Score Free Admission to the Bronx Zoo: Tips and Tricks


Short answer bronx zoo free tickets: The Bronx Zoo does not offer free admission, but there are a few ways to save on tickets such as getting discounted passes through corporate partnerships or purchasing combo tickets with other attractions in the area. Additionally, the zoo offers free admission for active-duty military personnel and their families on certain days throughout the year.

Bronx Zoo Free Tickets FAQ: Everything You Need to Know

Are you looking for a wild adventure in New York City? Look no further than the Bronx Zoo. And guess what? You might be able to snag free tickets. Here’s everything you need to know about those free ticket offers.

How do I get free tickets?

There are several ways to claim your complimentary admission to the Bronx Zoo. One option is through NYC’s IDNYC program, which offers cardholders one year of complimentary membership, including access to all five Wildlife Conservation Society parks, including the Bronx Zoo. If you’re not an IDNYC holder, keep an eye on their website where they sometimes offer limited-time promotions or discounts that include free admission (note: some restrictions may apply).

Another way is through “Community Zoos,” where eligible libraries and community organizations can receive passes for a designated number of people. Check with your local library or community group if they participate in this program and how you can score a pass.

Lastly, there are occasional events like “Winter Wonderland” or special opening days when entry fees are waived altogether.

What does my membership/free ticket grant me access to?

With complimentary admission granted by any means mentioned above entitles visitors full general admission into the zoo grounds and most exhibits — but additional features like immersive experiences inside Animal Planet World (-), Butterfly Garden (), Congo Gorilla Forest () will cost extra despite gaining entrance via these deals; certain activities have separate costs such as rides on camelback riding at per person per ride and carousel rides at each

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When can I use my free ticket(s)?

Free ticket availability varies based on promo packages offered by different institutions participating in these programs – however some common available periods range from April/May until October/November Although hours vary depending on seasonality of weather i.e during winter months (late November-February) only weekends will usually yield environments suitable for guests so it pays off big time booking early.

How many free tickets can I get at once?

Complimentary admission is usually granted on a per-person basis but it varies depending on the program and promotion or evolving circumstance in that each individual may receive up to one free ticket valid for use through the designated promotional period. Other restrictions like wallet capacity of IDs with certain groups or overlapping dates also apply so do inquire details from respective organization’s policies before approaching the zoo grounds.

Are there any other ways to score discounted admission?

Yes! You’ll save 10% when you purchase online, including Family Memberships, daily general admission tickets (up to 4), Total Experience tickets, ride passes and more. Plus: CityPASS® helps you save money on NYC’s top attractions; buy it here {hyperlink}. Finally if schools are affiliated they may receive complimentary admission vouchers via school group rates topping out at reduced rate offers around ($18) per person.

And there you have it – everything you need to know about how to snag your free Bronx Zoo ticket(s). Take advantage of these deals while they’re available to make your visit one worth roaring about.

Top 5 Facts About Getting Free Tickets to the Bronx Zoo

As one of the most popular destinations for families in New York City, the Bronx Zoo is an amazing experience that delights visitors young and old. From seeing majestic lions up close to visiting unique exhibits like the Congo Gorilla Forest, there is no shortage of things to see and do at this iconic attraction.

One thing that many people might not know about The Bronx Zoo, however, is that it’s actually possible to score free tickets if you know where to look. In fact, free admission can be obtained through a variety of methods including special promotions and partnerships.

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If you’re hoping to visit the zoo without breaking the bank, keep reading for our top 5 facts about getting free tickets:

1. Bank of America® Museums on Us®
Do you happen to have a Bank of America credit or debit card? If so, you can get free entry into over 200 museums across the country including The Bronx Zoo! As part of their Museums on Us program, Bank Of America offers free general admission every first full weekend Saturday & Sunday each month for eligible cardholders.

2. NYC ID holders
For residents living in New York City with an IDNYC identification card can receive a complimentary year-long membership — worth normally — which includes access (plus two add-on guests) throughout its five parks: Central Park Zoo; Queens Zoo; Prospect Park Zoo; Staten Island Zoological Society; and Wildlife Conservation Society/Bronx Zoo

3. Military Personnel
Active military members are also granted access into all WCS zoo facilities without charge during weekdays when presenting proper I.D. Cardholder guests receive discounted admissions but weekdays are always fully-free!

4.Branch Libraries With Partner Local Organizations.
Many local libraries offer passes as well thanks in large partto branch partnership agreements such as Brooklyn Public Library working with Friends of Brooklyn Heights Branch Library Alongside other partners support organizations They may vary by borough check your nearest public library or museum website for the chance.

5. Supporting local businesses and social media campaigns
Several venues partner with borough based tourism organizations, media channels or similarly themed initiatives hoping to increase visitors by offering locals insights and incentives. These programs may require follow-up steps from applications to online shares around why visiting these attractions is worthwhile long-term.Employee-motivated offers have grown in popularity as supportive companies become increasingly vocal on sustainable business practices stay tuned!

Exploring the Options of How to Access Free Tickets for the Bronx Zoo

Going to the zoo is always a fun and exciting experience. And when it comes to the Bronx Zoo, there’s no doubt that it offers some of the most breathtaking animal encounters in America.

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But let’s be honest, tickets for the Bronx Zoo can often come with quite a hefty price tag. So if you’re looking for ways on how to access free tickets for this popular destination, here are some options that might be worth exploring.

1. Visit during certain days or hours

First up, check if the Bronx Zoo has any special deals where you can gain free admission by visiting at specific times or days. For instance, Wednesdays are a great day to go since general admission is offered for free all day long from November through April every year.

2. Get involved with educational programs

If you have an inclination towards learning about animals and wildlife conservation efforts, then why not join one of their educational programs? The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) provides students and individuals alike with different nature-oriented experiences ranging from school field trips and summer camps to workshops – these could offer opportunities for discounted admitting prices or even complimentary entrance fees!

3. Sign-up online promotions regularly

Keep your eyes peeled for online promo codes which may include discounts or completely free entry into Bronx Zoo facilities such as Family Zoos Overnight events! Luckily today’s technology makes finding these promotional materials fairly easy so keep tabs open at social media accounts associated with WCS establishments like Twitter account @BronxZooEvents or Facebook page –

4.Become a member

Perhaps considered as expensive plans first glance but in actuality purchasing annual memberships affords frequent visitors significant savings over regular payments:” purchase an individual membership plan available apart from other packages costs 9 – members enjoy unrestricted admittance throughout the season plus exclusive benefits including priority park access via express lanes tending toward shorter waits especially around peak seasons.”

All said, the Bronx Zoo is an exciting destination you wouldn’t want to miss. In conclusion, remember that knowing how to access free tickets for this highly popular attraction can deliver a fantastic day out without breaking your bank!

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