA member, you can take advantage of exclusive discounts. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you exactly how to get those savings so that you can maximize your enjoyment while minimizing your costs.

Step 1: Join AAA

First things first: if you’re not already an AAA member, now is the time to sign up. The organization offers all sorts of perks and benefits beyond just zoo discounts – everything from roadside assistance to travel services. Plus, membership isn’t expensive; prices start at just $56 per year.

Step 2: Log In To Your Account

Once you’ve become an AAA member (or if you were already one), it’s time to log in to your account on their website or via their app. This will ensure that any discounts are correctly applied when buying tickets later on.

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Step 3: Navigate Discounts Section

Now head over to the section of their website dedicated specifically for deals and discounts. You should be able to find a link labeled “Discounts” without much trouble; once there may move forward towards search bar optimized with keywords i.e “Bronx Zoo” or filter out different categories including entertainment etc depending upon source availability.

Step 4 : Purchase Tickets Online With Discount Code or Coupon :

While getting through listed deals throughout page comprises multiple options but amongst them searching proper discount code/coupon would shown clearly interesting for online booking/payment purposes – copy along its associated alphanumeric characters which basically includes Organization/brand name followed by specific set digits usually comprising period only limited needed date after getting clicked/mentioned provided discount in offer.

After collecting code/coupon at secured place for future reference, directly or indirectly move towards Bronx Zoo official website via option available. Further search up tickets required as per visiting plan and proceed for payment gateway – applied CC/Bank detail credentials but before paying full amount do not forget to use already accumulated promo code/coupon enabling AAA member with 20 % off its standard cost value.

Step 5: Apply Code & Get Discount:

Last step only shows actual difference deducted from your account than the influenced automated calculation upon applying offered promotion benefit simply illustrating our active association as privileged member of particular organization just like having AA membership card definitely comes up with great perks included over normal visitor towards different events throughout country’s attraction points showing multiple evidences that they actually care about their associates.

And voila – you’ve done it! You’re all set to go enjoy a fun-filled day (or more) at the Bronx Zoo while also saving some cash. Who said being an adult can’t be both practical and exciting? Thanks to AAA’s discounts, you get to have your cake and eat it too.

Bronx Zoo AAA Discount FAQ: Everything You Need to Know Before Your Visit

The Bronx Zoo is one of the most popular tourist attractions in New York City, attracting millions of visitors every year. Apart from being an educational and entertaining experience for all ages, it’s also a perfect family-friendly destination that allows you to embrace wildlife and nature.

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One question most visitors have when planning their visit is if they are eligible for any discounts, especially AAA members as many people belong to this organization. In this blog post, we will cover some frequently asked questions about the Bronx Zoo AAA discount program.

What Is The Bronx Zoo AAA Discount?

The Bronx Zoo offers a 20% discount on admission tickets to members of the American Automobile Association (AAA). This applies only to general admission prices and not special experiences or events such as seasonal shows or evening events like Boo at the Zoo or Holiday Lights.

How Do I Redeem My Discount?

To redeem your discount online:

1. Visit bronxzoo.com.
2. Click “Buy Tickets” button
3. Select General Admission
4. Choose your visit date
5.Enter promo code ICE-21AAAFR

Alternatively, You can show your auto club membership card along with a valid photo ID at guest services upon arrival at the zoo by purchasing through phone , mention promo code ICE-21AAAFR

Note: Remember that discounted tickets must be purchased before arriving at the zoo since there are no refunds once you purchase them!

Are There Any Limitations On How Many Discounts I can Get With My Membership?

Yes! One AAA member card per transaction is allowed only two discounted tickets available each use; however, keep in mind there are other restrictions asides from having more than three individuals per visit who could enjoy reduced entry fees using their membership’s benefits

Can Anyone Use These Discounts Or Only Members Of A Specific Club Such As An AA Affiliate Branch?

Only valid AAA members may claim these discounts on admissions rates.

Are There Any Other Military Discounts Available From Big Cat Wildlife Conservation Organization?

Unfortunately, the Bronx Zoo currently does not offer any other military discounts on tickets to non-AAA members.

In Conclusion

If you are an AAA member planning an upcoming visit to the Bronx Zoo, be sure to make use of the discount offered! Make sure you purchase your discounted general admissions online using your assigned promo code , ICE-21AAAFR Before visiting. Don’t forget that all visitors must follow health guidelines and safety protocols while at the zoo such as mask-wearing mandates indoors regardless of vaccination status and social distancing throughout their stay. Plan a fun-filled day with family or friends exploring different wildlife exhibits and attractions without breaking your budget. Enjoy 20% off at one of NYC’s premiere cultural institutions!

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