Discover the Best of Bronx: A Comprehensive Guide to New York County [2021 Statistics and Insider Tips]


What is Bronx New York County?

Bronx New York County is a borough of New York City, located in the northernmost part of the city and separated from the rest of Manhattan by the Harlem River. It is home to over 1.4 million residents, making it one of the most densely populated areas in the United States.

The county has a rich cultural history and is known for its vibrant music scene that birthed various genres such as hip-hop and salsa. Additionally, it houses world-renowned institutions such as The Bronx Zoo, The Yankee Stadium, and The Wave Hill Public Garden and Cultural Center.

Top 5 Facts About Bronx New York County You Didn’t Know

The Bronx may be one of the five boroughs that make up New York City, but it often gets overshadowed by its more famous counterparts like Manhattan and Brooklyn. However, the Bronx has a rich history and culture that makes it an exciting destination for residents and visitors alike. Here are the top 5 facts about Bronx New York County that you probably didn’t know.

1. The Bronx is home to the largest metropolitan zoo in the United States

The Bronx Zoo was founded in 1899 and covers over 265 acres. It has over 4,000 animals from all around the world, including lions, tigers, zebras, gorillas, and polar bears. Visitors can take part in guided tours or explore on their own as they learn more about conservation efforts to protect endangered species.

2. The Yankee Stadium is located in the Bronx

Baseball fans will be happy to know that one of the most iconic stadiums in America is located right here in the Bronx. The new Yankee Stadium opened its doors in 2009 with a capacity of over 50,000 spectators. It’s home to perhaps baseball’s most recognizable franchise – The New York Yankees – who have won 27 World Series championships since their founding in 1901.

3. Famous musicians hail from the Bronx.

The South Bronx birthed some of Hip Hop’s most iconic artists such as Grandmaster Flash & Furious Five “It’s Nasty”, KRS-One “South Bronx”, Big Punisher “Capital Punishment” among others. Latin music legends like Jennifer Lopez and Tito Puente also got their start here.

4. Edgar Allan Poe spent some time living in the neighborhood

Before becoming a world-renowned writer known for his dark tales like “The Tell-Tale Heart” and “The Raven,” Poe lived for a short amount of time at what was then known as Fordham Cottage in Fordham Heights while his wife Frances Valentine Allan was receiving medical treatment. The cottage has now been preserved as a national historic site and is open to the public for tours.

5. Bronx produces some of America’s finest eats

The Bronx has been dubbed by some as the food capital of New York City, producing an array of delicious cuisines that satisfy every palate. Some famous signature scintillating dishes include: Dan’s Pepperpot Soup, Lobster Bisque at Sammy’s Fish Box, Bjonai pies & cakes at Djonafa African Café Variety Lane or the burgers and milkshakes from Jolly Trolley Restaurant
Whether you visit for its rich history, beautiful parks, culturally diverse neighborhoods or scrumptious cuisine there are many reasons why the Bronx should be on your list of must-see destinations in New York City.

FAQs about Bronx New York County: Everything You Need to Know

The Bronx, located in New York County, is a culturally rich and diverse borough of New York City. Though famous for the Bronx Zoo and Yankee Stadium, there is so much more to this bustling borough than meets the eye. If you’re planning on visiting or moving to the Bronx, here are some common questions and answers you might find helpful:

1. What’s the population of the Bronx?

As of 2020, the population of the Bronx was approximately 1,418,207 people. This makes it the fourth most populous borough in New York City.

2. What’s unique about the culture of the Bronx?

The culture of the Bronx is deeply tied to hip-hop music and graffiti art. From breakdancing to rap battles, these forms of expression were born in the streets of this borough in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The food scene in the Bronx is also a highlight with influences from Puerto Rican, Dominican and African-American cuisine that offer a savory bite into any visitor’s palate.

3. Is it safe to walk around in certain neighborhoods?

Like any big city, there are parts of town that can be more dangerous than others. While crime rates have steadily decreased over recent years; it’s always recommended to be aware of your surroundings by learning which areas should be avoided on foot late at night. Similar precautions should be taken when travelling alone by car as well.

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4. How are public transportation options?

Public transportation options include MTA buses and subways running throughout all communities in specific directions headed towards Manhattan as well as neighboring areas such as Queens or Brooklyn.

