Exploring the Cost of Admission to the Bronx Zoo: A Comprehensive Guide


Short answer bronx zoo admission prices: As of 2021, general admission to the Bronx Zoo costs $28.95 for adults and $22.95 for children ages 3-12. There are also additional pricing options available for special exhibits, attractions, and tours. Discounts are offered for seniors, military personnel, and students with proper identification.

Bronx Zoo Admission Prices FAQ: Everything You Need to Know

Are you planning a visit to the Bronx Zoo and wondering about admission prices? Look no further, because we’ve got all the answers to your burning questions!

1. How much does it cost for general admission?
Adult tickets are currently $36.95, while children ages 3-12 are $26.95. Seniors (65+) receive a discounted price of $31.45.

2. Are there additional fees for special exhibits or attractions?
Yes, certain exhibits and attractions require an extra fee on top of general admission. These include Congo Gorilla Forest ($6 per person), Butterfly Garden ($5 per person), JungleWorld ($4 per person), Children’s Zoo ($4 per person) and more.

3. Is parking included in the admission price?
No, parking is not included in the ticket price – it costs an additional $17 for cars and motorcycles, with a discount available for zoo members.

4. Can I purchase tickets online in advance?
Yes! To avoid lines at the gate, we recommend purchasing your tickets online ahead of time through our website or using our mobile app.

5. Are there any discounts available for military personnel or students?
Yes! Military personnel receive free admissions on select holidays (such as Veterans Day) with their valid ID card, while college students can save up to 20% off regular ticket prices through our Student Discount Program

6. What if I want to visit several times throughout the year?
Consider becoming a zoo member! Memberships start at just $114 per year and offer unlimited visits during operating hours, alongside other perks such as discounts on food and merchandise purchases.

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7.Are there any restrictions I need to be aware of before visiting?”
As always pre-Covid-19 it would depend depending upon prevailing health situations policies may differ from what used to exist hence please check advisories issued by local authorities,”

Now that you know everything there is to know about Bronx Zoo admission prices, go ahead and plan your visit with confidence! From the fascinating animal exhibits to interactive activities for all ages, there’s always something exciting happening at the Bronx Zoo. See you soon!”

Top 5 Facts About Bronx Zoo Admission Prices That Will Surprise You

The Bronx Zoo is one of the most popular tourist attractions in New York City, drawing millions of visitors every year. But did you know that there are some amazing facts about admission prices to this world-famous zoo that will surprise you? In this blog post, we’ll reveal the top 5 surprising facts about Bronx Zoo admission prices.

1. You can save money with timed-entry tickets

Believe it or not, buying a ticket for a specific entry time at the Bronx Zoo could actually save you some cash! That’s because timed-entry tickets come with a discounted price tag compared to regular admission. Plus, by choosing an entry time ahead of your visit, you’ll avoid having to wait in long lines and make the most out of your day at the park.

2. There’s always free admission on Wednesdays

Yes, you read that right – visiting the Bronx Zoo is absolutely free on Wednesdays! While all other days require an entrance fee (which varies depending on factors such as age and residency), Wednesdays offer everyone – regardless of their background or origin – a chance to experience everything that makes this iconic zoo so special.

3. Military personnel get discounts too

If you’re active-duty military personnel or retired veterans from any branch of service, show off your ID card and receive some serious discounts on general admissions during visits to the Bronx Zoo throughout the year!

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4. There’s more than one way to snag discounted tickets

Beyond purchasing tickets online or working up deals through memberships like AAA Auto Club or AARP Foundation membership programs,you might be surprised how easy it can befinding inexpensive options for your escape into wildlife; local libraries have frequently offered “discount pass” giveaways which grant beneficiaries access for reduced costs!

5.You don’t need buy annual passes if…

Visiting multiple times within twelve months? It might look attractive performance-wise paying extra upfront: no stress worrying if allowance would run out before visiting again! But, buying more additional simple upgrade options as a means of adding extra visits throughout the year might be preferable for those who don’t go to places like zoos frequently. This can also act as an opportunity for guests seeking upgrades becoming necessary; limited-edition zoo appeal is included with specially-priced tickets!

Want to experience the magic and wonderment that’s in store at the Bronx Zoo without breaking your bank account? With these five incredible facts about admission prices, you’ll be sure to make your visit both affordable and unforgettable. Happy exploring!

Planning a Visit? Learn about the Latest Bronx Zoo Admission Prices

Visiting the Bronx Zoo is a classic New York City experience, attracting thousands of visitors each year. However, with its vast array of attractions and exhibits, planning your visit can seem like a daunting task. To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled all the latest information on admission prices so that you can plan accordingly.

First off, it’s important to note that there are different types of entry tickets available depending on what type of visitor you are and how much access you want to have within the zoo. General Admission provides guests with access to many popular exhibits such as Congo Gorilla Forest and Tiger Mountain but doesn’t include access to special exhibitions or rides. This option costs $29.95 per adult (ages 13+) and $22.95 per child (ages 3-12). Seniors over 65 years old receive discounted rates at $27.99.

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For those who want an enhanced wildlife viewing experience, Total Experience Tickets allow entry into both general zoo areas as well as reserved seating at select animal demonstrations and shows such koala holds in JungleWorld featured seasonally throughout the year for FREE! The cost increases slightly though – total package costs around $39.95 per adult ticket whereas children’s passes cost approximately $32/child; senior fares come up at only a buck under regular price point which means full age spectrum gets preferential pricing except seniors.

Another great deal offered by the Bronx Zoo is their Morning Access Program which grants visitors early entrance before crowds arrive – providing exclusive opportunities to watch several animals during feeding time routines allowing excellent photo captures without interference from other patrons visiting around them—that’s right folks—operate privately engagingly involved solely in this program! There will be additional charges included if snorkeling trips through Madagascar exhibit or expeditions across savannah lands carrying an extra fee admissions than usual ones mentioned above too since they are premium programs meaning purchase needs must-ahead booked online including reservation fee payment upfronting, so add them to the budget accordingly.

Finally, for those interested in supporting the zoo through ongoing attendance throughout the year or making several visits over a short amount of time, annual memberships are available. These start at $119 per adult; children’s passes can be obtained above $85 with family packages ranging from $89-299 relying on number of people involved and size family essentially falls within membership pricing bracket range which one determines best suitables choice adequately according their preferences based upon interest they might possess on animals located within vicinity of Zoo lands.

Now that you’re up-to-date on all the latest admission prices information at Bronx Zoo , it’s time to plan your visit! With exciting exhibits around every corner such as World of Birds where birds fly freely overhead while visitors bask in their natural habitats’ environs – Aquarium areas showcase various aquarium creaturely features along with realistic environments transformed exhibit palatable neighboring matters—there is no shortage of wonder waiting for you there! So pack your bags and head out to discover all this has yet undiscovered – but make sure you include these details about admission costs into mind before embarking.

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