Bloodsuckers and Bronxites: Exploring the Cast of Vampires vs the Bronx


Short answer vampires vs the bronx cast: The 2020 horror-comedy film stars Jaden Michael, Gerald W. Jones III, Gregory Diaz IV, Sarah Gadon and Shea Whigham. Directed by Oz Rodriguez and written by Blaise Hemingway and Rodriguez, it premiered on Netflix in October 2020.

Vampires vs the Bronx Cast: A Step-by-Step Guide on Bringing These Characters to The Big Screen

When it comes to bringing a movie to life, it’s not just about the storyline and the camera work. Casting plays an essential role in making sure that every character is portrayed authentically, with actors who can bring their own unique touch to each individual.

That’s why when Netflix announced its latest film “Vampires vs The Bronx”, fans were excited to find out who would be portraying the characters from this fun and thrilling take on vampire mythology. Directed by Oz Rodriguez, “Vampires vs The Bronx” follows a group of teenagers as they fight against vampires trying to take over their neighborhood.

So without further ado, let’s take a step-by-step guide on how these talented actors brought their characters successfully into one fantastic story:

1) Miguel Martinez played by Jaden Michael

Jaden Michael takes on the role of Miguel Martinez, the leader of his small group of friends who are determined to save their neighbourhood from the menacing presence of vampires. A charismatic teenager, Jaden embodies Miguel’s swaggy attitude towards fighting evil while keeping his boyish charm intact. His performance was energetic and engaging- exactly what you need in your leading actor.

2) Luis Acosta played by Gregory Diaz IV

Up next is Gregory Diaz IV who portrays Luis Acosta; he’s best known for playing roles like young Usnavi in Lin Manuel Miranda’s Broadway musical “In The Heights”. In Vampires Vs The Bronx however he brings sparkle into Luis’ personality: a quirky local kid ready to help out his friends any time – highlighting that very New York style camaraderie we often see among neighbours (and also providing some much-needed comic relief).

3) Bobby Carter played by Gerald W Jones III

Gerald W Jones III plays Bobby Carter in this exciting new movie which happens…to be full-blown hilarious! Whenever our lead trio gets themselves caught up in tricky situations – Bobby steps-in causing all sorts chaos and fun. Gerald remarkably suits the role of a laid-back comic relief character with his charming on-screen presence.

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4) Rita played by Coco Jones

Playing the part of Rita in “Vampires vs The Bronx” is Coco Jones, who gave an enthralling performance as our lead trio’s street-wise ally – embracing her role exceptionally well within the film. As if she was born to play this part, we see her craftily leading Luis Miguel and Bobby through their obstacles while keeping ahead of things herself!

5) Vivian played by Sarah Gadon

Last but certainly not least, we have Canadian actress Sarah Gadon portraying the vicious vampires’ leader- Vivian (who looks eerily similar to Ivanka Trump surprisingly enough). Her suave yet threatening personality shines throughout each scene she’s present in—just what one would expect from Willem Defoe’s collaborator Jason Blum who helped bring us hits like Get Out and Us.

Overall “Vampires vs The Bronx” cast did an excellent job bringing these characters’ personalities successfully onto screen – casting every actor perfectly; each individual brought out everything needed for their respective roles they had been assigned. So go ahead watch this fantastic movie now; which is worth your time!

A Vampire Vs the Bronx Cast FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About This Horror-Comedy Film’s Ensemble Talent

The horror-comedy genre has always been an exciting proposition for film enthusiasts, blending the spookiness of horror with the light-heartedness of comedy. And this curious concoction is what makes “Vampires vs. The Bronx” a must-watch movie.

This latest Netflix offering tells the story of three teenage friends who try to save their beloved neighborhood from being gentrified – only to then discover that it’s also under threat from vampires! With its talented ensemble cast, including up-and-coming young actors like Jaden Michael, Gerald W. Jones III and Coco Jones co-starring alongside veteran performers like Zoe Saldana and Method Man, we’re promised a feast for vampire fans everywhere.

But wait… What? A few questions might be popping in your head right now: Who are these guys playing on-screen and where have I seen them before? How did they land such iconic roles in a superhero-horror mashup film?

Don’t sweat it – leave those worries behind as we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about the cast members of “Vampires Vs the Bronx”. Here goes!

Jaden Michael

Playing the lead character Miguel Martinez, Jaden Michael sets his sights high following previous outstanding performances in films such as Wonderstruck (2017) or Siempre Bruja(2018). To prepare for his role as Miguel, Michael had to take crash courses in martial arts while retaining comedic timing along with heart-warming delivery throughout every scene he appears on screen.

