Inside Lebanon Hospital: A Comprehensive Guide to Healthcare in the Bronx, NY


**Short answer lebanon hospital bronx ny:** Lebanon Hospital is a historic medical center located in the South Bronx neighborhood of New York City. Established in 1890, it provides comprehensive healthcare services to the local community and beyond. The hospital has been consistently ranked as one of the top hospitals in New York State for patient safety and quality outcomes.

A Step by Step Guide to Navigating Lebanon Hospital in Bronx, NY

Navigating a hospital, especially one as robust and dynamic as Lebanon Hospital in Bronx, NY, can be a daunting task. From finding the right entrance to understanding where to go for specific medical needs or departments, it can feel like you’re making your way through a maze. However, with this step-by-step guide, not only will you maneuver confidently through the hospital halls but also know what to expect and how to prepare yourself.

Step 1: Know Your Entrance

One of the most important things to understand when heading to Lebanon Hospital is which entrance you should use. The emergency room (ER) is located at 1650 Selwyn Ave., while all other entrances are on Grand Concourse Street North between East Mount Eden Avenue and East 169th Street.

Step 2: Bring Your ID

Like many hospitals in New York State, security measures require identification upon entry into the building. Make sure you have proper identification such as government-issued IDs or passports – this ensures that everyone who enters knows they’re safe from unidentified individuals wandering around aimlessly.

Step 3: Locate Registration & Check-In

Once inside an entrance other than the ER doors off Selwyn Avenue specifically designed for emergencies), make sure to check-in at registration before continuing further into Lebanon Hospital facilities because it helps manage patient flow so nobody gets lost! You may notice something called “patient navigation” services – these helpful professionals offer support by answering any questions about navigating among different providers/examinations/clinics/procedures/etcetera within their area during appointments too!

Step 4: Plan Ahead

When planning ahead for any upcoming doctor’s appointment or hospital visit makes note of where precisely it would happen in case checking up if needed beforehand online or calling customer service department altogether ensuring an enjoyable experience once there inside premises. This includes asking your primary care physician if referrals need visiting specialists’ offices and having everything ready concerning insurance cards along with medications prescribed earlier – avoids unnecessary delays to ensure beneficial interactions between health care providers and patients at large.

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Step 5: Ask Questions

Suppose you are unsure about anything, such as the location of a department or how long your wait may be for an appointment. In that case, don’t hesitate to ask for help from helpful staff around because ultimately, they’re there to guide you along with safety protocols in place throughout Lebanon Hospital!

Overall, navigating Lebanon Hospital can seem overwhelming at first glance; however, by knowing your entrance, bringing proper identification/records on-site upfront or beforehand (if possible), planning ahead/scheduling appropriately per necessity is essential while keeping questions ready for answers whenever needed/requested all work together simultaneously towards providing effective/high-quality healthcare services!

Frequently Asked Questions About Lebanon Hospital in Bronx, NY: Answered!

When it comes to Lebanon Hospital in Bronx, NY, there are many questions that patients and visitors commonly ask. As a leading healthcare provider in the local area with over 100 years of experience, we pride ourselves on being able to offer answers to these questions and help individuals feel at ease when visiting our facility. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about Lebanon Hospital.

Q: What services does Lebanon Hospital offer?
A: At Lebanon Hospital, we offer a wide range of medical services including emergency care, women’s health services, pediatrics, behavioral health services, radiology/imaging options such as MRI scans or X-rays, surgical procedures both general and specialized like orthopedics and urology. We also provide laboratory testing (blood tests etc). Our goal is provide comprehensive medical care for you.

Q: Is Lebanon Hospital affiliated/associated with other hospitals?
A: Yes! We belong to Morris Heights Health Center along with several community-based health centers across NYC as well Montefiore Medical Center headquartered within Bronx borough which allows us additional resources that can ensure your continued treatment after you leave our hospital/walk-in clinic.

Q: Are insurance plans accepted by Lebanon Hospital?
A: Absolutely! Most commercial insurances are welcomed here – Aetna®, Cigna®, BlueCross BlueShield®and others- plus those who have government-sponsored programs which include Medicare/Medicaid beneficiaries may undoubtedly use their coverage too. Call today to confirm if your insurance plan is currently accepted!

