Discovering the Best Seafood at Sammy’s Restaurant in City Island, Bronx NY


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Sammy’s Fish Box Restaurant is a waterfront seafood spot in City Island, the Bronx. The family-run business serves classic dishes and drinks with outdoor seating offering beautiful views of the harbour. A must-visit location for seafood lovers!

Step by Step Guide to Dining at Sammy Restaurant City Island Bronx, NY

Looking to dine at a top-notch restaurant in City Island, Bronx, NY? Look no further than Sammy Restaurant! This popular hotspot offers an array of delicious menu items and a warm, inviting atmosphere that is perfect for any occasion.

To ensure that you make the most out of your dining experience at Sammy Restaurant, we have put together this step by step guide. Follow these tips to get the most out of your meal and enjoy everything our restaurant has to offer!

Step 1: Make a Reservation

The first thing you’ll want to do is make a reservation. Give us a call or book online ahead of time so that we can ensure there’s space for you when you arrive. We are often busy with many eager diners wanting to sample our mouth-watering dishes created with locally-sourced ingredients.

Step 2: Arrive Early

Arriving early not only allows enough time for seating arrangements but also gives guests ample time to take in our surroundings while enjoying one of our famous cocktails. Our friendly staff will welcome and escort you promptly upon arrival; however don’t be surprised if the seductive aromas from within draws your attention fully away from them after greeting.

Step 3: Check Out Our Menu

Before making your selection consider studying our meals carefully because it may take some longer than others due mainly on preparations demanded over others – save those palate-pleasing flavors till last. Remember all offerings are freshly prepared using local produce which entails measured care and accuracy towards preparation times incorporated into each choice ultimately resulting in culinary perfection onto your plate every single-time.

Our experienced chefs possess utmost respect regarding authenticity naturally present throughout cuisine taught closely through generations yet introducing modern interpretation whilst maintaining its origins keeping traditions alive – A skillful art mastered by the perfectionists within Samuel’s eclectic kitchen team.

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Step 4: Sample Our Signature Dishes

Sammy prides itself as being creators of three signature specialty dishes named herein’: The Sammy Tower, Porterhouse for Two and Seafood Claypot. The Sammy Tower is a delightful combination of New York’s finest ingredients arranged neatly into layers upon a huge plate whilst the Porterhouse for two is succulent meat cuts that complimented perfectly with our selection of sides.

Furthermore, seafood lovers will experience pure bliss through one bite of its juicy chunks in the Seafood Claypot as every ingredient comes together forming an incredible flavor explosion within your mouth that will make you crave more after each bite.

Step 5: Pair Your Drink Selection

A quality meal deserves to be combined rightly with suitable pairings! Looking to unwind? Our drinks menu surely caters to all occasions offering unique signature cocktails not available elsewhere – we are proud mixologists who craft some amazing cocktail creations left only limited by imagination!

Alternatively, select from other popular favorites ranging from vintage wines carefully selected (by Vida 4 Wine&Liquor Co.) or international common classics. Enjoy preferred choice served elegantly chilled perfect accompaniment with any dish chosen catering directly towards individual preferences intended ultimate pleasurable diningexperience .

Step 6: Dessert Time

Every diner knows ending a meal without dessert is nearly impossible, yes even if full- it’s just food-coma talk!, once you get sight or aroma wafting toward your nostrils – You know it’s time to indulge yourself!!! Preserving traditions yet introducing modernity shown behind dishes created as our chefs work hard preparing cakes and desserts that focus solely on guest satisfaction what their taste buds might desire afterwards craving even more!

So why wait till later for something so sweet when you can end samplingsoff expect deliciously creamy textures alongside freshly brewed coffee – truly divine conclusionto ultimately fantastic dinner at Sammy Restaurant City Island Bronx NY..

Following these steps will ensure that you have an unforgettable dining experience here at Sammy Restaurant. Come dine today at this fine establishment nestled in City Island interior situated amidst umpteen favorites among classic restaurants seen touting historic Independence Avenue, in the Bronx NY area. Expect an unforgettable experience fused with tantalizing flavors and friendly service – perfect for couples or families celebrating a special occasion!

FAQs: Everything You Need to Know About Sammy Restaurant City Island Bronx, NY

Welcome to our comprehensive FAQ guide, where we will answer all your questions about the beloved Sammy Restaurant located on City Island in Bronx, NY. Whether you are an out-of-towner or a local looking for information about this iconic restaurant, we’ve got you covered.

Q1: What is Sammy’s Restaurant?
A: Sammy’s Restaurant has been a beloved institution on City Island since 1972, serving up delectable seafood dishes and other delicious fare to both locals and visitors alike. Run by two brothers (Sammy & Nick) who hail from Albania originally, they have become legends in their own right thanks to their culinary expertise and warm hospitality.