5. Are there any must-visit attractions while I’m there?

Aside from Yankee Stadium for baseball fans (also known for live concerts performed during offseason) , there are plenty other exciting places worth checking out! For starters take a visit through The New York Botanical Garden which has an extensive collection encompassing over a million different plant species from various regions across the world. If you’re more into art, be sure to check out the Bronx Museum of the Arts or visit Wave Hill which offers beautiful views along with cultural landmarks following The Palisades, it’s herculean cliffs that towers on top of Hudson River.

6. What neighborhoods should I check out?

Pelham Bay and City Island are great choices for seafood enthusiasts! While with Soundview and Morrisiana one can expect to dive right into food spots that showcase Dominican style cuisine along with its rich and vibrant culture all compiled together in one melting pot of taste An often-neglected area worth paying a visit is Hunts Point, known for its world-class markets including farmers market that offers high quality local produce not found anywhere else nearby.

7. What’s the best time of year to visit?

Fall season from late September through November / December showcases beautiful foliage while tourists inundate the area every spring to scope out new buds in bloom; during summertime it’s The Botanical Garden is hosting outdoor events regularly until winter chills start setting in so there’s always something to do at any point in time throughout this borough.

In conclusion, The Bronx is an enriching experience for anyone; You’d gain not only your typical big-city flair but also immerse yourselves within deep rooted cultures built over decades unparallelled in any other boroughs with each community bringing their own unique flavors- It’s definitely worth visiting at least once if maybe twice (or thrice)!

Bronx New York County Travel Tips: How to Navigate the City with Ease

If you are planning on travelling to the Big Apple and specifically the Bronx County in New York, you’re in for a treat! The borough is vibrant, diverse, and full of energy. It’s easy to get lost in its endless labyrinth of streets and urban sprawl if you’re unfamiliar with the area.

To help make your travels go smoothly as possible, here are some important travel tips that will help you navigate the city with ease!

1. Utilize Public Transportation: The absolute best way to get around the Bronx (and all of NYC) is by using public transportation. You’ll enjoy an affordable, reliable and reasonably priced subway system that will connect you throughout the city with ease.

The MetroCard is a magnetic stripe card that can be loaded up with money that has credit towards subway rides or bus trips. Make sure to purchase one at any local station near you.

Don’t forget about Uber or Lyft either! These platforms make it easy for travelers to get around town without worrying about hopping onto unfamiliar routes or dealing with traffic jams during peak hours.

2. Carry Cash: Always have cash handy just in case not all venues accept credit cards! Some taxi cabs charge a fee for paying by card!

3. Dress Accordingly: Style may be everything you need but it’s important to also dress practically when traveling throughout New York City The wind tunnel effect from tall skyscrapers in the Financial District can leave even locals feeling cold during monsoon season so make sure bring warm clothing like a heavy jacket or thick boots depending on what time of year it is!

4. Plan Ahead: Research ahead on things like museums, exhibits or events taking place within certain locations instead wasting precious time roaming only to find out they happen another day! One helpful tip about saving time getting ready for each activity can be pairing items together such as buying tickets ahead online before lining up to avoid wasting valuable vacation time.

5. Use Local Apps: Download local apps that provide up to date information on real-time transit updates and schedules, food recommendations and our personal favorite: networking opportunities!

6. Take Note of Time Zones: Keep in mind that New York City operates on Eastern Standard Time. If you’re travelling from elsewhere around the world, you might want to consider adjusting your schedule accordingly so that jet lag doesn’t throw off your entire trip.

7. Be Mindful of Crime Rates: Although safety is usually not a significant concern for tourists in the Bronx, it’s still important to stay vigilant and be mindful of where you are going – especially during nighttime excursions!

Overall, these tips should help you navigate your way around the Bronx like a pro! Whether it’s hopping onto public transportation, dressing wisely or planning ahead; taking these steps will make it easier and more enjoyable experience while traveling through one of the most diverse cities in America!

Discovering the Cultural Gems of Bronx New York County

The Bronx, one of the five boroughs of New York City, is often overlooked when it comes to cultural exploration. But what most people don’t realize is that this borough is a treasure trove of cultural and artistic gems waiting to be discovered.

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From world-class museums and galleries to vibrant street art and ethnic cuisine, there are countless reasons why the Bronx should be on every traveler’s itinerary.

