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## Short answer new 12 the bronx:

New 12 The Bronx is an American local news channel that covers events happening specifically within the borough of The Bronx, located in New York City. It offers up-to-date news stories and features about politics, education, culture, entertainment, crime, and sports.

FAQs About New 12 The Bronx: Everything You Need to Know

With the launch of New 12 The Bronx, there are bound to be a lot of questions. What is this new platform all about? Who is behind it? And most importantly, what can viewers expect from it?

To help answer some of these burning questions, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of FAQs that covers everything you need to know about New 12 The Bronx.

What is New 12 the Bronx?

New 12 The Bronx is a brand-new digital media platform designed specifically for residents in and around the neighborhoods in the boroughs. It’s an extension of News 12 Networks – already established news outlets located in Westchester and Long Island communities since its inception in New York City.

Who owns or manages New 12 The Bronx?

News 12 Networks (Altice USA) launches local news offering covering five NY boroughs: Manhattan; Queens; Brooklyn; Staten Island and now serving communities throughout The Bronx along with additional content on their website here at https://bronx.news12.com

What kind of content does it offer?

New 12 The Bronx provides breaking news coverage as well as current event happenings across a wide variety of topical areas including local government developments, crime & safety issues affecting individual districts/targeted communities and sports highlights surrounding specific high schools/teams within each neighborhood. Furthermore, they also provide various feature stories ranging anywhere from lifestyle pieces highlighting small businesses throughout the area up to creatively inspired human interest profile pieces surrounding diverse members thruout each community – who contribute greatly towards making community influences paramount reflective aspects tailored thru respective celebration opportunities accessed primarily via both cable broadcast airwaves as well as rich multimedia presented prominently on their extensive social media presence.

How do I access it?

Viewers can tune into News 1212 through their television providers if subscribed(This only applies if you are living within suburban parts directly aligned near your particular targeted service region). Otherwise visiting bronx.newstwelve.com will enable full access to the platform along with administrative updates allowing users to fully experience their sophisticated features designed for mobile audiences as well.

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Is it subscription-based?

News 12 Networks offers free service, regardless of whether you reside in any particular aligned cable television provider serving The Bronx and surrounding areas. With our digital site tailored predominantly towards seamless streaming compatibility on multiple devices -the content provided is completely free at all times!

How often does New 12 The Bronx update its content?

New 12 The BX delivers a stream of timely post archives throughout each day, round-the-clock providing community members up-to-date news, information as well as weather reports extending beyond mere curative profiles highlighting specific town halls, city council meetings et cetera being convened regularly within current timeframe undergone before actual airtime and continuous real-time coverage provided during live events comprising exclusive interviews conducted through staff reporters including endless relays/comments from local legal officers/politicians comprehensively representing various political viewpoints for every piece distributed amongst News 1212’s platforms.

What makes New 12 The Bronx different from other media outlets in NYC?

New 12 the Bronx caters carefully crafted programming segments from an inherently thoroughly researched performance portfolio aimed specially onto defining best outputs heightening effective communication between designated groups/communities involved across varied neighborhoods present within each locale operational zone served by Altice USA ultimately fulfilling collective objectives incorporating wider public involvement characteristic found among many reputable local news setups driving ever-accelerating relevance espoused particularly necessary currently given that Corona Virus pandemic dynamics necessitate optimum alertness and needful sensitivity required going forward.

The Top 5 Facts About New 12 The Bronx You Didn’t Know About

The Bronx is often overlooked as a borough of New York City, but it holds a rich culture and history that resonates with locals and visitors alike. In September 2020, the area welcomed a new news outlet called News 12 The Bronx. This channel covers everything from local politics to community events in an effort to accurately represent The Bronx.

With its fresh approach to journalism, News 12 The Bronx has quickly become one of the most popular sources for news in the borough. But there are some hidden facts about this latest addition that you might not be aware of yet.

Here are the top five things you didn’t know about News 12 The Bronx:

1. It’s Part of a Larger Network

If you’re familiar with other “News 12” channels in areas such as Brooklyn or Long Island, then you might have already guessed that they all share something in common: They belong to Altice USA Inc., which is one of the largest broadband communications and video service providers in America.

