Uncovering the Untold Story of Bronx the Movie: A Comprehensive Guide [with Stats and Tips]


What is Bronx the Movie?

Bronx the movie is a 2020 crime drama directed by Olivier Marchal that follows a group of cops operating in the troubled streets of New York City’s Bronx.

  • The movie features stars such as Lannick Gautry, Stanislas Merhar, and Kaaris in leading roles.
  • Bronx has been praised for its excellent cinematography, dynamic action scenes, and gripping storyline that keeps viewers engaged till the end.
  • The film portrays an authentic portrayal of America’s police force while highlighting some intense moments of violence and corruption that exist within it.

How Bronx the Movie Captures the Essence of Life in New York City

New York City is known for its character and charm, attracting millions of visitors each year to experience the bustling energy of one of the world’s greatest cities. The Bronx is a movie that captures the essence of life in New York City, highlighting the diverse cultures and neighborhoods that give the city its unique identity.

At its core, The Bronx is a story about family. From start to finish, it delves into the relationships between those we’re born with and those we choose – showing how a sense of community can be found even in some of the most unlikely places. Whether it’s exploring street corners in search of a familiar face or bonding over shared hardships and triumphs, this film is a celebration of what brings us together as human beings.

One reason that The Bronx excels at capturing life in New York City is due to its honest portrayal of social issues affecting many residents. As tensions run high within certain neighborhoods throughout the city, bringing our attention to poverty and crime rates, police brutality concerns and more – these challenges are addressed head-on within this film. By shedding light on controversial topics with authentic dialogue and raw emotion, The Bronx offers up not just an entertaining story but also meaningful insights into real-life struggles across New York.

The imagery displayed throughout the film also captures New York’s unique essence wonderfully while specifically highlighting certain cultural aspects too. A perfect example being baseball. Viewers get an inside look into how baseball serves as not only America’s favorite pastime but also an influential part of local traditions amongst families across NYC. Through shots panning various gritty-yet-iconic landmarks such as Yankee stadium spectators hailing different ethnic groups coming together cheerin collectively from every direction makes you sit back saying; “Wow”!

Moreover, the soundtrack for this movie perfectly reflects life in NYC as well. Coined “the capital city soundtrack,” it amplifies energy worn by many hustlers trying to pave their own way throughout tough circumstances. You’ll hear a mix of genres ranging from timeless hip-hop anthems to classic salsa sets and an underlying jazz feel – together they all create a diverse soundscape that never loses sight of the city’s vibrant spirit.

In conclusion, The Bronx is easily seen as one of the best films for anyone who wants to celebrate life in New York City! It effectively captures what it means to be a part of this amazing city, paying homage to its rich culture and community all while staying true to showcasing real-life struggles. Between its plot structure, imagery and soundtrack- it highlights every beautiful aspect making you realize why so many folks carry pride wherever they go and herald NYC as their home!

Bronx the Movie Step-by-Step: From Script to Screen

Bronx, also known as Rogue City, is a French Netflix movie that follows a group of police officers in the bronx area of Marseille as they confront the violent world of organized crime. The film has gained immense popularity and has been applauded for its realistic portrayal of life in the city’s notorious neighborhood.

However, many viewers aren’t aware of what goes into making a stellar film like Bronx. It’s not just lights, camera and action; rather it requires hard work, creativity and determination from everyone involved in the process- from screenwriters to directors to actors, their efforts go towards creating the final product: an enthralling story onscreen.

So in this article, we’ll take you through each step of bringing Bronx to life- From script to screen.