One of the defining landmarks of the Bronx is the Yankee Stadium – home to one of Major League Baseball’s most popular teams, the New York Yankees. This iconic stadium boasts museum exhibits showcasing significant moments in baseball history and an extensive collection displaying memorabilia from some of the sport’s greatest legends. A visit here would not only introduce you to America’s favorite pastime but also give an insight into American culture as a whole.

For those interested in history, a visit to the Bronx County Courthouse with its storied architecture which dates back over 100 years will provide you with plenty to ponder over. The structure has been used for various governmental functions and was even designated as an official landmark by New York City’s Landmarks Preservation Commission.

The South Bronx precinct borders Manhattan’s famed Upper East Side district and offers visitors a unique blend of cultural offerings including live music venues such as SOB’s, House Of Yes highlighting indigenous fashion especially catering African fashion along with film screenings at outdoor cinemas like Rooftop Films or summer dance parties organized by local promoters. There are also ample opportunities for exploring heritage sites like Morris-Jumel Mansion- known for its historic architecture that sits atop what once was Harlem Hill British Military base during colonial times or exploring fascinating immigrant communities like Little Italy where you can soak in flavors of authentic Italian cuisine at any time-foodies must savor some old-school Pasta Carbonara!

One cannot discuss Cultural Gems without mentioning street art – The Graffiti Hall Of Fame located in East Harlem draws visitors looking for work from famous local artists. Its walls adorned with the bright, bold and often, audacious murals is proof of how fantastic graffiti art can be. Meanwhile, a walk along Hunts Point near Longwood Avenue will offer you a glimpse into what life in South Bronx was like during the 1950s through to the late ’80s as well as allowing you to witness young artists working on creating their own street art.

Of course, there are also several museums dedicated to different aspects of cultural history. The Bronx Museum of Arts East Concourse has an amazing collection that highlights the works from Latin American and African-American artists plus tons of programming meant to uplift and empower Black people in NYC. Additionally, The New York Botanical Garden over in Bedford Park allows visitors to explore thousands of plant species – botany enthusiasts should pencil this down for their visit list.

To sum up, If you’re looking for a rich cultural experience that’s rich with history, artistic expression & overall multifaceted beauty – look no further than the Bronx! So pack your bags today & embark upon an unforgettable journey. Nowhere else will bring you closer to real New York culture quite like this borough.

The Rich History of Bronx New York County and Its Impact on Modern-Day Society

The Bronx, located in New York County, is widely known as one of the most vibrant and diverse neighborhoods in all of New York City. Filled with rich history, iconic landmarks, and a unique blend of cultures that can only be found within its borders, this beautiful county continues to impact modern-day society in countless ways.

The roots of the Bronx date back to when it was still a rural area dotted with farms. But everything changed during the late 1800s when wealthy businessmen began investing heavily in real estate development. Soon enough, infrastructure began popping up throughout the Bronx including roads, schools, hospitals, and even parks which drew immigrants from all over Europe who were looking for a better life.

Throughout the early 20th century leading into World War II, The Bronx became a hub for manufacturing industries and home to many working-class families who lived paycheck to paycheck while struggling through tough economic times. It wasn’t until after World War II when post-war boom lured people from across America into new jobs across New York City creating various businesses like Wall Street which created prosperity but also an unwelcome increase in crime rates.

One might argue that the birthplace of hip-hop culture also resides here –Bronx specifically provided rap pioneers such as Afrika Bambaataa and Kool Herc who established Block Parties throughout local neighborhoods where they would play music records on turntables (nowadays known as DJ-ing), ultimately inspiring some future legends like Grandmaster Flash and Run-DMC among others making them household names worldwide mainly because of their cultural influence.

Its significance continued both locally and globally by welcoming people from all walks of life; you could find Jewish delis next door to Puerto Rican bodegas providing an array of products catering to everyone’s needs – from fresh-baked bread loaves stacked high up shelves alongside jars filled with spices or herb blends depending on whatever recipe’s you had in mind at any given moment of course this all exponentially grew Bronx’s cultural diversity.

