Unlock the Wonders of Wildlife with a Bronx Zoo Pass


Short answer bronx zoo pass: The Bronx Zoo Pass is a membership program that grants unlimited access to the Bronx Zoo as well as other benefits, such as free parking and discounts on food and gift shop purchases. Memberships are available for individuals or families.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Bronx Zoo Pass

Visiting the Bronx Zoo is an incredible experience, and getting a pass to come back time and again only makes it that much better. However, if you’re thinking about purchasing a Bronx Zoo Pass for yourself or as a gift for someone else, you may have some questions about what exactly this pass is all about. Here are the most frequently asked questions we get regarding the Bronx Zoo Pass:

1. What Is A Bronx Zoo Pass?

A Bronx Zoo Pass gives you unlimited free admission to not just the zoo but also seasonal attractions such as Congo Gorilla Forest, Butterfly Garden and Children’s Zoo.

2. How Much Does A Bronze/Bronze Plus/Silver/Gold/ Conservation Supporter/Benefactor-level Membership Cost?

The cost of each level depends on which one you choose – Bronze ($99), Bronze Plus ($169), Silver ($209) , Gold ( $349) Conservation supporter($400+) & Benefactor( $1600+). The perks increase at each level so be sure to research before making your choice.

3. How Long Does It Last?

Your membership will last for one full year from the date of purchase regardless of when purchased in said year.

4.What Are Some Perks That Come With Purchase Of Any Level Of Membership ?

You get two unique guest vouchers to bring friends every visit alongside unlimited admission during normal operating hours other highlighted benefits include discounts at gift shops food concession stands restaurants safari guided rides& Ice age: No Time To Freeze and Lion Exhibit 4D Theater ; Access to exclusive events;Discounts on educational programs Attain Big Savings with special offers in holiday season;Complimentary parking Limited Free access Zebra café & Dancing Crane Café And More!

5.Can I use my membership everywhere around WCS venues like Reptile house etc besides BZ?

Of course! Your membership works across WCS parks including Central park zoo- Prospect Park-Aquarium -Zoos New York Aquarium in Coney Island.

6.How Do I Buy A Bronx Zoo Pass?

You can buy it through their online shop, or you can register on BZ grounds at any admission booth. They will send your membership cards to you via snail mail after the payment is received.

7.What Is The Refund Policy In Case Of Unanticipated Changes?

Membership purchases are non-refundable but if faced with unexpected changes household name update etc visit Membership Services located within admissions for easy handling of modifications and renewals as well!

8.Can I Use the Bronx Zoo Pass For Special Events Such As Holiday Lights Spectacular Or Boo At The Zoo Festival?

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Yes, most events are included on a complimentary basis however donor (Conservation Supporter/Benefactor) level members do not receive free access to special ticketed exhibits including Dinosaur Safari unless additional charges apply. So be sure to look up beforehand.

9.Do my Guest Vouchers Expire ?

Your guest vouchers come expiry date which will vary depending upon type(passholder Perk- Member360 Exclusive Offer TCs Apply!) so don’t wait too long!

10. What age qualifies for child pass?

Ages 3 years old while below 12 requires only one bronze level adult chaperoneship.Bronze plus silver gold levels offer more chaperone options besides basic.adult.Admission fee under three years old is always FREE !with caretaker supervision who present identification proof about the correct DOB during multiple visits.`
Overall, purchasing a Bronx Zoo Pass is an investment that provides countless perks beyond just visiting this incredible attraction regularly – from enjoying access to other WCS parks like NY aquarium and Central Park zoos,great dining deals ,unlimited educational program discounts inclusive rates festive specials throughout year saving money by being upgrading based on offers each year& allowing flexibility when it comes to exploring the zoo comfortably; what more could you ask for? So, go out and grab your pass today, and start exploring all that the Bronx Zoo and WCS Parks have to offer!

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know about the Bronx Zoo Pass

As a well-known tourist attraction in the heart of New York City, the Bronx Zoo Pass is an absolute must-have for anyone who wants to enjoy the very best the city has to offer. With everything from animal encounters to interactive exhibits, this pass offers an unforgettable journey through one of America’s most iconic zoos.

So if you’re planning a visit any time soon, here are 5 facts that will help you get the most out of your experience:

1. It’s More Than Just a Ticket:

Getting your hands on a Bronx Zoo Pass isn’t just about paying admission fees – it opens up doors to some amazing experiences and lets you explore all areas of the zoo without any restrictions. Whether you want access to rides or special events like sea lion feedings or Butterfly Garden walk-throughs, there’s something for everyone with this pass.

2. The Value Cannot Be Beat:

The price tag may seem hefty at first glance but once you take into account everything included in your purchase, such as free parking upon arrival and discounts on food and beverage options within the park grounds, it’s actually an incredible deal!

3. Get Ready To Walk… A LOT:

With approximately 265 acres of land housing over 8,000 animals representing more than 700 species, be prepared to cover quite a bit of ground during your trip! While there are trams available around certain portions of the park (for additional fees), exploring by foot can often lead to unexpected animal sightings.