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Q: Can I get admitted directly into the hospital without getting referred by another physician?
A : In case of an emergency,you can be admitted through our Emergency Room Department however ,while non-emergency visits do not require referrals either but opening up communication channels between your primary healthcare providers will allow sure continuity and coordination in managing any existing conditions thus keeping you healthier naturally.

Q; Do you accept walk-ins appointments or online scheduling service only?
A: Definitely ! You can walk-in to our facility without necessarily checking for appointment availability. Online appointments however have increased in popularity greatly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and we have accommodated by offering easy access online scheduling.

Q: How do I get directions or any other information from Lebanon Hospital?
A: It is as simple as reaching out via phone number(718)731-3000 or search through Google Maps. Our hospital’s website also displays detailed maps along with services offered near by , so feel free check there if you’re not sure where to look first.

In conclusion, Lebanon Hospital in Bronx,NY is a healthcare center dedicated towards ensuring that patients receive top-tier treatment. Whether it’s emergency care needs, women’s health concerns, specialized surgical departments like orthopaedics -we cater it all! As always be rest-assured that Insurance carriers are accepted too along with flexible working hours and experienced staff members at your service . We hope these answers have provided some clarity to the commonly asked questions about our hospital , we remain committed towards providing wonderful medical experience while keeping your individuality taken care of every time you visit us.

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About Lebanon Hospital in Bronx, NY

As one of the top-rated medical facilities in The Bronx, Lebanon Hospital has become a trusted institution for residents seeking quality healthcare services. The establishment has been serving the community since 1920 and is committed to providing exceptional patient care in an environment that fosters compassion and healing. In this blog post, we will explore five essential facts about Lebanon Hospital that makes it stand out from other medical centers.

1) Personalized Patient Care

One of the most remarkable factors setting Lebanon Hospital apart from its peers is their dedication to personalized patient-centered care. At Lebanon, every patient gets optimal attention through comprehensive diagnostic tests, follow-ups, consultations, diagnostics results review by experienced physicians – ensuring effective treatment regimes prescribed based on individual health needs of each person.

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2) Quality Medical Staff

Lebanon’s team comprises some of New York City’s highly experienced nurses, doctors such as family practice specialists trained at well-regarded institutions in the country who offer high-quality continuum-related curative treatments with certified state-of-the-art equipment diagnostics. Well-versed with advanced technologies used as supportive evidence-based practices – understanding patients’ complete history are adept to using modern-day procedures complying with HIPAA standards guaranteeing confidentiality protection during data transmissionl.

3) Award-Winning Patient Safety Standards

Lebanon hospital prioritizes patient safety above everything else stringent measures put in place ensures adherence compliance regulatory requirements advocates for ethical values towards reducing unfavorable incidents occurrence rates sharply decreasing readmissions into hospitals and promoting continuous engagement between staff members while accelerating proper use of healthcare resources..

4) Advanced Treatment Options Available

The flagship service offering some lifestyle preventive cards which includes across specialties provided by internationally approved providers doesn’t stop there! To meet varying health needs promptly full-service medical-surgical options offered using innovative technology tools employing minimally invasive surgical techniques prevention programs designed maintaining healthy immune systems protecting children from diseases adult comprehensive health exams yearly checkups aimed at recognizing any future conditions early enough so that timely interventions provided.

5) Collaborative Partnerships

Finally, Lebanon Hospital prides itself on a range of collaborative community partnerships with onsite health clinics, organizations and academic institutions promoting social development activities within Bronx communities. With well-defined patient-centered plans collaborations celebrate the values diversity supporting diverse societies improving community member’s quality of life while fostering multicultural respect principles.


Lebanon Hospital provides patients with exceptional healthcare services in an environment that is geared towards personalized care delivery using advanced methods. Their team comprises highly experienced professionals trained to use modern technologies combined with state-of-the-art medical equipment diagnosis devices providing comprehensive medical-surgical examination options alongside corrective actions leading to prompt positive outcomes. Furthermore, its commitment to maintaining top-notch safety standards has earned them high regard from trusted regulatory bodies such as CMS for meeting all applicable regulations governing safe practices of hospital facilities nationwide taking the initiative providing essential help initiating preventive measures across various specialties ensuring client satisfaction at all times. In conclusion we can say without reservation that your comfortability convenience efficient treatment regime is guaranteed when you choose Lebanon Hospital!!

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