Step 1: Ideation and Screening

Before anything else comes into play with creating a film like Bronx – there must first be an idea! For this particular movie project — screenplay writer, Oliver Marchal was at the helm penning down his vision for this story. And once he had put all ideas onto paper and was satisfied with his plot vision – it was time to start screening for potential production companies who would bring together a team equipped enough handle Marachal’s script directionally. Some people may think that selecting companies won’t require much thought but factoring things such as experience on past projects working under similar budgets will determine if selected firms have close proximity/dealing within any country or one restricted location which may lead up to future scheduling difficulties — all said factors are carefully considered so much so every detail plays significant roles during script development towards pre-production phases;

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Step 2: Pre-Production

This stage marks where all logistical details relating to filming are ironed out. Budget allocation becomes paramount here when mapping out whether certain choices affect how money is spent affecting overall profit yield – e.g Location scouting/recce missions– To ensure proper set designs fits perfectly with the Bronx environment – from barrios to port areas. Even authenticity remains crucial; therefore, costumes must be chosen to accurately depict each era in which the film takes place.

Step 3: Casting

A great plot wouldn’t matter if it wasn’t executed/enacted by adequate talent. And as such, the production team every now and then holds casting tryouts in search of the perfect individuals to edge out characters precisely as outlined in script vis-a-vis age, nationality, behavior types et al. It usually will take multiple interviews along with acting tests/reading auditions before final decisions on who’s fitting for particular roles are made.

Step 4: Principal Photography

Now time for shooting!!! In short principal photography is filming where actual scenes are captured according to pre-production plans (script storyboard). Since cast members have been recruited – cameras roll! However, during this phase certain things can go awry such as changed weather conditions or cast crew emergencies which forces schedule readjustments.

Step 5: Post-Production

This stage features a lengthy process after all shoots have been wrapped up – post-production. Here audio engineers get into studio mode with creating soundtracks that matches visuals while editors select already filmed footage and put together narrative voice-overs that blend harmoniously to give Bronx its lustrous touch giving direction proper color grading tunings leading towards perfection!


Bronx has become an international success fully embraced within Netflix movies listings – its tale telling grips viewers just like real-life storytelling would indeed. This movie serves as proof of how assimilating ideas with adequate planning, financing alongside skilled talent result’s in an impressive product that fully garner worldwide attention leaving traces none will readily forget anytime soon!

Bronx the Movie FAQ: Your Burning Questions Answered

Are you a fan of crime dramas that will keep you on the edge of your seat? Look no further than the new film, Bronx! This French-language movie tells the story of a group of cops in the titular borough as they try to take down a dangerous drug gang. Here are some frequently asked questions about the movie.

What is Bronx about?
Bronx is a crime drama that follows a group of police officers in the Bronx as they try to bring down a violent drug gang. Led by Lenoir (played by Jean Reno), the police unit has to navigate dirty politics, internal conflict, and dangerous criminals in order to keep their community safe.

Who stars in Bronx?
In addition to Jean Reno, who is known for his roles in Leon: The Professional and Ronin, Bronx features an all-star cast including Lanvin (who plays Vronski), David Belle (who plays Joshua), and Catherine Marchal (who plays Max). Each actor brings their A-game to their respective roles and helps create an intense, high-stakes atmosphere throughout the film.

Is it subtitled?
Yes! While some English-speaking audiences may hesitate at watching foreign language films, it’s important to note that Bronx features English subtitles for non-French speakers. While it may take some time getting used to reading along with what’s happening on screen, it adds an extra level of authenticity and immersion into the world of French detective work.

Where was Bronx filmed?
As one might guess from its title, this intense French thriller takes place in New York City’s Borough of The Bronx. However, while much of the filming was indeed done within The Big Apple itself there were portions shot on soundstages in France due budget restraints.

Is it based on true events?
No! Although most media outlets describe this film as being inspired by such gritty American cop classics like “The Departed”, “Serpico” & “The Wire”; rest assured this film is not directly based on any true events and is reliant purely on fiction woven into a realistic representation of contemporary Bronx crime drama.

Is it worth watching?
Absolutely! Whether you’re a fan of Jean Reno’s body of work or just enjoy tense, well-made crime dramas, Bronx should be on your must-watch list. Filled with action-packed scenes that will leave you breathless, complex characters that will keep you guessing, and a tension-filled storyline that will keep you invested until the very end; this French language thriller deserves its spot amongst the pantheon of great crime dramas.

