Experience the Comforts of Home at Residence Inn Bronx


Short answer residence inn bronx: Residence Inn Bronx is an extended-stay hotel located in the Westchester Square area of the Bronx borough in New York City. The hotel features apartment-style suites with a full kitchen, free breakfast, and fitness center. It also offers easy access to local attractions such as Yankee Stadium and the Bronx Zoo.

Top 5 Facts about Residence Inn Bronx That Will Surprise You

If you’re looking for a comfortable, convenient and affordable accommodation in the Bronx, Residence Inn is an excellent option. But did you know that this hotel offers much more than just a comfy bed and a hot breakfast? In fact, there are quite a few facts about this hotel that will surprise even the most seasoned travelers. Here are five of them:

1. It’s pet-friendly
Most hotels have strict no-pet policies, but not Residence Inn in The Bronx! This hotel welcomes your furry friends with open arms and even provides them with their own beds and bowls.

2. Every room has its own kitchenette
One of the hallmarks of Residence Inn brand is the inclusion of fully equipped kitchens in every suite – including stovetops, microwaves, full-sized refrigerators/freezers – making it easy to prepare meals as if you were home.

3. Free grocery delivery!
Speaking of cooking at “home,” what could be better than having all the ingredients delivered right to your door? With complimentary grocery delivery services available on weekdays during your stay guests can enjoy preparing their favorite gourmet meal or whip up quick snack using fresh groceries bought without actually hitting the stores

4.Residence Inn has creative event spaces.
Residence Inn doesn’t neglect creativity when designing meeting rooms; instead they thoughtfully curate aesthetically pleasing backdrops complete with amenities namely free Wi-Fi access ,audio/visual equipment rentals along with events professionals aid ensuring impeccable presentations

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5.It hosts fitness programs & gaming tournaments?
It’s true: At some point during any trip one feels weighed down by travel-food indulgence which affects levels wellbeing ;That’s where ingenious ideas like offering daily guided walks led by local Spin instructors come through Additionally who says gaming evenings should only happen into private living areas;the indoor/outdoor fire pits offer perfect settings roasting marshmallows while playing giant-Jenga alongside other community members

At Residence Inn Bronx It becomes evident there’s more to this pet-friendly hotel than meets the eye. From well-appointed kitchens and free grocery delivery services, fitness program offerings or even non-traditional meetings spaces – all these interesting little tidbits of information make it a pretty cool place be away from home. So next time you’re in need of affordable accommodation in The Bronx area, consider Residence Inn!

Frequently Asked Questions About Residence Inn Bronx Answered

As one of the most vibrant and diverse boroughs in New York City, The Bronx is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. And when it comes to finding comfortable accommodations in this bustling borough, Residence Inn Bronx takes the cake! But with so many options on offer, you may have a few questions about what makes our hotel stand out from the crowd.

Don’t worry – we’ve got answers! Here are some frequently asked questions about Residence Inn Bronx:

Q: What sets Residence Inn apart from other hotels in The Bronx?
A: Unlike traditional hotels where you’re confined to just one room for your entire stay, our suites give you more space to stretch out and relax. Every suite features separate living areas, fully-equipped kitchens with stainless steel appliances, complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi access, plush bedding with crisp linens and fluffy pillows, modern furnishings that reflect sophisticated design coupled with exceptional comfort – making sure that every guest can feel at home away from home!

Q: How centrally located is Residence Inn Bronk?
A: Our location is unbeatable! We’re situated right off Interstate 95 which gives us easy accessibility as well as nearness to top tourist hotspots such as Yankee Stadium (just 5 blocks), Fordham University(3 miles away) , Van Cortlandt Park(6 miles away), The Zoo at Bronx parkway(8 miles away). Also social hubs like Pelham Bay Park (2milesaway) offering jogging path along Long Island Sound waterfront or Orchard beach (4 milesaway); Paradise by bay!!

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Q: Do I need a car if staying at Residence Inn Bronx?
A: While having your own vehicle definitely has its perks for exploring all corners of The Bronx without relying on public transportation schedules; but not necessary since we offer free shuttle service within a mile radius(on schedule basis).

Q: Are there special rates available for longer stays?
A : Absolutely,you deserve discounted rates for your extended stay. Just connect with our front desk team to know more info about it.