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Today, The Bronx is a bustling and thriving hub of activity with amazing restaurants, shops, galleries and event spaces that truly have something for everyone. It has remained true to its roots by embracing change and celebrating diverse communities from all over the world – while never forgetting its rich history or the legacy it has left behind on modern-day society. Its impact is evident throughout the borough extending beyond borders of New York City -reaching into the very fabric of American culture itself. A visit to The Bronx proves it’s not just a place where great things happen, but where everyday life is celebrated in all its diversity and uniqueness which makes it such a treasure!

A Foodie’s Guide to Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner in Bronx New York County

Bronx, New York County is a vibrant and diverse borough that offers a plethora of dining options for food lovers. From delicious breakfast choices to satisfying lunch options and delectable dinner spots, the Bronx has it all. In this guide, we’ve put together some of the best places for you to indulge in your culinary cravings while in the area.


Starting your day with a good breakfast is essential if you want to explore everything the Bronx has to offer. Here are some great places that serve up tasty breakfast options:

1. Mike’s Coffee Shop – This diner-style restaurant has been around since the 1950s and boasts both classic American breakfast items like pancakes and bacon and eggs, as well as Greek dishes such as spinach pie and gyro sandwiches.

2. Yo-Burger – While primarily known for their innovative burger creations, this eatery also serves up an impressive selection of breakfast sandwiches made with fresh ingredients like avocado, smoked salmon, pesto mayo, and more.

3. Ajo y Oregano – A Cuban-inspired restaurant where you can start your day with a delicious traditional Cuban breakfast of eggs scrambled with onions and ham served atop toasted bread or tamales filled with pork.


When it comes time for lunch, there are plenty of ways to satisfy your cravings in Bronx County – whether you’re looking for something quick and easy or more upscale.

1. Arthur Avenue Retail Market – This indoor market is home to some of New York’s best Italian food vendors including several restaurants serving up fantastic paninis, pasta dishes such as lasagne bolognese or ravioli al tartufo Nero with truffle sauce among other mouth-watering plates.

2. Ceetay Food Fusion & Sake Bar – If you’re looking for unique fusion cuisine be sure to check out Ceetay offering Asian-Latin flavors such as shrimp tacos or pork & pineapple dumplings perfect for sharing.

3. Princesa Bakery – A local favorite, the Dominican bakery offers freshly made pastelitos, empanadas and rice and bean platter all at a very affordable price.


As the sun sets, it’s time to get ready for dinner and indulge in some of the best eats that Bronx County has to offer. Here are some great options for your evening meal:

1. The Bronx Public – This gastropub is a great place to enjoy locally brewed craft beer while tucking into classic bar fare such as juicy burgers piled high with toppings like crispy bacon & egg or spicy sriracha aioli! Try chef’s selection beer & wings combo for added deliciousness!

2. Porto Salvo – This popular Italian restaurant serves up mouth-watering dishes like ravioli alla Norma (stuffed with ricotta cheese) and sautéed shrimp in garlic sauce or the New York strip steak cooked your way.

3. Cabo – If you love Mexican food and crave perfect margaritas after work hours then Cabo is a must-visit! Grab some street tacos, pork belly nachos paired with their signature frozen drinks (be sure to try “La Diablita” made from watermelon juice & Tequila!).

From delicious breakfast choices at Mike’s coffee shop to excellent lunch options at Arthur Avenue Retail Market or Ceetay Food Fusion & Sake Bar, and delectable dinner spots like The Bronx Public or Porto Salvo; you won’t have any trouble satisfying your culinary cravings in Bronx County. Whether you want something quick, satisfyingly affordable or upscale dining experience full of unique flavors- there’s something here for every kind of foodie enthusiast out there!

Table with useful data:

Borough County Seat Population Land Area(sq. mi)
Bronx The Bronx 1,471,160 42.47

Information from an expert: As an expert on New York City, I can tell you that the Bronx is one of the five boroughs and it is located at the northernmost point of New York City. The Bronx is home to Yankee Stadium and the Bronx Zoo, as well as numerous museums, parks and landmarks. It offers a rich culture with its diverse population and ethnic neighborhoods such as Little Italy, Arthur Avenue and Fordham Road. The Bronx has undergone significant redevelopment in recent years, making it a popular destination for both residents and tourists alike.

Historical fact:

The Bronx was named after Jonas Bronck, a Swedish immigrant who purchased the land in 1639 and became the first European settler in the area.

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