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Gerald W. Jones III

Boldly portraying Bobby Carter, fellow friend and sidekick alongside Miguel; Geradl’s impressive work gets better and better each time he graces our screens which includes TV credits on CBS hit series Bull or NBC drama Blindspot among others.

Coco Jones
As Rita King lays her stardom flag down early after featuring musical talent TV show “Next Big Thing”, she becomes a critique darling for her gripping performance as the no-nonsense character Rita in “Vampires Vs The Bronx.”

Zoe Saldana aka Becky

In Netflix’s Vampires vs. The Bronx, Zoe Saldana plays the role of Becky, who is an entrepreneur and owner of Murnau Properties with aspirations to have vampires consume Fresh blood Starbucks-style. We’ve seen her play powerful roles onscreen notably for playing Gamora from Marvel Universe however this time around she takes on more subtle yet unyielding kind of power.

Method Man

And last but not least, enter Method Man – or as he goes by in ‘VVTVB’ Father Jackson AKA Vampire hunter slash superhero(?) that brings swathes of humor while infusing thrilling action sequences with his martial arts skills honed over several years now.

So there you have it! With its dynamic ensemble cast led by Jaden Michael exploring gentrification horror-comedy genre all thanks to super sharp script written by Özgür Yildirim;We’re certain you’d want to stream this film at your earliest convenience! So grab some popcorn, fill up your drink cup and sit back–because things are about to get wild on these streets…and yes,you heard me right,VAMPIRES are going down TODAY!!

Top 5 Facts about the Vampires vs The Bronx Cast – From Aspiring Actresses to Established Stars

Vampires vs The Bronx has become one of the hottest movies on Netflix, captivating audiences with its witty and clever take on horror-comedy. But as much as we love the story of a group of friends from the Bronx fighting to save their neighborhood from vampires, it’s hard not to be curious about who these actors are in real life. In this blog post, we’re going to explore some of the top facts about the cast members that brought Vampires vs The Bronx to life.

1. Jaden Michael – Miguel
Jaden Michael plays Miguel, a budding young activist who teams up with his best friends Bobby and Luis to save their beloved neighborhood from vampire gentrification. Despite being just 17 years old, Michael has already made quite a name for himself in Hollywood. He had a recurring role on Luke Cage and also appeared in Wonderstruck and Custody before landing his leading role in Vampires vs The Bronx.

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2. Gerald W Jones III – Louie
Playing Louie, Gerald W Jones III shines despite having limited screen time compared to other characters like Miguel or Vivian (played by Sarah Gadon). Before acting alongside Method Man“Tina Fey”), Halifax-born Gemma’s talents were spotted early when she participated at Canadian Youth Talent Showcase competition organized by Paula Gallivan which won her an agent at Primary Wave Entertainment company headquartered in New York City.Throughout her career ,she got selected for numerous roles like “Burden Of Truth”,”Annabelle Hooper And Ghosts Of Nantucket”etc.

3- Gregory Diaz IV
Sports fanatics will immediately spot Gregory Diaz IV – aka ‘Lil Cakes’ – thanks t ohis appearance ier portrayed inf boxig drama “Patriot: A Nation At War” .Whilst style-wise Santiago looks eerily similar to Bruce Lee according ot Wired heyday was arguably during Iron Fist Season 1 when Diaz IV stole scenes as Cole. It’s Greg’s razor-sharp smarts that steal the show in Vampires vs The Bronx, though, playing Bobby. He brings an infectious energy to every scene he’s in and helps make the trio of friends feel like a real group who’ve known each other for years.

4- Sarah Gadon
Playing Vivian, the clearly-in-on-it vampire matriarch looking to gentrify the Bronx with her kindred spirits isn’t exactly what comes naturally to Sarah Gadon fare,such as “Alias Grace”and”Belle”Don Draper himself” Jon Hamm.Before long role in this horror-comedy flick came along and we’re glad it did – she’s likably mysterious throughout but also very funny.
5- Shea Whigham
Finally, let‘s talk about Shea Whigham who plays Frank Polidori aka ‘the guy from Chevy’ – if you know, you know! Within New York circles/political block Siriboe has proven herself already via brilliant turns on “Queen Sugar”,although they might not be familiar with his name. SheWighan ,however is surey more well-known especially through War Machine and Joker alongside Tara Strong

In addition to these five actors making up the central cast of characters that help tell this story of teenagers saving their bronx-style neighborhood fropm vampiric encroachment there are several other impressive former soap opera stars or regal Veterans like Whoopi Goldberg and Joel de la Fuente showingup-Goldberg appearance being brief yet memorable.So next time you re watch “Vampires vs The Bronx”, keep these facts in mind perhaps pondering how another project,/medium/role could get involved with .

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