Finding the Right Contact: How to Get in Touch with Bronx Lebanon Hospital


Short answer bronx lebanon hospital phone number:

The phone number for The BronxCare Hospital Center, formerly known as Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center, is 718-590-1800.

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About Bronx Lebanon Hospital Phone Number

As a healthcare provider, Bronx Lebanon Hospital has been providing quality care for the residents of New York City for over one hundred years. With its dedication to patient-centered service and modern medical technology, it is no surprise that thousands of people rely on Bronx Lebanon Hospital as their primary medical facility.

One fundamental aspect of this hospital’s operation is its phone number. The telephone line serves as an essential communication tool between patients and staff, enabling swift appointment scheduling, diagnosis inquiries or emergency assistance.

Here are the top five facts about Bronx Lebanon Hospital’s phone number you need to know:

1) The official phoneline: The main phone number for all facilities at Bronx Lebanon hospital (which comprises multiple locations) can be reached at 718-590-1800 which remains available almost 24/7 i.e., from Monday – Friday 9 am -5 pm EST

2) Emergency Services & Other Departments ‘ Contact Numbers: For emergency services including ambulance dispatches (whether urgent or non-emergency), kindly call +1(877)-284-4476 | In addition to contacting the central helpline – Patients always have direct lines to particular departments assigned exclusively to resolve their queries ranging from customer care team ((718)-960-3730), admin unit (+1718-9605000 ext.6176), surgical department (+1718–5182343 Ext.6664)

3) Phone Directory Feature: When dialing any extension following your dial-ins in cases whereby the operator isn’t able to connect you directly with an appropriate representative automatically , there exists a functional digital directory feature accessible upon prompt asking patients [press#] + [‘department code’]

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4) Hearing-Impaired Assistance System : At every location, above each landline station embedded is a sign displaying t-mobile users text-to-speech contact numericals alongside NY relay digits.

5) Online Platform Availability : Due to current Covid-relate concerns; You can submit questions, schedule appointments, etc. with Bronx Lebanon Hospital from its website using a nifty chatbot tool that can suggest the nearest locations based on your current Area Zip Code!

In summary, whether you have an appointment or emergency medical needs; Bronx-Lebanon’s central and departmental phone directory enables swift communication for receiving assistance promptly. As a patient at their hospital sites within NYC – It is essential to note these tidbits about phonelines built purposely to ease access to care services whenever needed!

Commonly Asked Questions about Bronx Lebanon Hospital Phone Number: Your FAQ Answered

When it comes to finding the right medical care provider, there are countless factors that individuals consider. From location and availability to cost and reputation, choosing a healthcare facility requires careful research and evaluation. At Bronx Lebanon Hospital, we understand the importance of providing exceptional care for our patients in every aspect of their experience with us – including answering commonly asked questions about important details like our hospital phone number.

Here are some frequently asked questions about Bronx Lebanon Hospital’s phone number:

Q: What is the best way to contact Bronx Lebanon Hospital?
A: The most efficient way to reach out to our team at Bronx Lebanon Hospital is by calling our mainline telephone number at (718) 518-5000. Our operators will be able to direct your call accordingly based on your specific needs.

Q: How do I get in touch with a certain department or staff member directly?
A: If you have a specific query or would like assistance from one particular person or department, you can request their direct line through our operator team when calling (718) 518-5000.

Q: Are there any other phone numbers available for emergency situations?
A: Yes! We always prioritize patient safety here at Bronx Lebanon Hospital. In case of an emergency situation strictly related to health concerns within New York City limits, please dial 911 immediately. For non-emergency issues during off hours, please utilize NYCH+H Health & Hospitals Corporation Centralized Call Center services by dialing (844) NYC-4NYC [(844)692-4692].

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Q: Can I schedule appointments over the phone?
A: Absolutely! Our friendly representatives will assist you in booking an appointment either through totalMD scheduling platform via online portal link for outpatient visits only or over phone also

Q:Is there a separate number for billing queries?
Yes! You may visit for details or contact our centralized billing office hotline at (929) 305-7999.

At Bronx Lebanon Hospital, we strive to provide comprehensive care and support for our patients throughout all stages of their medical journey. Whether you’re seeking general medical check-ups or are facing a more complex health issue, our team is committed to providing prompt and reliable service through thoughtful patient inquiries related to hospital phone numbers offered by us. Contact us today with any additional questions or concerns – let us help guide your healthcare experience as personalized as possible!

Why Knowing the Bronx Lebanon Hospital Phone Number is Vital for Your Health

As a responsible adult, it is always wise to have emergency hotlines and important phone numbers stored in your contact list. Whether it’s for urgent situations or regular checkups, access to reliable healthcare resources can play a significant role in maintaining our wellbeing.

One vital number that you should certainly make note of is the Bronx Lebanon Hospital phone number – (718) 590-1800. The hospital serves as one of the largest medical institutions in New York City and provides top-notch services ranging from routine appointments to highly specialized treatments.

Here are several reasons why knowing this particular hotline number is not only useful but absolutely essential:

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1) Emergencies happen: Most people don’t plan on getting into an accident or dealing with sudden health complications, but life can be unpredictable at times. Having immediate access to hospital care during these critical moments could mean the difference between life and death.

2) Timely Consultations: Suppose you’re worried about certain symptoms or need advice on how best to manage a given ailment. In that case, calling the Bronx Lebanon Hospital hotline would connect you with experienced professionals who will provide prompt assistance and guide you through next steps based on your condition.

3) Specialty Care: When dealing with specific illnesses or chronic conditions such as heart disease, cancer, or diabetes, finding qualified specialists who take both preventative measures and offer effective treatment options is crucial. With its facilities housing over 20 unique departments renowned for their expertise in various areas of medicine, Bronx Lebanon Hospital provides easy accessibility to world-class physicians across different disciplines without having patients spend time traveling outside of NYC.

4) COVID Resources: Living amidst a global pandemic has made many individuals wary about visiting hospitals physically; however calling the hotline allows ease-of-access telemedicine consultation without putting oneself at risk of exposure while seeking medical attention when feeling ill frequently associated with COVID-19-like symptoms like coughing or difficulty breathing

5) Supportive Environment: Another added benefit of seeking medical attention from Bronx Lebanon Hospital is their supportive and inclusive environment. A hospital stay can be a nerve-racking experience, but knowing that you’ll receive the best possible care in an empathetic space will provide much-needed peace of mind through trying times.

In conclusion, having important phone numbers saved in your contact list like the Bronx Lebanon Hospital hotline number plays a significant role in safeguarding our physical health welfare. It is highly recommended that you add it to your contact list today as one never knows when they might need emergency or urgent healthcare services in life’s unpredictable moments.

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