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4. Conservation Is At Its Core:

The Bronx Zoo is committed not only to creating memorable visitor experiences but also making sure their efforts extend far beyond its gates. From conservation projects throughout New York State to participating in global campaigns protecting endangered animals such as gorillas or rhinos- visiting supports these important initiatives every step along the way

5. Time Your Visit Accordingly:

Peak times can be chaotic so consider scheduling visits earlier in day before the crowds arrive. Furthermore, if you have any interest in catching a glimpse of the animals being fed or exploring special exhibits like Jungle World where tigers and snow leopards are showcased then check ahead to ensure your visit is scheduled during the appropriate hours.

Overall, purchasing a Bronx Zoo Pass unlocks many memorable experiences that are incredibly valuable in every sense of the word- after all not everyone gets up close with fully grown elephants on typical weekend!

Making the Most of Your Bronx Zoo Pass: Tips and Tricks

Visiting the Bronx Zoo is one of those experiences that just never gets old. The sprawling animal sanctuary spans over 260 acres and features around 4,000 animals from more than 650 species. But let’s be real: admission to this iconic attraction isn’t exactly cheap.

That’s why if you happen to have a Bronx Zoo pass, it’s important to make the most of it—and we’re here to help with some tips and tricks on how best to do just that.

First things first: familiarize yourself with your pass

Before heading out for your day at the zoo, make sure you know what kind of pass you’re working with. There are various types available: individual, family, dual/family plus guest—the list goes on. Some passes may offer additional perks like free parking or discounted food and beverage purchases.

Understanding these details will save you any confusion when entering the park—especially since there are currently rules in place requiring timed-entry reservations due to COVID-19 precautions (more on that later).

Get there early

The earlier you arrive at the zoo, the better off you’ll be in terms of beating crowds—and trust us when we say they can get pretty intense during peak summer months (where attendance typically averages around two million visitors annually).

Additionally, many animals tend to be most active during cooler morning hours before temperatures start rising as well as prior to feeding times which vary depending on location within the park.

Have a game plan
With so much ground covered by exhibits throughout the property it’s important now more than ever thanks again COVID-19 restrictions limiting overall capacity numbers significantly! With few exceptions where social distancing mandates force certain buildings temporarily closed while walking paths indoors allow viewing gallery windows being open others remain options accessible year round regardless weather conditions such seasonal favorites holiday displays!

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By determining which portion(s) of campus wish explore also taking into account particular attractions interests along route planned itinerary improve ability maximize allocated time budgeted appropriately.

Utilize the interactive map on their website

Speaking of having a game plan, familiarizing yourself with the zoo’s layout can significantly help in terms of navigational efficiency. Thankfully, they have an incredibly useful digital map available right on their website that breaks down where everything is located and lets you put together your own personalized experience before even stepping foot in the park.

Don’t miss any specific exhibits or events like Boo at the Zoo!

The Bronx Zoo has plenty of crowd-pleasing attractions sure to excite visitors young and old alike—make sure you don’t forget about some of these Instagram-worthy spots:

-To name just a few: -African Plains
-Leopards exhibit.
-Tiger Mountain
-Butterfly Garden
-Wildlife Theater Show cases entertaining creatures ranging from flocks parrots speaking abilities performing stunts Eagles impressive eye sights beyond kinkajous playful monkeys!
These are definitely worth adding to your customized itinerary if time permits (we especially recommend visiting during Halloween season for Boo at the Zoo!).

Get there early…

Yes, we already mentioned this above—but it bears repeating again! Reservations currently allow access starting as early as 10am but scheduling arrival closer opportunity enter upon opening bells ring offers chance better parking areas more leisurely start full slate activities ahead creating less competition between guests trying navigate shared interests throughout day.

Pack food and drinks

Like many tourist attractions theme parks we advise against bringing outside picnic lunches coolers into facility strict policies prohibit them however need hydration snacks nourishing pick-me-ups much-discussed world famous camel ride quick Starbucks latte break make helpful maintain energy stabilize blood sugar levels over longer periods without leaving campus maximizing chance see animals!

Additionally adherence CDC guidance face masks still mandatory indoors well enforced mask etiquette welcome way demonstrate respect others enjoy time safely protecting health welfare along staff fellow patrons all attempting resume semblance normalcy amidst ongoing pandemic challenges uncertainties heading towards recovery will require cooperation collaboration personal accountability.

Final Thoughts

The Bronx Zoo is an amazing property to explore, and having a pass definitely gives you the flexibility to go back time after time. By utilizing some of these tips we shared (remembering your game plan, getting there early, bringing food and drinks), you’ll be sure to make the most out of your experience—not forgetting key attractions along the way!

Just don’t forget that albeit temporary COVID-19 restrictions protocols limit overall capacity guiding guests safety enjoyment concern all many crowd favorites still await making future visits opportunities continue adventures new unforgettable memories happy animal encounters!

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