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Top 5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Bronx the Movie

The Bronx is an iconic location in New York City that has been the subject of numerous films and documentaries over the years. However, one film that stands out as a unique and poignant portrayal of this neighborhood is “Bronx,” which was released on Netflix in 2020. In this blog post, we’ll explore the top five facts you didn’t know about “Bronx” and why it’s a must-watch for anyone interested in exploring the gritty reality of urban life.

1. It’s based on a true story

One of the most captivating aspects of “Bronx” is that it’s based on real events that occurred in the 36th precinct of the South Bronx during the 1990s. Director Olivier Marchal drew inspiration from his own experiences as a former police officer who worked in this area, adding a layer of authenticity to an already engaging plot.

2. The cast features prominent French actors

Despite its focus on an American locale and theme, “Bronx” boasts an almost entirely French cast. This includes celebrated actors such as Lannick Gautry and Stanislas Merhar, who deliver compelling performances as members of a police squad tasked with investigating a mysterious murder.

3. The soundtrack perfectly captures the movie’s atmosphere

The music featured in “Bronx” plays an integral role in setting the tone for each scene. From suspenseful orchestral pieces to high-energy hip-hop tracks, every song feels carefully chosen to reflect both the time period and cultural influences at play.

4. It tackles complex themes with nuance

While “Bronx” may seem like a typical cop drama at first glance, it quickly becomes clear that there are no easy answers or black-and-white moral judgments to be made here. The film delves deep into themes like corruption, working-class struggle, and racism without ever becoming preachy or overtly political.

5. It offers a refreshing perspective on New York City

Despite the fact that NYC has long been a popular setting for films and TV shows, few pieces of media manage to capture the true essence of the city as it’s experienced by its diverse inhabitants. “Bronx” manages to do just that, portraying NYC not as a glamorous dreamland but as a gritty, vibrant metropolis full of complex individuals and communities.

In conclusion, “Bronx” is an outstanding film that offers a fresh perspective on urban life and crime dramas in general. Whether you’re looking for compelling characters, captivating storytelling, or just some stunning visuals of one of NYC’s toughest neighborhoods, this movie is well worth your time.

Exploring the Themes of Identity and Community in Bronx the Movie

Identity and community are two of the most powerful themes that run throughout the rich tapestry of human life. They shape our views, beliefs and behaviors, and they define our sense of self in relation to others. These themes are expertly explored in the 1993 film “Bronx,” directed by Robert De Niro and starring Chazz Palminteri as Calogero Anello.

The movie tells the story of a young Italian-American boy growing up in the Bronx during the 1960s. Calogero (known as “C” for short) lives in a tight-knit community where his father is a hardworking bus driver, and his mother is devoted to her family. The neighborhood has its own set of customs, values and hierarchies, which Calogero quickly learns to navigate.

One of the central conflicts in “Bronx” is between individual identity and community values. Throughout the movie, C struggles to reconcile his own desires with what society expects from him. He is torn between his loyalty to his father, who wants him to stay out of trouble and keep away from Sonny (a local gangster), and his admiration for Sonny’s charisma and power.

C embodies the classic hero’s journey in many ways – he faces numerous challenges that force him to question who he is and what he stands for. At first, he blindly follows his father’s rules without much thought or reflection. But as he grows older, he starts to challenge those rules and make choices for himself.

For example, C falls in love with an African American girl named Jane (played by Taral Hicks). Their relationship runs counter to Staten Island’s strict racial codes – interracial dating was taboo at that time – but it speaks volumes about C’s growth as an individual. He refuses to be defined by small-minded prejudices or fear-based norms; instead, he chooses love over hate.

What makes “Bronx” such a great movie is how it balances individual identity and community values. The characters are not caricatures; they are not one-dimensional stereotypes of Italian-Americans or gangsters. Instead, they are complex, nuanced figures who have rich inner lives.

