Discovering the Best Lobster House in the Bronx: A Seafood Lover’s Guide


Short answer lobster house bronx:

Lobster House in the Bronx is a seafood restaurant that serves fresh seafood and live lobsters. The menu includes various dishes such as lobster bisque, shrimp scampi, sushi, and more. The restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seating options and offers catering services for events.

How to Enjoy a Memorable Seafood Experience at Lobster House Bronx

If you’re a seafood lover and want to indulge in some of the best fresh catches the sea has to offer, Lobster House Bronx is definitely worth checking out. The cozy restaurant nestled in this part of New York City prides itself on delivering excellent seafood dishes that are both delectable and memorable.

Here’s how you can enjoy a truly standout seafood experience at Lobster House Bronx:

1) Start with an Appetizer

First things first – start your meal off right with an appetizer! While there are many mouth-watering options on their menu, we’d highly suggest trying their classic shrimp cocktail. The plump, juicy shrimp come served chilled over ice and paired with a tangy cocktail sauce for dipping.

2) Sample a Variety of Entrees

The variety offered by Lobster House Bronx guarantees something for every palate. Try the Fried Calamari made from light but crispy batter topped with just enough salt & pepper blend; or order up some Clams Oreganata – baked clams done perfectly tender & moist finished with breadcrumbs, garlic butter and herbs – it’s delicious!

3) Dive into Some Lobster

When dining at “Lobster” house, as its name might suggest, lobster is always sure to be one of the main attractions. For a veritable feast choose Jumbo lobsters stuffed with cracker-like seasoned breading which bring out all natural flavors without masking them.A special emphasis should also go toward tasting our very own LOBSTER MAC ‘N’ CHEESE , a homemade delight loaded up generouslywith chunks of freshly boiled Maine lobster pieces folded within creamy macaroni&cheese .

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4) Experiment With Different Sides

To complement any good seafood dish needs equally satisfying sides— optimal would be opting towards classics like fries or coleslaw seems like no-brainers however think outside that box why not let sautéed broccoli rabe or grilled zucchini be a change-up ? Add some new flavors and textures to your dinner plate, it’s really worth the experience.

5) Wash It All Down With Specialty Drinks

End the meal on a high note with one of Lobster House Bronx’s signature drinks.Sangria made using their house blend along with ruby red wine & fresh fruit extracts adds refreshing punch of summertime vibes or for something less boozy – order up freshly squeezed lemonade as well.Also do not forget to make room for seafood-inspired desserts like Sponge cakes layered between sweetened whipped cream serving varieties such as tiramisu topped off with finely ground expresso— simply scrumptious!

In conclusion, if you’re looking for an unforgettable seafood experience that combines great taste, quality ingredients and excellent service—all in a cozy atmosphere—head over to Lobster House Bronx today. Whether trying out classics or delicious specialties here you are guaranteed satisfaction. From appetizers down to deserts , they know how factors come into play!

A Step-by-Step Guide to Savoring the Fresh, Delicious Cuisine of Lobster House Bronx

The Lobster House Bronx is one of the most sought-after seafood restaurants in New York City. Known for their fresh and delicious cuisine, the Lobster House provides patrons with a wide variety of mouth-watering dishes that will tantalize your taste buds, making it a must-visit for anyone who loves great food.

But how do you fully savor the flavors of this establishment? Here is a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Treat Your Eyes to Their Decor

The ambiance at Lobster House Bronx sets the perfect tone for an enjoyable dining experience. The decor has been tastefully curated to give off an upscale vibe while maintaining simplicity. Before diving into your meal, take some time to appreciate the polished wood tables, thick white linen napkins, and elegant glassware used throughout.

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Step 2: Start Off With Some Delicious Appetizers

Before moving on to entrees, consider indulging in appetizers such as their classic oysters Rockefeller or side order of sautéed wild mushrooms. These little bites are designed to whet your appetite while giving you an idea of what’s coming next – all made from locally sourced ingredients with exceptional freshness.

Step 3: Order Your Main Course

Now comes arguably the most important part – selecting your main dish! When it comes down to lobster offerings alone, there are various style options like fried stuffed lobster tail (full or half), garlic-butter lobster tails (again available full/half) and even chili spiced whole lobsters accompanied by house sauce coated fries – sizing up between one pound ($22) & three pounds ($63). However tempting these may sound though also keep in mind other seafood specialties; including baked king crab legs served with drawn butter or Arctic char fish fillet cooked over fire flames that renders heavenly crispiness atop cream mashed potatoes among others.

Step 4: Pair Your Meal With Suitable Drinks

To round off your experience at The Lobster House Bronx, consider going for a drink with your food. The restaurant offers a fine selection of wine options to choose from that are aptly suited to complement the dishes on their menu or go for beer if you prefer something more casual. Have it whatever way you like.

In Conclusion:

At The Lobster House, they firmly believe in delivering high-quality seafood coupled with superior customer service. From appetizers and entrees to desserts, every dish has been crafted with precision and expertise using only the freshest local ingredients – all served up in an elegant atmosphere so as to leave patrons feeling truly content after having taken scrumptious indulgences!

So there you have it – follow this step-by-step guide when visiting The Lobster House Bronx next time!

Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions About Bronx’s Famous Lobster House

The Bronx’s Famous Lobster House has been serving up some of the best seafood in New York City for over 40 years. But with such a legendary reputation, it’s no surprise that visitors to this culinary hotspot have plenty of questions before digging into their butter-drenched lobster tails. Here are the top five frequently asked questions about Bronx’s Famous Lobster House:

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1. How long has The Bronx’s Famous Lobster House been around?

The Bronx’s Famous Lobster House was founded in 1976 by Tony and Joe Russo who named it after their childhood neighborhood – Throgs Neck in the Bronx. Since then, it has gained popularity among foodies far and wide.

2.What is the ambiance like at The Bronx’s Famous Lobster House?

If you’re looking for a “fine dining” experience combined with cozy comfort, then The Bronx’s Famous Lobster House is your place.The ambiance of this wonderful restaurant will make you feel absolutely comfortable while enjoying your meal.

3.What Should I Order At The Bronxs famous lobster house?

Of course, we cannot overlook the main attraction: seafood dishes! Oysters Rockefeller or steamed clams can be excellent appetizers to start off with, followed by an entrée from our menu items which may include baked stuffed shrimp scampi or filet mignon paired beautifully with homemade mashed potatoes on-the-side. No matter what dish you order though, be sure to save room for dessert – especially if they’re offering homemade cheesecake.

4.Is there outdoor seating available during summer months?

Yes; if weather permits during warmer months (usually late spring through early fall), customers can visit on water side patio enjoying waterfront views while indulging in delectable orders made fresh here at “the neck”.

5.Do They Have Live Music Entertainment In Summer Months?

Absolutely! Fridays at sunset live music events featuring local bands ensure all guests enjoy dinner parties that flow seamlessly into vibrant nightlife experiences at the Bronx’s famous lobster house.

Overall, The Bronx’s Famous Lobster House stands out with regards to their delightful meals, warm ambiance and premium music events in the summer time ensuring everyone that walks through its doors is left completely satisfied. A trip there will definitely make for a memorable culinary experience!

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