Q: Can I bring my pet along?
A : Yes, you can! We are a pet-friendly hotel (with additional fees and restrictions) however do inform us in advance before making reservations so we could chalk out the arrangements accordingly.

Q: What other amenities does Residence Inn Bronx offer?
A few of our standout amenities include 24-hour fitness center, free laundry facilities, Grab & Go breakfast(in compliance with Covid-19 safety norms), indoor pool and outdoor patio which makes evening delightful just like home.

At Residence Inn Bronx, we’re dedicated to providing exceptional service that’s tailored to meet each guest’s unique needs. Whether you’re staying here for business or pleasure, or even living nomadically on-the-go; every detail is thoughtfully considered – lending towards an experience that meets all expectations while leaving no room for disappointment!

Book your next stay at Residence Inn Bronx today and discover what sets us apart from other hotels in The Bronx!

Discovering the Best of Residence Inn Bronx: A Complete Travel Guide

Are you looking for the ultimate family or business-friendly place to stay in New York City that also fits your budget without compromising comfort and convenience? Then look no further than Residence Inn Bronx.

Located in one of the most diverse boroughs of NYC, Residence Inn Bronx offers everything that a traveler could ask for – from spacious suites, complimentary breakfast buffet, fitness center to modern meeting rooms. But what makes it stand out among other hotels is its exceptional service, thoughtful amenities, and proximity to key attractions.

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All-Suite Accommodations

For those traveling with their families or groups, choosing a standard hotel room can be a recipe for chaos and inconvenience. With Residence Inn’s all-suite accommodations ranging from 375-625 square feet (depending on type), guests have plenty of space to stretch out and relax after a long day exploring the city.

Each suite comes equipped with luxurious bedding, fully-equipped kitchens with stainless steel appliances (stove top included), dining areas as well as living spaces perfect for lounging about. Also worth noting is that each suite includes free Wi-Fi access which will keep you connected constantly during your travels around New York City.

Complimentary Breakfast Buffet

Waking up early while on vacation usually means having to rush out for breakfast – but at Residence Inn Bronx this isn’t necessary since they offer an excellent complimentary hot breakfast buffet every morning! Freshly made waffles topped with fresh fruit and whipped cream are just one example of many delicious items offered daily along with eggs/bacon/sausage/toast/fruit depending upon preference.

Additionally at night there’s something different entirely available called “The Mix” where guests can enjoy beer/wine/apps completely for free!

Fitness Center & Outdoor Space

Still keeping fitwhile away from home is importantFret not:Guests staying atResidenceInnhave full accessaroundthe clock totreadmillsbikesellipticalsIfrodedownsidesofworkingoutinasmallandcrampedgymparticularlydue topandemicrelatedprotocolsGuests can also take advantage over ground levelwhich is decoratedbyrusticchicstylewithwoodenvibrancy.Guests are free to relax on the outdoor seating area while enjoying views of downtown New York City.

Meeting Spaces

Business travelers will appreciate Residence Inn Bronx’s versatile meeting space options. Their cozy Lupolo (meeting room) and spacious Esposito Hall provide ideal setups for small corporate meetings, video conferences or training sessions alike with amenities like high-speed Wi-Fi access, audio-visual equipment and projector screens available upon request.

While public transportation is easily accessible via nearby subway locations including Gun Hill Road Train Station – only 3 blocks away from Residence Inn parking lot you may travel with your own vehicle giving easier accessibility towards close-by destinations such Co-op City Shopping Mall as well as Fordham University which makes it perfect if you’re coming into town for any events based at either location!

Final Thoughts

Residence Inn Bronxoffers the exceptional combinationgivingyoueveryreason to expectduringyourtrip.Being a member Marriott International family means that there dedication excellence makingstaying heresafe,reliable,,enjoyable.Givenotherhoteltrendsacross NYC,this place stands outbecause not just because of itsprime locationbut alsocomfortabledesign featurestelevateguestexperiencewhilehelpingtravelers feel relaxedviewmentalityafterlongday.Easeofaccessviaprivateparkingareaplusextraordinaryamenitieslikecomplimentary hot breakfast buffetafternoon “Mix”receptionmakeitbestdestinationwheneveryoufindagooddealndlookingforenhancedvalueforless!

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