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Q2: Where is Sammy’s Restaurant located?
A: It is conveniently situated at the end of City Island Avenue in The Bronx, New York. You can’t miss it- just look for the red awning with “SAMMY’S” printed in bold letters!

Q3: What types of cuisine does Sammy’s offer?
A: The menu at Sammy’s spans a range of cuisines including classic American diner favorites such as burgers and sandwiches, Italian pasta dishes like Linguine Alfredo or penne alla vodka sauce; but they’re known most especially for offering high quality seafood prepared perfectly – fried clam strips with remoulade sauces that make them memorable along with whole stuffed flounder or broiled lobster tails too!

Q4: Is there parking available nearby?
A: As far as parking goes over here- There isn’t a designated parking lot at the restaurant itself however street-side free public parking spots are generally plentiful around this strip unless maybe its summertime weekends when things get busier.

Q5: How can I make reservations at Sammy’s ?
Reservations aren’t necessary but if you’re visiting during peak hours (weekends/evenings), best practice would be to call ahead just beforehand -(can also try booking online via Open Table or their own portal on the Sammy’s website) to secure a table.

Q6: What are some of Sammy’s most popular dishes?
Some of the restaurant’s must-try items include Crab Cakes, Stuffed Lobster Tails and Grilled Skirt Steak; And on weekends they do special Champagne Brunch buffets too which usually includes fresh omelets cooked-to-order and bottomless Mimosas, all reasonably priced!

Q7: Does Sammy’s have a bar?
A: Yes they do! A full service bar is located straight ahead as you enter where patrons may enjoy mixed drinks, beer/wine selections while waiting for their tables. Also there’s often early bird Happy Hour (usually around from 4pm -– 6 pm / Tuesdays thru Thursdays), when alcoholic beverages get discounted by half off regular price!

Q8: Is Sammy’s Restaurant family-friendly?
Definitely yes. Because it’s casual inside with an easygoing atmosphere & families can generally feel comfortable bringing along children here either before or after exploring local sites like nearby beaches and parks etc.. Something nice is that this small eatery also occasionally hosts events such as baby showers/receptions/weddings making them flexible for almost any occasion really.

In summary, Sammy Restaurant has something delicious for everyone whether you prefer seafood or classic American dishes served in an inviting environment that makes anyone want to come back again and again! We hope this FAQ guide provided helpful insights into what sets us apart from other restaurants in City Island offering good food at reasonable prices — but if we’ve missed anything, let us know so we can improve our services even more next time you visit!

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Top 5 Unmissable Facts About Sammy Restaurant City Island Bronx, NY

If you’re craving for authentic seafood cuisine, Sammy Restaurant should be on your list of must-visit restaurants in City Island, Bronx. This family-owned restaurant has been serving the freshest and the most delicious catches from local docks for over four-and-a-half decades now.

Here are five unmissable facts that make Sammy Restaurant an exceptional food haven:

1. Legacy in Rustic Charm

Sammy’s is charmingly rustic with exposed wooden beams and walls lined with quirky trinkets; “It feels like home,” says one happy customer. Established in 1972 by founder Sam Nacmias, everyone who works here becomes a part of the Nacmias family legacy.

Today, each dish still uses Nacmias’ secret spice blend to add that extra oomph factor to keep customers coming back as they have multiple generations.

2. Top-Quality Seafood

Located not too far from Hunts Point Fish Market – North America’s largest fish market – gives them access to only the finest and freshest seafood available anywhere else.

Their menu offers raw bar selections such as ceviche or tuna tartare, but their best-sellers consist of classic favorites — calamari (both fried/sautéed), shrimp scampi & fra diavolo, lobster bisque soup — served hot creamy smoothness made fresh every day– stuffed clams, lobsters and linguine vongole which always leaves everybody satisfied!

3. Affordability

Sammy’s affordable prices often surprise new clients because it is exceptionally lavish surroundings given its elegant atmosphere with white tablecloths well-equipped waitstaff cost-effective offerings providing dining experiences perfect for all budget ranges starting at $15 per person while banquet menus range between $40-$75 per person.

4 Commitment Quality Service

Their commitment is reflected through attentive service provided by experienced staff enduring intensive training courses focused specifically on hospitality excellence driving complete customer satisfaction whether it be for a romantic date night or private event everyone leaves feeling satisfied.

5. Home Away From Home

With its friendly family-oriented atmosphere, Sammy’s restaurant has become many people’s home away from their own too. Whenever in the area, this seafood haven is always an excellent choice for any occasion representing everlasting memories built with every visit!

In conclusion, Sammy Restaurant deserves its reputation as one of the top food destinations in The Bronx’s City Island with a history filled with legacy rich rustic charm, accessibility to fresh quality seafood at affordably low prices without sacrificing customer service making Sammy’s feel like one your favorite local spots.

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