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One such character is Sonny LoSpecchio (played by Palminteri). On the surface, he fits the mold of the classic mobster – he’s smooth-talking, streetwise and dangerous. But as the movie progresses, we see that there’s more to Sonny than meets the eye. He becomes a father figure to C, teaching him valuable life lessons about loyalty and honor.

But Sonny isn’t all sunshine and roses either. He’s capable of violence; in fact, he kills someone early on in the film to protect C from harm. This act weighs heavily on his conscience, and we see glimpses into his own sense of self-doubt.

The tension between individual identity and community values comes to a head in the third act of “Bronx.” Without spoiling too much for those who haven’t seen it yet – let’s just say that Calogero ultimately decides where his loyalties lie. His choices have lasting consequences not just for himself but also for everyone around him.

In conclusion, “Bronx” explores some of the timeless themes that continue to shape human life: identity and community. By telling a compelling story through fully-realized characters who face struggles with courage and resilience, this movie provides us with insights into our own lives while also entertaining us along the way. If you haven’t seen it yet – add it to your watchlist!

Why Bronx the Movie is a Must-Watch for Fans of Independent Film

Bronx is a movie that has been highly recommended by movie critics and viewing audiences alike. Directed by Olivier Marchal, the movie showcases the lives of four cops who are trying to fight crime in their district. The film was released in 2020 and boasts an incredible cast with actors like Lannick Gautry, Stanislas Merhar, and Kaaris delivering brilliant performances.

The narrative follows the story of Eddy (Lannick Gautry), one of the four cops, who is assigned to investigate a case involving drug trafficking in Bronx. However, as he delves deeper into the investigation he uncovers some dark secrets about his fellow officers which lead him on a dangerous path towards becoming an outlaw to make ends meet for himself and his family.

There are several reasons why this movie is definitely worth watching particularly for fans of independent films. Firstly, the cinematography is stunning. The visuals are gritty yet beautiful which perfectly captures both the beauty and harshness of life in Bronx. It presents an almost poetic quality that will leave a distinct impression on its viewers.

Secondly, Bronx’s characters hold considerable depth within them that allow them to stand out from your typical crime dramas. They are not just mere caricatures rather each character holds a unique backstory and motivation behind their actions making them more relatable and engrossing than ever before.

Thirdly, although it may seem like another cop-drama set in New York City at first sight there’s so much more to discover beyond its genre classification once viewed as a whole picture rather than just bits and pieces of action sequences here or there. The socio-political issues tackled such as corruption within police departments makes this film relevant not only in terms of entertainment value but also how we view society today.

Lastly, it needs to be noted that Bronx delivers exceptionally on both suspense and tension throughout its entirety with numerous plot twists keeping you glued to your seat until its dramatic concluding moments. It’s a movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

In conclusion, if you’re a fan of independent films that are both well made and thrilling then Bronx is sure to be one movie that won’t disappoint. It’s visually stunning, emotionally intense with character development that is both impressive in depth and relatability. The movie effectively delivers on all fronts from its storytelling to cinematography giving audiences an immersive experience they won’t forget anytime soon.

Table with useful data:

Title Director Release Date Runtime IMDb Rating
Bronx Olivier Marchal 30 October 2020 116 minutes 6.1/10

Information from an expert: “As a film enthusiast, I highly recommend Bronx the Movie as it excellently portrays the raw reality of modern urban life. The story is compelling and intense, providing a poignant commentary on issues such as prejudice, corruption, and gentrification. The cast delivers powerful performances that truly embody their respective characters, making the film all the more engaging. Whether you’re a movie buff or simply looking for a thought-provoking watch, Bronx the Movie is not to be missed.”

Historical fact:

Bronx, the movie, also known as “Rogue City,” is a French action thriller film released in 2020 that explores the corruption within the police force of Marseille.

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