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This means that while News 12 The Bronx may seem like a standalone outlet on TV screens across the borough, it actually benefits from being part of a much larger media network.

2. Its Reporters Have Ties to Some Big Names

Many people working behind-the-scenes at News 12 The Bronx started their careers elsewhere before joining this team – including some big namesuch as ABC Radio Networks or CNN- during their stints prior here . For instance Nicole Johnson previously worked for CBS RADIO Houston & Denisse Oller spent over years working for Univision Communications.

This gives viewers assurance knowing there’s experience behind every story breaking out on screen!

3. It Aims To Be Relevant As Well As Informative

One thing many were looking forward since its release was how hyper-localised will be reports covering? Although coverage on national stories can come handy too but relevancy cannot be ignored especially by those members residing within zip codes of the Bronx. They aim to provide coverage that is both informative and relevant by incorporating what is happening within neighborhoods while also highlighting plans for gentrification, community buildings & developments , arts and culture scene in The Bronx.

4. It Prioritizes Diversity

A more diverse media allows underrepresented communities a way to have their voices heard beyond traditional reportings on diversity.Do you know people from 90 countries reside in The Bronx; several dozen languages are spoken including Yiddish as well cultural festivals throughout the year .

News 12 The Bronx strives to foster an inclusive environment through its reporting process and hire practices – they value and celebrate members regardless of race, ethnicity or gender- understanding all voices matter whether it’s winter fashion trends or immigration reform policies . Through ensuring representation News 12 TheBronx not only uplifts but educates too !

5. It’s Not Just About TV

In our digital world eye-witness accounts hold importance involved within incidents as much as seasoned professions journalism which often requires time ; however social channels like Twitter share information instantly especially traffic updatesor street closures due to roadworks etc.News 12TheBronx understands how multiple resources can be effectively used together so that content reaches audience quicker.It has active pages across major social platforms such Instagram,Twitter with latest online trending topics,interesting spots explored by reporters,breaking codes alongwith scoops shared right away! So tune in outside your regular television screen too.

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Now we are aware of News12 BRONX focusing around providing agendas important for every member living there , it has certainly become one stops shop for neighbors who need news uplifting ideas regarding New York City’s revitalized borough known lovingly called ‘Boogie Down.’

How to Utilize New 12 The Bronx for Your Local News Needs

As a resident of The Bronx, you want to stay up-to-date on all the latest news and events happening in your community. Luckily, there’s a new platform that specifically focuses on local news in The Bronx – New 12 The Bronx! Here are some tips on how to best utilize this platform for your local news needs.

1. Download the App

First things first – download the app! This will allow you to have access to breaking news alerts, weather updates, and exclusive stories from reporters in The Bronx. It’s also a convenient way to watch live broadcasts or catch up on missed shows.

2. Follow Them on Social Media

New 12 The Bronx has active social media accounts where they post daily updates about what’s happening in the borough. Make sure to follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for even more localized content.

3. Customize Your News Feed

One of the great features of New 12 The Bronx is their ability to customize your news feed based on what topics interest you most (i.e., traffic alerts, crime reports, sports). Tailor your feed so it fits your interests perfectly!

4. Submit Your News Tips

Have an interesting story idea? Or did you see something newsworthy happening around town? Don’t be afraid to submit a tip through New 12’s website or call their hotline at (718) 861-6818. Who knows – your story might make headlines!

5.Office & Employment Listings:

Take advantage of job offerings listed by various employers across NYC via bronx.news12.com providing career opportunities for persons seeking employment.

6.Get Involved In August Vote Campaigns & Local Political Events:

Stay informed with day-to-day elections highlights directly provided by NEWS team members from THE BRONX Chamber Of Commerce viewpoints .

In conclusion Utilizing New 12 is an effective tool because not only does it deliver regional top events that impact local communities but it make the best of public announcements and awareness to residents.

Happy browsing for your daily news fix!

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